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What do you think?



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    I have a couple of these wedges with the KBS shafts. I have to say these wedges have improved my short game. Great wedges.
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    I have a 56 and a 60 with s300 shafts. Predictible distances, decent forgiveness, not particularly spinny.
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    love mine. hope they can find a bit more zip in the 60 in future gens.
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    These wedges do not put a lot of spin on the ball. If you want a high spinning wedge then try something else. I use one at the moment in 54 degree, mainly for pitches and chipping....the run out is consistent....and the feel and looks are typical Ping. Overall not a bad wedge, but not a great one. I still prefer the older Ping Tour wedge.
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    I do not have that problem, I get to much spin of these wedges. Looking for less spin on the Anser wedges I am going to try
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    copy and pasted from an earlier post of mine.

    I had the Tour-S and played them for a few rounds then switched to the Anser because well...I got a great deal on them from a friend. After playing the Anser last weekend, my initial impression is "nice--but not $50 retail more nice" (...obviously, I'm on a budget). For the money, the Tour-S is a great wedge for just about all players, IMO.

    Some general comparisons based on my several round with the Tour-S and 1.5 rounds with the Anser:

    -Tour S seems to ballon on me a lot on 3/4 to full shots. (my ball flight is pretty high normally). Anser seemed to stay a little lower on the same types of shots. (This might be a shaft issue more than a head issue. Not 100% sure though.)

    -Spin: didn't really notice a huge difference between the two.

    -Feel-wise, felt similar. One could argue that the forged Anser should feel softer but I didn't feel too much of a difference on chips. On full shots I think the Anser feels a bit softer.

    -Sound-wise: Tour S sounded "crisper".

    -Performance: Honestly, about the same.

    -Bunker: didn't get a chance to hit out the bunker.

    -Looks: Personally, I like the look of the Anser a little bit better. Both setup quite nicely at address though.

    -Fishing for balls in the water: equal performance.

    All in all, I'd say save yourself some cash and get the Tour-S. There are more loft/bounce options for that one anyway =]
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    Good wedges and the new grooves is what you guys are having issues with. The old grooves spun waaaay more from all lies but are not legal in future competition so OEMs are getting ahead of the game and put the new grooves into play for the public in 2011. Its hard to give wedges a fair shake when I know they are flat out not as good at spinning as the ones I JUST had....and not being pros we are in the rough more.....and less manicured rough at that. This is an excellent wedge all things considered and I like them in light of the previous statements...but my old wedges(with old grooves) were just naaaasty....
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    I recently got the 58/10 Tour S and am very happy with it. My course has inconsistent bunkers-- some with soft sand and some with firmer or moist sand--so I carry both the Tour S and my G15 sand wedge that has 12 degrees of bounce. I hit a wicked spinning bunker shot with the Tour S the other day and was getting nice spin on my greenside chips. The club has a nice versatile grind so it works well from different lies. Definitely a very good wedge and reasonably priced.
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    I purchased the Rustique wedges in 56*/12* and 60*/TS configurations from a big name sporting goods store. Both clubs have KBS Tour shafts. While I really like the overall performance and playability of the clubs, the new grooves leave me wanting a tad bit more zip. Coming from a set of early 2000 Cleveland Reg BeCu wedges, with spin-inducing/cover eating grooves, I think it's understandable as to why I am not used to the lack of spin from the conforming grooves. I'm sure as I play the Tour S wedges more, I will become used to the characteristics. Overall, I would say give them a shot if you're in the market for a new wedge (or wedges).
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    I tried the 54 and 60 Tour-s, and I had no trouble at all getting them to spin. On full shots they actually spun back more than I would prefer. I'm very surprised to read that people are having this issue.
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    Great wedges but I still prefer the gorge ping eye 2 conforming low and sw the sole is amazing
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    Not the most spin, but super consistent and a great grind. On the 60/10 I can play a variety of conditions. Might snag a raw version as a backup


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