Do you wear an undershirt when you play?

r7superquadr7superquad Members Posts: 277 ✭✭
I do, but question otherwise
How many wear one when they play?

I do, but think it may be too thick when I play in the summertime in Michigan. It can get fairly hot around here

Want to know what the golfers on the wrx think



  • wdwfan78wdwfan78 Members Posts: 908
    I do, even in the hot Arizona summer, if only to absorb the sweat and prevent myself from looking like a fat guy and boot camp.
  • ClarkGrswld4ClarkGrswld4 Members Posts: 1,746
    nope, as long as you are wearing performance fabrics you shouldn't have a soaked shirt regardless of how hot it is
  • mojo_13mojo_13 Members Posts: 763
    I do also but am thinking of picking up some moisture wicking undershirts this season to try out and se how they work out. I almost feel naked if I don't have an undershirt on.
  • moonshinemoonshine 64 @ Augusta? No problem! North Charleston, SCClubWRX Posts: 6,356 ✭✭
    I only layer in winter, and use some sort of performance wear, to keep me warm. Summer, the vented nike or the like is design for skin contact IMO.
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  • mshillsmshills T-I-G-E-R-S! Fight Tigers, fight dammit, FIGHT FIGHT! Members Posts: 3,827 ✭✭
    Never, no way. Nothing worse than cotton when it gets wet / sweaty / clammy. Cotton is a terrible material for hot, humid weather. Awful.

    Especially with the modern dri-fit-type fibers, an undershirt makes me terribly uncomfortable.
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  • KDMullinsKDMullins Members Posts: 3,391 ✭✭
    I've never understood the whole t-shirt under golf shirt thing, especially now with all the new performance fabrics. Putting a tight-a$$ cotton tee underneath makes no sense. I've seen some guys wear those compression T's underneath. Not sure what benefit those are...My goal is to always wear as little as possible for the weather conditions. My logic is always the less I have on, the freer my swing. On a summer day in Kentucky, a cotton undershirt is tantamount to wearing a straight jacket! image/laugh.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':lol:' />
  • ringo54ringo54 Members Posts: 215
    ClarkGrswld4 wrote on 20 March 2010 - 02:20 PM:

    nope, as long as you are wearing performance fabrics you shouldn't have a soaked shirt regardless of how hot it is

  • Skaffa77Skaffa77 No place like the Sand Hills! ClubWRX Posts: 6,852 ClubWRX
    edited Mar 20, 2010 #9
    Only in the winter when I need some extra layers. During the summer...that'll just make me sweat worse. +1 for the new moisture wicking fabrics. Those have been great on the hot days. Still sweat like a pig, but at least the shirt soaks it up and evaporates it quicker...
  • polarisdude94polarisdude94 Members Posts: 263
    No, just a nike dri-fit polo or something similar.
  • Harry LongshanksHarry Longshanks I Like Big Putts and I Cannot Lie. Members Posts: 2,059
    Nope. The only time I wear an undershirt is with a dress shirt.
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  • PAYLEEPAYLEE Half this game is ninety percent mental Members Posts: 257
    I never do here in SoCal not even in the winter. I use shirts from Addidas, Under Armour, etc. that use wicking frabrics and allow good air flow. And when layering I layer over not under my shirts.
  • golowgolow I Gots Issues Members Posts: 897 ✭✭
    Undershirt - yes.


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  • bradskibradski Members Posts: 2,326 ✭✭
    never have since I was a kid +1 one the addidas, Nike, ect/////
  • lsutigerz2001lsutigerz2001 Members Posts: 201
    I wear an undershit under everything I wear. On the golf course is no different. It feels wierd for me to not wear one. I have also been told that wearing an undershirt underneath actually keeps you cooler.

  • TheF5keyTheF5key Members Posts: 195
    I do. For years I wore cotton undershirts, which were great until it got above 70 degrees. Last year I finally got on the performance fabric bandwagon and it's made a world of difference. I'll wear either a short or long sleeve base layer depending on conditions and throw a polo over top.
  • morganmonroemorganmonroe At my desk.Members Posts: 365 ✭✭
    Some of the cheaper "performance" shirts don't wick at all. I have a couple like that and a tee shirt is key.

    Helps with the moobs, too.
  • volrusvolrus Members Posts: 1,480
    I prefer not to wear one and in fact usually don't. I wear nothing but Adidas climacool shirts but I'm a little self conscious sometimes because of well....they're a little thin (as they should be) and that means they tend to show the nips a little too prominently. I'm not sure all my playing partners like the view or at least I hope they don't. Also, I have a couple of white climacool's and they are even worse and are a little bit on the see-through side of things. How do you all deal with this?

  • MinaretsMinarets Members Posts: 3,938 ✭✭
    i do. however, i do wear a under armour undershirt.
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  • swbypsswbyps Members Posts: 3,280
    fupresti wrote on 20 March 2010 - 12:25 PM:

    I do, even in the hot Arizona summer, if only to absorb the sweat and prevent myself from looking like a fat guy and boot camp.

    Dito! I live in Houston. Its 90+ degrees with 90+ humidity here June-Sept. You sweat going from the front door to the driveway. I dont care what kind of moisture wicking shirt I wear. If I dont have on an undershirt here, Im gonna have a wet shirt.
  • ChilidogChilidog Members Posts: 3,970 ✭✭
    lsutigerz2001 wrote on 20 March 2010 - 06:37 PM:

    I wear an undershit under everything I wear. On the golf course is no different. It feels wierd for me to not wear one. I have also been told that wearing an undershirt underneath actually keeps you cooler.

    I've got to hear the logic behind this, adding in another layer of fabric will keep you cooler? You do realize that thing that keeps you cool is a combination of 2 different things:

    1) Moisture wicking properties: When the shirt is able to wick moisture in all different directions, it thins out the moisture on the shirt and evaporates more quickly. That evaporation effect gives the body the sensation of "cooling".

    2) Airflow.

    When you wear an undershirt (especially cotton, which is a fiber that is hydrophilic, meaning that it likes moisture and wants to absorb it instead of wick it), you accomplish neither of those.
  • GStarksGStarks Members Posts: 327
    edited Mar 21, 2010 #22
    I wear a "wife beater" under every shirt no matter what. Golf Shirts, T-Shirts, Dress Shirts.

    I should look for one that isn't cotton.

    Can wear long sleeves under a golf shirt but i could never see wearing a short sleeve shirt under a golf shirt.

    Looks pretty silly seeing the neck also.

    This looks like a good option:

  • generalpattongeneralpatton Members Posts: 1,265
    I got a bunch of the champion performance knit sleeveless shirts at Target and wear those under my golf shirts. They're very light weight and the with the sleeveless I don't get that constricted feeling I got with a regular cotton t shirt. I guess if sweaty arm pits is your problem these may not be the best solution but fortunately for me I don't have that problem. You can pick them up for like 7 bucks or something in a bunch of different colors.
  • muzzmuzz Banned Posts: 923

    When it's cooler I layer on TOP of the Golf shirt, never wear anything underneath.

    The only time I wear an undershirt is when wearing a white dress shirt to a Wedding/Funeral(any real etc....
  • RohlioRohlio Members Posts: 2,324 ✭✭
    I will sometime were a performance underlayer beneath my collared golf shirt if it is cold out (in the high 30's or so). Otherwise it is just me and my Dri-Fit polo.
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  • abmsabms Members Posts: 328
    i wear a drifit under the polo
  • Bonneville85308Bonneville85308 Members Posts: 1,640 ✭✭
    I don't wear an undershirt for golf, I tried it a couple of times and found it to be uncomfortable. I do play with a guy who wears a cotton undershirt and a cotton polo shirt all the time, even in 85+ degree heat, I don't know he does it.
  • station2stationstation2station Banned Posts: 6,627 ✭✭
    No undershirt or wife beater. Only time I wear a undershirt is under a white dress shirt to hide my tats from showing through.
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  • EnglishBobEnglishBob Captain Hack and Slash! Members Posts: 803
    After moving from the UK (75 in summer) to California's Central Valley (100+), I always wear one, I look like a drowning victim otherwise.
  • redlabelredlabel Members Posts: 303
    This thread is silly.
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  • hbearhbear Lefty Boomers Posts: 3,710
    I do, but it's a performance moisture wicking sleeve-less tee.

    (e.g. Underarmor, Nike dryfit/undertech, or something similar)

    Goes back to my days of playing high level hockey and football....always wore an "undershirt" different now.

    As to the comment as to how having an undershirt can actually keep you cooler....the basis is that with the proper undershirt (let's face it we are not running 10ks here) that wicks moisture away rom your body, will then wick it to the golf shirt (which WILL be moist/wet) leaving a breathable, cool and dry layer of fabric between you and your now damp golf shirt.

    From my experience when you play in a hot and humid enviroment no matter what "technology..e.g. poly" your golf shirt has it WILL be damp. Damp layer of wetness next to skin = less air flow.

    But that's just me.
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