They banned the belly putter technique. Infected permanently with the yips. Collect putters instead.

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J33.SB1.MP63/53. VR Pro. S56. MB. CB Full Circle?
Bridgestone J33 Combo's 3-PW (or less the three if I carry the 64)

Kombi Mid.

Callaway Jaws wedges, 52, 58, 64.

Titleist 909F 13 Deg with Blueboard in stiff

Titleist 906F 18 Deg with cheap speeder

Does the trick. Sometimes
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    why do you have the mizzy driver and not a titty since you have titty woods?
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    Great looking stuff there. So shiny image/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

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    New irons, scratch. Softer shaft for the driver, and old faithful to putt with.
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    love the scratch irons
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    That is a perfect bag. **** new driver and scratch blades weehoo lucky you!
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    Nice irons! What shaft do you play in your 910? Whiteboard or Fubuki?
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    williamo wrote:

    Nice irons! What shaft do you play in your 910? Whiteboard or Fubuki?

    Erm both. Whiteboard is probably a little firm for me. I've always been on the verge of heavier stiffer shafts but not quite. Blueboard is probably perfect, but the Fubaki is a good compromise until I can find Blueboard.

    Basically leave the loft at standard with Fubaki, add a little more with the Whiteboard.
  • williamowilliamo Members Posts: 2,294
    Mudguard wrote:

    williamo wrote:

    Nice irons! What shaft do you play in your 910? Whiteboard or Fubuki?

    Erm both. Whiteboard is probably a little firm for me. I've always been on the verge of heavier stiffer shafts but not quite. Blueboard is probably perfect, but the Fubaki is a good compromise until I can find Blueboard.

    Basically leave the loft at standard with Fubaki, add a little more with the Whiteboard.

    So both shafts has a 910 tip? Did you buy them through Titleist?

    What is the weight and flex of the two shafts?

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    williamo wrote:

    So both shafts has a 910 tip? Did you buy them through Titleist?

    What is the weight and flex of the two shafts?

    Yeah both have the tip. Long story short, by brother is a pro, so we get the odd thing for good prices. Ordered originally with whiteboard (73g S), the Fubaki came in 9.5 head, I don't think you can buy shafts independently yet. It was a custom order, and they changed their mind so wound up with a surplus shaft somehow.

    Fubaki is the same weight S flex as well but is a little easier for me to use as I don't hit it as hard as my brother (round 170k's for me tops).

    We also have a weight kit which is handy though to be honest probably more use if your using a non stock length.
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    For those of you contemplating white grips, unless you've got a staff/cart bag, they're gonna get dirty really quick. I think if they had a white cap, like the black and white ones it may make a difference.
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    Let me know how those irons play with the plastic wrap lol JK
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    Ha. I was peeling them off as I needed them. The three iron was only just released! Actually seems to fly a bit higher than my J33 one. Could be the shaft, or the loft...
  • gamecockgamecock Members Posts: 364
    those scratch irons are beauties!
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    gamecock wrote:

    those scratch irons are beauties!

    Good posting!
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    Ok. So the Scratch irons are gone, they were pretty hard to hit, and co-incided (or caused) some of my poorer golf in a little while. So they've been replaced with some Mizuno irons, MP63's in 5-PW and MP53 for the 3i and 4i. With Royal Precision Rifle in 6.0

    Played my second round this morning, just kicking into Autumn and of course it rained, so I was grateful for the cord grips. (and full rain gear)

    So my greens are up (11 and 12) which was nice. Shafts feel a little softer than the Project X 5.5's I had, but it's hard to tell without hitting side by side. But much easier to hit than the soft stepped X100 Mizuno's I was using the last week or two.

    Oh and the Ogio Edge bag. I've had a lot of carry bags over the years and there's always some little niggles that I've had with most bags. This is the by far and away the best I've owned. Neat little touches, the no zip pocket, straps and stand are perfect, and the rain cover is innovative and so simple you wonder why it hadn't been done before. I don't know about the weight, as I've always used full featured bags rather than lightweight bags. And it was remarkably water proof as I played today and all the contents of the pockets are dry. I a big believer in buying stuff that are made by companies who specialise in the particular products. IE raingear by raingear manufacturers, or bags by bag manufacturers rather than matching my irons with bag etc etc. So that's why my gear looks a little eclectic I suppose!
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    sick bag man, awesome scratch irons
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    I like the switch to the Mizzys. Sweet Ogio
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    And yet another change, will see how they go. Pulled them out of the plastic last night and am teeing off in an hour
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    I love are such a club ****. Beautiful clubs all of them!
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    You are such a ho
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    Loving the changes and seeing what comes next. Post your thoughts on the Nike irons and how they compare to your old Mizunos
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    Curious to hear what you think about the Nikes as well.
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    The Scratch Irons were beautiful, but yes, hard to hit.
  • MCCAMCCA Members Posts: 2,862 ✭✭
    Man are you going through some Irons are you getting fit for any of them?
  • freehbfreehb Members Posts: 839
    Love Your setup. Similar to what I'm looking at. Especially like the bag, ogio is great, I'm on my 4th.
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    As for fitting, I'm pretty normal, use anything from S300, Project X, Rifle 6.0, I'm not strong enough for anything firmer and hit a normal ball flight. All stock lie and length, though apparently the Nike's are one degree upright and 1/4 inch longer but I didn't notice.

    I've spent a ridiculous amount of time on flightscopes, figure it's more important for driver, but having said that I'm average height and weight so can use most clubs without any tweaking. The Mizuno optimizer suggests a softer shaft but interestingly I got a different reading when using outside (IE hitting on grass and taking divots). Out of all the shafts I prefer the S300. Maybe it's because I've been using them since I was 15 (in various clubs, I'm now 29) but they feel fine. My brother's soft stepped X100's are too stiff for me, I hit them ok, but low and could not turn them over.

    How did they feel? To be honest, I've really disliked Nike equipment, not for any reason really. However this particular model came pretty highly endorsed from my brother who used the demo set a week earlier. The two long irons make quite an uncanny noise, a clink sound, and the rest are more normal. However they seemed to fly very straight and a little higher for me. I was really pleased with them. The feel as soft as the Mizuno's, but again, hard to tell unless one hits them side by side at the range. They are by far the best looking Nike irons I've seen, no garish graphics either. A quick re-grip to full cord Lamkins (need cord grips for our wet winters) and they're ready. So I played ok, 5 over, 29 putts and hit some really nice iron shots. The long irons are easy to get up and they all compact behind the ball.

    Here are some pics...
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    You are a sick man, love it!!!!!!!!!
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    Ok. Bit of a shake up with the three woods. Gone is the 13 degree and I replaced it with a 15.5 degree F, to match my five wood. I'd only been using this for a month or so when I decided to just stump up and buy the new 910F. I demo'd one but to be honest I didn't really like it, it felt quite different to my existing woods. However I couldn't turn this one down. Slightly softer shaft, (S Flex project X instead of the Whiteboard I tried) and it feels much better. The head is a lot more solid than the previous models of woods. I think it's something to do with the hosel, the clubhead must simply be a little heavier to incorporate it. Just got it on A1 at the moment, maybe take it down a little for summer, but it's winter here so want the maximum carry.

    And man do they look good behind the ball.
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    How are you liking the Pro combo's? Great looking bag by the way!
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