Adams Idea Pro Black

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What do you think?


  • mwolfe2009mwolfe2009 Members Posts: 88
    These clubs are number 1 on tour for a reason. They go where you aim and always land soft. If you are in the market for a new hybrid spend the money and buy this one you will not regret it
  • golfbum9golfbum9 Members Posts: 2,914
    Excellent for the high swingspeed, launch and spin golfer.

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  • clg82clg82 Members Posts: 67
    What is the difference between the "3031" and "9031" on the bottom of the hybrids?
  • WhiteBettinardiWhiteBettinardi Members Posts: 403
    How forgiving are these?
  • mwolfe2009mwolfe2009 Members Posts: 88
    I wouldn't say they are a very forgiving club but, they do inspire confidence and i think they are very easy to hit. I would try the new Adams V3s if you are looking for forgiveness.
  • clg82clg82 Members Posts: 67
    What would be the reason someone would paint the bottom lettering red?
  • InspiredTPInspiredTP Members Posts: 1,034 ✭✭
    they...uhhh...wanted to see red letters?!?!
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  • danalihddanalihd Members Posts: 78
    Really nice hybrid. My buddy has an 18* with voodoo x and I very much enjoy borrowing it
  • Ol' Dirt McGirtOl' Dirt McGirt Lefty Boomers Posts: 68
    Great solid feel and ball flight
  • shaunls1shaunls1 Members Posts: 48
    Just got this club in a 18" 3 hybrid with the stiff voodoo shaft.

    Well I went in to dicks sporting goods to get a 2 hybridbroken and the only one they had was a 190 dollar r11 with a rip shaft so I hit it and it felt heavy to me just dident feel food in my hands but I was geting about 230 with a smooth swing.

    Well it assent worth the cash to me so I picked up this club in a 3 18" and it felt way better

    And I was geting around 238 with it so the 3 hybrid was longer than the r11 2 hybrid and felt better through the swing.

    The head is small about half of the r11 but it is easy to hit so I just ordered the 2.
  • shaunls1shaunls1 Members Posts: 48
    Oh and the auto correct made my post look miss spelled lol sorry
  • BillyBaroo1985BillyBaroo1985 Members Posts: 109
    I have one and like it, but it sits a degree or 2 upright.
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