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    Solid feel with stiff Project X 6.0 shaft. Slightly open face orientation. Not a hook machine!! I can hook anything and this one is pretty workable. I can even hit a fade with it if I try. I purchased a 4 hybrid 24 degree and hit it about 180-195 which is the gap I was trying to fill. I don't swing fast, pretty slow SS by golfwrx standards (Everybody swings at 110 it seems like). Driver about 98-103 and irons 85-90. I didn't get it to fill long yardage requirement, I got it fill a yardage gap! I tried the Adams Super Hybrid and that is definitely a leftist. So for $80 this was a good buy.
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    The face on these definitely has some spring effect; they are noticeably longer than my older Snake Eyes hybrids. The Project X 6.0 shafts are medium stiff and seem to hold up well to aggressive swings. The face sort of sits open, or maybe it rolls open at address due to internal weighting. My only (minor) beef is the compression channel creates a smig more turf drag than my other smooth bottom hybrids since the channel sits sideways to the swing path. No issue unless you hit the turf heavy, which you don't want to do with a club like this anyway.
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    nice club. plays a slight fade for me.

    the made for px shaft plays better than other made for px shafts in my opinion.
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    Just got this in Px 6.0 3H 21 degree...

    Took my burner out a while ago because it was a hook machine... This is just a beauty. It's impossible to hit a bad shot with this thing. Can work it both ways, and I actually was trying to hit a bad shot and really couldn't.
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    I just picked up the 3 and 4 last night for $160. I saw it in my pro shop and stopped me in my tracks...
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    I have the 21*, and it is my favorite club. I can do so much with it. Easy to choke down and take 20 yds off, and just as easy to let it rip nice and high and land it soft. I'll never again have a 3 iron in my bag. This club literally changed my whole setup because there is a 40 yd window that I can use it, and it curves both directions. Can't get over its versatility.
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