Project X High Launch Reg Flex question?

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I am an avg golfer with decent game, 12 handicap, but most questions or info are for all the gorillas swinging a xtra stiff shaft.

not me.

I want to know any input on why a back up set of used irons i just got, r7 tp's, came with 5.0 project x high launch shafts and on first try in a sim i was shocked at how heavy and stiff they felt.

I have fairly slow swing speed, roughly 78mph. I have always played stock reg flex shafts in my irons and only lately have moved to stiff in driver, woods and hybrids. I do not have an agressive load, i tend to be smooth, albeit i do swing in to out and have a strong draw.

Even though i appear a big guy, early 40's, 6'1" and 220lbs...i suprise people by being fairly avg in distance.

My 7 iron goes roughly 145, occasionally 150 or so, but usually slightly below that.

I wanted a std r300 shaft like i have used in past but this was a great deal i jumped on and figured it said in ad that 5.0 is reg flex as well. My current cally set has dynamic gold SL shafts in r300 which are even lighter.

I knew the rep of project x being a bit heavier or stiffer feeling, although its confusing as some disagree with that statement and find them no different, or even whippier.

Is it just me? It is snowing here, so it was just one sim session indoors for a round of golf. So i admit that is not a ton to base it on. But it felt like i was swinging a weighted club, talk about knowing where the club is in back swing, no kidding, i was well aware.

Are the 5.0...especially as its high launch..supposedly more for mid handicaps.. reg flex?

Any input from those more knowledgeable would be appreciated. If i have to, i could always pay to have the r300 shafts switched from a cobra ss forged set i was selling off anyhow and put these in the cobras...but the cost of having that done, may make selling these and buying the proper flex better.

Not completely giving up on them...but first shot was not good. Too bad as set was a demo from a wall and it and grips are mint.


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    A lot has to do with the overall feel of the club. The PX 5.0 is a bit stiffer than the DG R300 and a bit harsher in the tip too. Consequently, it can feel a lot stiffer to those who are used to the R300. Again the weight, or rather swingweight of the club, has a lot to do with what you have been used to. They could well have a lot more swingweight than you current irons, but don't confuse swingweight with the overall weight of the club either. Even though the DG SL's are considerably lighter than the DG or PX, it's entirely possible to make them feel heavier by adjusting the balance point of the club.

    The PX HL shaft is designed to give a higher flight than the regular shaft. Whilst it's overall flex rating is the same as the regular PX, it's bend point is different - it's lower in the shaft to assist dynamic loft. The way the shaft loads can also 'fool' the brain into thinking it's heavier or whippier too.

    As for the target HCP for the shaft - it's completely subjective. It's geared towards those with slower swing speeds, but that doesn't mean it's the ideal shaft for a segment of players. As you have noted, it may not simply 'feel' right, in which case it would not be an ideal fit. Rather, you are looking for something that has an acceptable level of flex (control), bend point, spin, weight and feel to give the best results for your swing.

    I'd give a custom fitting session a go to find out which combo of head and shaft suits your game. You may even surprise yourself on what results you find (I know I did the first time), but ultimately they will be for the benefit of your golf.
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    jaskanski wrote on Dec 23 2009, 03:57 PM:

    I'd give a custom fitting session a go to find out which combo of head and shaft suits your game. You may even surprise yourself on what results you find (I know I did the first time), but ultimately they will be for the benefit of your golf.

    all good info. I really like the look and size of the r7 tp heads. Bigger than most player clubs but thin topline etc. So maybe i should invest in the shaft session you talk about rather than changing irons every season or half season. Thanks for feedback.

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