Proforce V2, Matrix XCON, PL Red, Oban...

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This is ridiculous, I'm getting a fitting.
I've been swapping driver shafts alot lately and honestly I'm almost tired of getting my heat gun out, the gloves, mixing the epoxy, etc.

I've decided to get a fitting. I mean, I'll spend $100 and walk away with the right answer and maybe that extra 10-15 yards.

Maybe I just had a bad day on the course, which I'm blaming right now and an xstiff shaft which destroyed my tempo.

Who has gone to a professional fitting and walked away totally satisfied? I imagine it was worth it.

(This is probably the wrong thread for this rant.)


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    I'm in that boat. First, for years, I played a X-flex shaft. Played a 510TP/757X, R5 TP/Diamana BB X, and so on and so forth. Then one day this young kid (maybe 14) played alongside me with a FT-3 stock stiff, and outdrove me by 20 yards on numerous holes. I've never looked back. When back to stiff flex and have enjoyed the increase distance with no loss of control whatsoever.

    But to getting fitted. Yeah, it's a GREAT way to go. Keep an open mind and let the numbers prove themselves. You'll be shocked to see which shafts work and which shafts don't work. BUT, after having said that, your body changes and swings change too. I got fit for my Sumo 2 Tour w/ Epic stiff, and hit it like a cannon. But via just a little trial and error, I'm not using an 09 Burner TP w/ Diamana WB and hitting it a country mile, and have a FT-9 Tour/Fubuki Tour 63 on the way that I hit incredible well also.

    Fittings are great because they'll lead you in the right direction. You'll get confirmation if you're a high spin played, low spin player, high launch, if you tend to slice or draw, etc, etc. It'll lead you in the right direction.

    It also sounds like you'd do really well to get either the R9 or the Cally I-Mix. Then, when you just have the urge to try something different.. voila!! With the twist of a wrench, there you go.

    BTW, don't expect to get an extra 15 yards. Sure you'll spend the $100. But don't have such high expectations. In fact, do in with no expectations at all and be pleasantly surprised.

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