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<div class="IPBDescription">Poppy Hills or Del Monte?</div>Hi all I am headed out to Pebble this june right before the open to play, and have a question. I am playing pebble twice and spanish bay and spyglass and need one more course to play. Do you guys have any reccomendations? So far it is between Poppy Hills and Del Monte , definitely leaning towards Poppy Hills. Any help is appreciated!


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    I was a bit disappointed with Del Monte. Poppy was a very good experience. There is a difference in price however...
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    Neither, just head up Hwy 1 a little bit and play Bayonet/Blackhorse. Del Monte is a quaint old course, but boring. Poppy can be fun, a challenge, but many have come away hating it. I've always kind of liked it, but still Bayonet/Blackhorse are totally superior.
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    First off, I hate you!tongue.gif I liked Poppy. I have heard Bayonet/Blackhorse is Great, but very tough. I was thinking about playing Pasatiempo next time in Santa Cruz if you don't mind driving north a little.
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    CasualLie wrote on 01 March 2010 - 09:16 PM:
    <br />
    Neither, just head up Hwy 1 a little bit and play Bayonet/Blackhorse. Del Monte is a quaint old course, but boring. Poppy can be fun, a challenge, but many have come away hating it. I've always kind of liked it, but still Bayonet/Blackhorse are totally superior.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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    +1 for the vote for bayonet. played there in a college event and it was a great course (weather sucked). <br />
    <br />
    Also played poppy and wasnt very pleased. it was wet and muddy. A friend that plays on tour calls it sloppy hills. <br />
    <br />
    hope that helps.
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    You can play the recently refurbished Bayonet AND Blackhorse for the cost of ONE round at Pasatiempo, which lists $220 as the current rate. Add thirty bucks (per player!) for a cart. It's got some great holes, but it is way overpriced now. I like Del Monte but skip it for Poppy or the Fort Ord courses.
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    Del Monte is a classic, but I gotta go with Poppy Hills. It's is one of my favorite courses.
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    Poppy first. Then the Bayonet or BlackHorse. Skip Del Monte.
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    Pasatiempo is worth playing if you can get up to Santa Cruz. Its a great experience.
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    Cough, cough... [url=&quot;;]Bayonet and Black Horse[/url]... cough, cough<br />
    <br />
    good.gif<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I'm not a fan of Poppy Hills, so I'd pass over that. Del Monte is a great course. It's a little shorter compared to the newer courses but it's a blast to play.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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    I would play Poppy Hills. If you are a member of the NCGA then you can get a better price, if not, join at Poppy and save some coin. I played Bayonet Black during the reconstruction process. Some of the holes were ok. The condition of the holes that we played sucked. The greens that were rebuilt were like bricks. If I were to go back I would try it again. Del Monte is an average course. However, they were the BY FAR the more helpful group of all the Pebble properties. My playing partner's clubs were lost due to bad weather and they comp'd him his rentals and the starter even offered some golf shoes to use too. While were playing they tried to find out where his clubs were in transit. However, for your first round of the year Del Monte is a easy way to knock off the rust before you play some of the better courses.

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    SORRY gibbyfan, you must not be a local. I live 2 hours from monterey. I plan trips so i can go play bayonet/blackhorse now. I can play spyglass for $ 175, i'd rather play bayonet now. to the OP. Only play poppy if you want to play the "tournament course" from the at&t from 09' prior. otherwise goto bayonet.<br />
    DO NOT FORGET TO WALK THE BACK NINE AT PACIFIC GROVE WITH A COLD SIX PACK AT 6:30PM. most beautiful walk next to pebble on the penninsula. if you need a 4th, pm me and i may join you for one of the rounds. enjoy your trip
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    Completely agree on Bayonet/Blackhorse over Poppy Hills. Great call on Pacific Grove for last 9 of the day!
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    I would play Pebble and Spanish once, and Spyglass two or three times. Skip DM and Poppy. However, Bayo/Blackie are pretty sweet now.
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    between the two...well Poppy is a better course

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    This is assuming you are playing all these for the first time and might not be back:<br />
    <br />
    Pebble twice because it is one of the most beautiful places on earth and it will take two rounds to cement the memories that should last a lifetime. Spy and Spanish once. I would then go with Bayonet unless you fall in love with Spy.<br />
    <br />
    Enjoy and consider a caddy at Pebble on the first day. Poppy was a letdown for me. If you can't or don't want to go up to Bayonet, I would definitely play Spy a second time rather than play Poppy.
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