What Irons Should You Not Take A Divot With?



  • DaveyHDaveyH Jr. Boomers Posts: 2,139 ✭✭
    i take shallow divots with my woods and strike them perfect.Doesnt really matter about divots its much easier to hit ball then floor than just the ball.
  • Bridgestone4lifeBridgestone4life Members Posts: 590
    Depends what im trying to do ...most of the time 5-LW
  • ChadwickChadwick Members Posts: 39
    I find I get a much more consistant strike when hitting down through the ball.

    Consequently I take divots from 3W down - 3W divots shaving the grass away, no more
  • vokey designvokey design Members Posts: 293
    If it is not on a tee, I take a divot.

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