Cleveland Classic

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What do you think?


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    Best bang for the buck in the putter catagory. You would think you're swinging a SC.
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    I really love my #1, had the same model that's in the pic, also very nice. I've rolled it against all the big $ putters and could find no reason to switch. Why spend 2 Benji's when you can pick this up for $50.00?? That leaves more loot for Guinness after the round!

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  • lvphil702lvphil702 Bad Golfer Posts: 347
    Have the Black Platinum #1 here. Wonderful putter for the price...thinking of picking up the #2 also. At this price point why not?
  • Just picked up a Platinum #4 on sale at ****'s Sporting goods for $37.50. After two $200 putter experiments, the investment was easy too swallow. This putter gets the ball rolling so well, I couldn't be happier.
  • SheriffBoothSheriffBooth Marshals, BST Volunteer Mods Posts: 4,409 mod
    I've got a Black Platinum #6 and have to agree that it puts a nice roll on the ball for such a low MSRP. I prefer the look and feel of these putters to the other low cost gems, the Ping Karsten line. Will definitely be swinging by ****'s on the way home if they've got their stock on that deep of a discount.
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    Wish they would make a "Designed By" in black platinum.
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    Got a No. 2 in the bag at the moment. Taking a fly on a new look for me. I have a 4.5 ready to go if the 2 isn't for me. For the money, this is hard to beat.
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    Just got a 39" Cleveland Classic Black Platinum Almost Belly putter last week.

    Shotgun start last Saturday...started on #18, #2 handicap hole for Pebble Creek in Tampa. Drive to 185 yrds, but with a dogleg, creek and tight treeline, i decided to layup to 80 yards (just in front of creek). Gamed a Gap Wedge to the green just 10 feet directly above and behind the pin. With my new almost belly, I made a nice smooth stroke and the ball brke 6" the cup straight down!.....Par City!

    That was a terrific start with my new of the day was not as dramatic...I tried several styles, such as anchoring the putter just left of my navel. The best is when I anchor the handle against my left forearm (tip of putter is just inside my elbow) this allows me to stroke it with no wrist bending....One of the things I like about it is the putter head is 400 grms.....much heavier than conventional putters or other Bellies. with the extra weight, the head can be stroked like a pendulum.

    Taking it to Myrtle Beach next week for a golfing week with some friends......
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    As Jimbud said, best bang for your buck in the putter category. I actually got rid of my scotty to keep rolling this thing. I currently have the black #2, it is as smooth as any putter I've tried, and at more than half price, gotta love it.
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  • mojo_13mojo_13 Members Posts: 763
    I will agree with everyone that this is a great bang for the buck putter. It feels good and rolls the ball well, the grip tends to get a little slick for my liking but I haven't changed it out more of a taste thing than anything. I picked mine up brand new a couple years ago for $40 and it has been in the bag ever since. I just purchased a Method Core putter but will not be getting rid of the Classic no matter how good I "think" the Core is. I would not hesitate to buy this putter at all.
  • DJFRY5DJFRY5 Members Posts: 171 ✭✭
    Cleveland products typically are the best bang for your buck. These putters are another great example of that.
  • ratdg1ratdg1 Posts: 236 ✭✭
    Very good putters for the price, with good feel - I think if you blindfolded people, they'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between the Cleveland and the equivalent Scotty. They aren't innovative, and the aesthetics are lacking, but for a beginner or someone on a budget, these are a good choice.
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  • hheyl87hheyl87 Members Posts: 1
    I have the #1 great feel,great look, great price
  • backteesbacktees Posts: 866
    Best value for money out there - they look and perform greatly and I do not find any disadvantage compared to a Newport 2...
  • SUITSSUITS Members Posts: 922 ✭✭
    I punished mine and putt it in the corner for a while but its right back in the bag. SOlid flatsticks, no nonsense or gimmicks.
  • ABgolfer2ABgolfer2 Members Posts: 2,704
    SUITS wrote:

    I punished mine and putt it in the corner for a while but its right back in the bag. SOlid flatsticks, no nonsense or gimmicks.

    I did that for awhile too - I couldn't stay mad at her for long though. The blade is a bit too long but nobody's perfect.
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  • katbirdkatbird Posts: 624
    I've like Cleveland putters for a are the last two generations of "classic" blades...note the differences in milling...and logos...

    The newer Classic with the deeper milling came with the Odyssey Jumbo grip that I'm getting to like...


    I'll add my favorite Cleveland putter...the "Designed by" mallet...(though I've no idea designed by whom)...




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  • jmc5850jmc5850 Posts: 131
    Best putter for that price point we out a doubt. I always see guys walking out of stores with these putters in hand.
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    I have two #2s and a #10. Love the 2. Have it in black and BRZ

    Might sell the #10, never use it
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    Have 2 that I got for $30 each. Making one into counter balance putter
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  • Badgergolfer2Badgergolfer2 Members Posts: 1,355
    Theyre a good putter for the price. They still feel like a cast putter though. For the money, I feel like the Taylormade White Smoke is better because it has a softer feel.
  • ABgolfer2ABgolfer2 Members Posts: 2,704

    Theyre a good putter for the price. They still feel like a cast putter though. For the money, I feel like the Taylormade White Smoke is better because it has a softer feel.

    They are cast putters with no insert.
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  • SkhackerSkhacker The Minimalist Golfer Members Posts: 1,466 ✭✭
    Great putters. Have a 1 and a 7. Game the 7 quite a bit. Just as good as any scotty otr imho.
  • ProV1KenobiProV1Kenobi Members Posts: 184
    Great putter for the money. Good feel. Designs we all know. Hmmm ping.
  • MikebbMikebb Posts: 104
    Don’t like the weight or how it fits my eye, but great feel and great price. You can tell it’s cast by looking at it but the feel alone would have you thinking you are hitting a scotty.
  • creeksidegolfcreeksidegolf ClubWRX Posts: 27 ✭✭
    I like the shape. The first thing a putter needs to be is pleasing to the eye.
  • Homey4ukHomey4uk Upper Northeast TNMembers Posts: 1

    I have 2 black platinums, a BRZ without the insert and plan to buy the BRZ with insert. I used to use the center shafted model but while center shaft fits my eye I don’t putt as well with it on the course. For the price these are hard to beat. I have 4 Camerons but almost always wind up going back to a Cleveland. For what one costs on eBay you can’t go wrong. There are grips that cost more!

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