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    Figured this was a thread well worth bumping. Just picked up 5 dozen new for $63.

    Where did you come across that deal?

    Local Mitchell golf place in Billings, MT. Had them on sale for $16, and buy 4, get one free on top. Guess they were actually $64.

    Ah dangit. the cost of me driving to Helena would offset the saving. However, nice find.

    I have to stop by on the way back through to pick up some wedges they're bending for me. If you want me to pick some up for you and ship them your way I'd be happy to, just shoot me a PM.

    Hey 3putt, Thanks for the offer, that is very kind. I currently have 4 doz in my golf locker and (knock on wood) getting to the point of my game where I actually finish a round with the same ball I started with. Now that I said it, I have now jinxed myself.
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