Titleist NXT Tour

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The new Titleist NXT® Tour and NXT® golf balls are designed for a wide range of golfers seeking long distance with outstanding feel and control. The new Titleist NXT Tour golf ball provides average and highly skilled golfers with long distance off the driver, improved control with long irons and exceptional greenside performance.
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  • i_luv_golf_i_luv_golf_ Jr. Boomers Posts: 428
    Here Are My Ball Choices:


    1) Mostly Nxt's / Maxfli Red (Maxfli For When The Greens Are A Teeny Bit Faster)

    2) ProV1'S When I Can Afford Them (Then They're Stored And Saved For When The Greens Are Fast)


    1) Srixon AD 333

    Going Into Summer

    1) Nxt

    2) Maxfli Red (Warming Up Even More)

    SO I mostly play the nxt-

    ***** stars

    Duravility: 5

    Distance: 4

    Feel/Softness Around Greens: 4

    Price: 5

    Overall: 5
  • kookiekookie Members Posts: 21
    I do prefer the Titleist Pro V1 (if I get them cheap) but the Titleist NXT Tour is a great ball and gives the biggest bang for the buck.
  • MrJonesMrJones Waiting for the weekend... Members Posts: 2,724 ✭✭
    I played it for a while and just never really found anything about it that was all that great. To me it was like a cross between the e5 and the e6 with none of the strengths of either.

    It's a good overall ball but I feel like you can find over balls out there that are more suited to one's individual game.

    Not as long as the e5 and not really any longer than the e6 to talk about.
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  • BigMattBigMatt Members Posts: 76
    Just started palying the NXT Tour. I like, definitely more spin like I was looking for over the Bridgestone E5 I played for the summer, wish I tried these sooner. Softer, spinnier of irons and wedges, easier to control with driver/woods. I will be playing the NXT Tour for a while.
  • TheMotorCityTheMotorCity "South Detroit"Members Posts: 572 ✭✭
    I played numerous rounds with the NXT Tour, and it did nothing for me. Much rather play the E6 from Bridgestone much more greenside spin,better feel and longer distance. Just one mans opinion.
  • Viking Golfer Viking Golfer Viking Golfer hitting IRON! ClubWRX Posts: 4,141 ✭✭
    Frankly I much prefer the Srixon Ad-333 to the NXT Tour ball and use the Ad-333 as my winter golf ball.

    When taken into account how cheap the Maxfli BlackMax ball is right now, I wouldn't even consider the NXT Tour as the NXT is inferior in every aspect besides distance to the BlackMax.

    Why pay $28/dozen for an inferior hard no-spin NXT Tour ball when you can get the Black Max ball for $20/dozen on Ebay ?

    I don't get it image/rolleyes.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />

    I gave it 3 stars......and this is the max I would give this overpriced ball.
  • bigpopper81bigpopper81 Members Posts: 532
    I just picked up a dozen of these to try and am very happy with them. I was able to consistently get my approach shots to check back with these which is something I have never been able to to much of. Great all around performer and at a price point I can justify. This is my new ball.
  • guit80guit80 Members Posts: 64
    This is the ball I use and really like.It has good feel and yet it is very durable.As Kookie said one of the biggest bang for the buck
  • cloudlxcloudlx Members Posts: 1,031
    I like the NXT Tour a bunch but I recently started playing the DT/SOLO and I have noticed really no difference between the two, at least for my swing. I will probably be going back and forth on which is right but for now it is the NXT. I am a high handicap/medium swing speed player just for reference
  • shagnatshagnat Members Posts: 126
    Nothing about this ball do I care for. Distance isn't great, feel is only fair, spin......nope, none of that either. At $26+/dz it just stinks.

    Lots of balls for ~$20-$25 that are MUCH better. Seems I gave my last dozen to a playing partner I like to beat! image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  • golf80808golf80808 Members Posts: 318
    Has anyone tried the new version of the NXT Tour?
  • lefty92lefty92 Lefty Boomers Posts: 1,263
    This WAS my ball of choice.

    It's long, has good trajectory, holds well on approach shots, durable, and still has the soft feel I like.

    However, if I want to play a value ball, I'm not going to spend $40 (Canadian) when I can spend $30 on the comparable Nike Ignite.
  • jeremyblre21jeremyblre21 Members Posts: 503
    I like the ball but it shreds as bad if not worse than the $40 plus balls.

    SOft enough but not to mushy.

    Great flight and distance but may be shorter with driver than the provi x.
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  • golf80808golf80808 Members Posts: 318
    It's shorter than a ProV1?
  • heisagoalieheisagoalie Members Posts: 1,114
    This is on par as far as mid to tour priced balls. The cover shreds so easily though, more easily than any other ball i've played, even the tour ones. (Platinum, Bridgestones, ProV1s). Play the Top Flite Gamer if you want a tour/bargain style ball. Similar characteristics, but more durable cover.
  • Breaker999Breaker999 Members Posts: 1,250
    Nice feel and control with the putter or wedge. Don't love it off the tee. Chews up very easily. $25-$30 balls are the awkward middle children.
  • bm303bm303 Members Posts: 552
    Nearly as good as a Pro v1 for me, and cheaper. Great balls that come at a reasonable price and are easy to use on and around the greens.
  • BowSox07BowSox07 Members Posts: 3
    Started playing the NXT Tours last week and love them! Switched from Callaway's HX Hot Bite(too soft for me), and am pleased so far. Covers are more durable by far, long off the driver and hit/stop off my irons. Havnt tried the new ProV's yet, until then I'll be smashin the NXT Tour.
  • erik11erik11 Members Posts: 154
    I love these balls. I play these alongside the Top Flite Gamer
  • dlygrissedlygrisse Members Posts: 13,132 ✭✭
    I will say I don't like them. I am a Titleist fan generally I love the ProV, like the ProVX and have played their balls since I started playing. I generally prefer a urethane covered ball but will play some of the lower spin balls on occasion especially if I am just messing around, playing in a scramble or playing on very soft or shaggy greens in the winter or early spring.

    I won a free dozen of them and also was given some of the regular NXT's. for some reason the NXT tours don't seem to spin any more than the regular NXT's and they seem to fly short for me. It might just be my swing characteristics but I always seem to be 1/2 a club shorter and my short game sure doesn't like them. The regular NXT seems to fly really long with a short game feel and spin that is adequete at least on slower greens, probably because they seem to launch pretty high even with short shots so the loss in spin is made up for with a little softer landing.

    They are a quality ball but they just don't fit my game.

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  • erik11erik11 Members Posts: 154
    That's odd that you are 1/2 club shorter with these. I've never noticed a distance difference between these and any other balls I've played
  • dlygrissedlygrisse Members Posts: 13,132 ✭✭
    erik11 wrote:

    That's odd that you are 1/2 club shorter with these. I've never noticed a distance difference between these and any other balls I've played

    I think it is odd too, they just must not be a ball that fits my swing well

    Ping G400
    Callaway Rogue 3w, HW
    Ping G 4 hybrid
    Ping G 4-U
    Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 54* SS
    Vokey 58 M grind
    Odyssey Pro #1 black
    Jones Utility
    ECCO Biom Hybrid 3
  • cart7cart7 Members Posts: 32
    Didn't care for these at all. Didn't like the feel off the club face. Given the price I'll stick with cheaper 2 piece balls that give better performance.
  • dwm9ersfandwm9ersfan Members Posts: 57
    I played the NXT S for the first time today and I like the ball so far. Distance was there, feel around the greens was good and the putter felt ok also. It has a softer feel than I am use to but for a winter ball I think it will work.
  • ghalfaireghalfaire Members Posts: 103
    I have always liked the NXT Tour but have trouble seeing white balls on some days, so I prefer a yellow ball. But now that Titleists has seen the light and made the NXT Tour S in yellow I like it. Unfortunately they repriced it also and so it is about $5/dozen more than the Srixon Q-star which is also a good mid tier ball and comes in yellow. But the Titleists ball is better around the greens and the yellow seems for visible to me.
  • MATEUSZEKMATEUSZEK Members Posts: 123
    I smash the **** out of these balls with the driver but I can't get the ball to check up at all. Really really disappointing.
  • MountaineerMountaineer APP-UH-LA-CHUN Members Posts: 274
    Has anyone noticed that the current NXT Tours tend to shred a bit with your wedges? Other than that, I really enjoy playing the tours, not a bad bargain golf ball if you don't want to shell out the extra cash for ProV1s.
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  • illest_golferillest_golfer Members Posts: 151
    Hey, does anyone have any feedback on the NXT Tour S? These Pro V X are gettin to be $$$. I heard they were the closest you get to Pro V X.

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  • Kingkat54Kingkat54 Members Posts: 29
    My buddy plays Pro V1 and I play the NXT Tour. Close in distance and spin for us at least. Great ball. I get a good carry and roll from it. Reminds me of the old DT Wound.
  • nbg352nbg352 Members Posts: 8,320 ✭✭
    Kingkat54 wrote:

    My buddy plays Pro V1 and I play the NXT Tour. Close in distance and spin for us at least. Great ball. I get a good carry and roll from it. Reminds me of the old DT Wound.

    You must be old, like me. I play the NXT Tour for the very same reason. I loved the DT Wound ball and the Tour feels very much like it, but with lower spin off the driver.
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