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Your thoughts about them in hybrids
I'm looking to get a few hybrids in the next few weeks. Adams Pro Black to be specific. I want them to be direct replacements for the irons I am gonna swap them out for. I know that there are some great graphite shafts for hybrids out there, but I really like the weight of steel. I talked to a guy from Adams today, and he told me that they try to turn people away from steel because graphite shafts are really good these days, and with steel, swingweight becomes an issue.

I am planning on playing these hybrids at shorter lengths so I can keep consistent yardages with my irons. At these lengths, I don't think swingweight would be a problem with steel. And with steel, I think my yardage gaps would be a little more consistent. I am open to graphite, and Adams has several that they offer as a custom option.

What are your thoughts about steel in hybrids, and what graphite shafts would some of you recommend that have a faster transition in their swing? I'm looking for max accuracy, and some elevation to land the ball soft from over 200 yards.


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    PX 6.0 in a tour issue TM Rescue has been perfect for me. I can hit it lower than my other hybrids but I can also hit it high. Very hard to hit left, very easy to hit straight compared to my 2 hybrid with a Rombax 85x which I tend to draw a little too much sometimes. PX flighted may be another nice option.
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    I play a X100 in my MD. I put it in to bring up swing weight and lower ball flight, it did both. I prefer heavier clubs as I add lead tape to my irons and wedges, and I look to avoid the balloon ball as I tend create a lot of spin. The Project hybrid shaft sounds like a winner though and may have to try one.
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    KBS also makes a great hybrid shaft. Scratch uses them in their hybrids.
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    I would say that you should look into trying a hybrid shafted with your steel shaft of choice before settling on it. I tried a steel shafted G10 hybrid because I was having hooking issues with my Baffler. I used it for 3 rounds and I wasn't able to produce a single good shot with it. Very inconsistent contact, unable to launch correctly.. was a night mare.

    That being said it works great for a lot of guys on here...
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    I use one steel shafted hybrid (Taylormade Rescue MD with DG SL shaft) and one graphite shafted hybrid (Idea pro with Aldila proto by you)-- I have no consistency with the graphite.
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    Thanks for the replies. You guys have given me some food for thought. I have a 24* Titleist 585 Hybrid with S-300 that I love. I also have an 18* Pro Gold that was built for me out of the Adams tour van with a RT Technologies Midas Tour Proto shaft that after a little tinkering I got to work for me. I am leaning towards the steel because I think that it will help me be more in line with yardages and feel. But I may have to give that Project X shaft a look. Thanks again for your suggestions and info guys.
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    Tried the conversion to steel for my hybrid. Went from the stock stiff shaft to an X-stiff Black Gold. I was looking for more distance consistency and to fight off the hooks. It worked, but it also made my hybrid a 1 trick pony. I used to be able to knock it down, hit a fade, adjust trajectory, and take something off of it for shorter approaches. With the BG in it all I can do is hit a high drawing shot. Oh, and I can still hook the **** out of it when I swing poorly. Still trying to figure out a mix of consistency and flexibility.

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