Titleist 910H

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What do you think?


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    no one has really hit it yet. Some have but I doubt you'll get much feedback.
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    True, but I'm just getting all the clubs up that are on the OEM sites right now. That way the second they hit stores people can post their 2 cents without having to request that the club be posted.
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    I hit one the other day and i was very disappointed. it felt dead to me, maybe thats why i haven't seen one in anyone's bag yet.
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    I hit one the other day and i was very disappointed. it felt dead to me, maybe thats why i haven't seen one in anyone's bag yet.

    That's what I like about Titleist Hybrids. I don't want it to feel hot like a FW Metal. I'm not interested in raw distance, I want it to feel like my irons where I feel I can control the distance, more like an extension of my irons. You don't see it yet in many bags because they haven't started shipping yet...

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    Hit one today, and it was great. Picking mine up on Tuesday. As kevcarter said, I felt like I was hitting an iron. Great control and not a lot of spray on mishits.
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    Can anyone tell me how it is different from the 909 other than the adjustability? I haven't figured that out yet. And if you aren't a tinkerer, is there a reason to spend the cash to upgrade? The stock shaft options are better than the stock shaft options on the 909, but if you already invested in shaft upgrades - then what?
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    Played twice with it, absolutely the best I have hit, I have the pro x shaft in it and was shocked. great feel and plenty of distance, my 19 was going past some of my buddies drivers, ,
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    I like the looks of the 910h in black. Dont like hybrids with a finish that are white or steel. Hope to hit one on the course in the next couple of weeks.
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    I have the 21 degree...absolutely love it. Far and away the purest feeling hybrid I've hit. I also find it to setup very nice and is very pleasing to look at; it is slightly larger then other hybrids, obviously making it more forgiving...overall, an excellent club!
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    I really hesitated to try these, because I tried a G15 hybrid used, and I just personally did not gel with the club. Maybe that's not surprising since I didn't gel with G15 driver either. No knock on Ping, just personal preference. I love the black look of the Titleist 910H series as well. I started with the 21 degree with Diamana Kai'li shaft., and hit it so well, I instantly decided I'd probably own the set of 4. Next was the 19, also Kai'li R,, then the 24 Kai'li R, and finally the 17. When I got the 17, I opened pandora's box, because I realized that the golf shop advice I received on getting regular shafts, with my swing on the course, may have been inaccurate based on swinging in hitting booth. I'm swinging the 19 club fast, pure, and accurately with the shaft out of the 17. The last par 3 with the 19, I hit to, 195 right over the pin. That's a long par 3. I hit it with confidence, and it felt fantastic.

    I just purchased a Ahina Stiff shaft for my 19, and the 17 will get it's Ahina stiff back. So, I hit those on the long end, and the blue Kai'li on the shorter end I think since distance is not as key for the 21 and 24, I will stay with regular shaft for those. It is possible the 24 could come out of my bag, if so, first chance I get, I'll get the Ahina for the 21 and be done.

    Guys are going nuts over these things when they see them. When they see them hit, curiosity turns to interest fast! Get one of these, recommend the 19 and 21 as the most versatile. You likely won't regret it!

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    About a week ago, I was looking for a new 3 or 4 hybrid to replace my 08 TM Burner 3 Hybrid. I needed to fill the 190-200 gap in my clubs.

    My problem with my Burner hybrid was flex point. My shots were going straight and then taking an immediate left turn after 175 yds. I was loosing distance and accuracy.

    I decided to try out a few different options; the Cobra Baffler, Adams A12, TM Superfast, and Titleist 910. I tried a few different loft options on each club. I was setup on the monitor at GG. I took a few swings with the A12. For me the head was too small and I wasn't making solid contact.

    The Cobra Baffler, the forgiveness and sound was really good. I hit some great shots with it. I had a nice draw ball flight with it. It was a possibility.

    Next, I tried the superfast. I knew I would hit the superfast well. My distance was great I was averaging about 195 per shot. I noticed I was fading the ball a bit more with the TM. The ball got up in the air very quickly. This was in the running.

    Finally, I tried the club I had been wanting to try for a few weeks, the 910 hybrid. The looks of it at address gives the appearance of a fairway wood. This is a plus because I hit my fairway woods well. I took a few swings and the forgiveness was there with hits across the face. The sound of the ball off the club has a nice click to it. My dispersion was a lot better I was hitting draws and nice little fades. The yardage was closer to the 200 range. I decided to go with the 21 degree loft instead of the 19 to give me an opportunity to get the ball higher in the air since I have a low trajectory.

    I took it out on the course today and it was great. I hit it on the range and the ball flight did not disappoint. It was long and straight. It was useful on all the par 5's giving me an accurate 190-200 second shot leaving me with short irons into greens. I decided to try it on the closing hole at Stoneybrook. I wanted to hit it off the tee. Due to some water in the fairway the ball didn't roll. I was left with 195 to the green. I carried the water and ended up with a GIR. The looks, feel, and ball flight make this another solid addition to the 910 lineup. If you are looking for a hybrid this is one you will want to try.
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    That's a nice review of your results. Glad the club worked out for you.

    The Titleists are sweet. I'm amazed just about every time I hit these clubs. I have absolutely no regrets about not having long irons in my bag now. These hybrids are some of the most accurate clubs I have for line to target.

    The only negative is they are a little sensitive to crown hits and can scar on face some. But even so, I gave these a 5 rating for the way they hit overshoots any other issues with these clubs. Fantastic! The 19 degree with Diamante Ahina Stiff shaft is my favorite.

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    Today I hit my 17 degree uphill from about 160 yards. I know that may sound like to much club, but it's a fairly steep incline, and the air was heavy as could be, and the ground sticky from humidity. It's one of those shots where it seems like ou always come up short, and say, dang, I thought I hit enough club!

    The ball hit firmly on front of green, and rolled to within 15 feet of pin on back uphill position. Missed, the birdie, but made the par. I was also pin high on 178 yard par 3 with 19 degree today, but missed green to right. Played a shot out of trouble as well with one, sort of behind trap under trees, and punched it over hill to just beside green. These clubs are gamesavers I tell you, changes everything.

    I'd like to see more excitement about the Titleist hybrids. Guys, get out there and try these clubs!
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    I purchased the 910H 19 degree a couple of days ago; had one range session with it to practice and experiment with the lie and loft adjustment. Today I took it to the course all I can say is that it is a keeper! It hits the ball straight, is easy to hit, and makes a very satisfying sound on contact with the ball.

    I do have one question for others who may use this hybrid. I adjusted the lie on mine to .75 flat but kept the standard loft. According to Tilleist's performance guide flattening the lie will produce a greater tendency to fade the ball but I'm still hitting it dead straight. Is anyone else seeing the ball fade more with a flat lie?
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    I haven't really changed adjustment on mine much, but I say experiment away if you have the tool. I love my 19 though, it's my favorite to hit. But the 17 is good too. I'm re-grooving my swing, so I have to see where my length settles after I get where I want to be. My hip turn was happening way to early, so I am working on keeping my wrist cocked until I get as close to release as I can and get full release. If I pull it off as a regular change, I will have faster hip action, and much better distance. So, we'll see where I wind up. :-) Enjoy your club Chuck, check out a D2 driver too, if you don't have one. My hybrids I think have been very straight overall. Just a slight fade at end if it fades at all, once I know what to expect, I can work with it. Can I work the ball with it, not sure. Let me know your success.

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    Love the 910H. I have replaced my 2-iron with the 19* hybrid. They had to pull the 2-iron out of my hands, kicking and screaming, but I told myself to give this club a try for a week or two. I'm sold on his versatility and its ease to strike solidly. I love the feel of the 910H at impact. The only negative I have to say is I've found it difficult to align the face. I tend to set up with the club open. I have to remind myself to align the leading edge of the crown of the club to my target. Titleist might want to consider some sort of alignment aid in the future. It's a great looking club, too boot!
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    I purchased the Titleist 910H 19* Hybrid, and was surprised at how easy it was to hit. But after taking it to the range, swapping the ahina shaft for a project X shaft,

    added loft to it, and changing the weights out. It is by farrrr the most versatile, accurate, and easy to control club on the planet. I am able to sweet swing it

    when i want....as well as bomb it as long as most of my partners 3 woods. They are all now playing one as well, after hitting mine in the middle of the round.

    Do yourself a favor and demo one, you will thank me.
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    I am 54 and a 4 handicap, recently recovered from rotator cuff surgery. RJust got fit with the new APirons with the lighter TT Dynalite Gold XP S300 shafts which seem to fit. Also fit with a 910 D3 driver with Bassara Ultralight 55 gram still shaft which is on its way. The titleist fitter seemed to think I would benefit from the lighter shafts. My driver ball speed is 145 to 150 so swing speed of 95 to 100. Now I am interested in a 910H 17 but not sure about shaft and unfortunately not fitted for a hybrid. Any suggestions on a shaft? Wondering if the Diamana Ilima 70 would be a fit.
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    I just picked up a 21* w/ the Kai'Li stiff shaft and absolutely love the thing. I'm coming off of Mashies and 909h hybrids, neither of which worked all that well for me. This club, however, has been flawless thus far. I've toyed around a bit with the settings but the original A-1 works best for my swing. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about replacing their 3 iron.
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    I was in the market for a hybrid. Tried many. I was looking for a 16*/17*. I hit the 910h in 19*. I just couldn't miss! It was unreal. I hit the RBZ hybrid 16.5*, it was actually a lot harder to hit. I also tried the Nike, it was comparable tot he 910h but the head size on the 910 was slightly larger and gave me more confidence.

    I opted to get the 910h 17* with a Motore F3 95HYB X-Flex shaft. The thing is a bomber. I hit it around 250 to 260. Its is great off the tee as well as from the rough. My 3 wood never comes out anymore!
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    I have a 21* in stiff flex with a ahina shaft. Headcover and a cobra wrench included. Pm me if you are interested.
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    Very nice hybrid for me...
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    I've never got on with Hybrids, so have always stuck with long irons, but two weeks ago I saw the Titleist 910 H in the shop & it felt & looked different from other Hybrids, I talked to the Pro & explained that I always seemed to hit them left, so he advised I try the 21 degree with Diamana Kai'li shaft, I was amazed & the feel & flight, so I bought it & then also bought the 19.

    I'm going to keep the 19 in my bag & swap between the 21 & my 3 iron depending on course conditions. At my home course we have a 229 Par 3 & I've always struggles in the winter to get here with the 3 iron & the 3 wood if hit a bit right could go out of bounds & I only mean about 3 yards right. Well yeaterday I hit the 19 just on the front on the green, perfect club for this hole in the winter.

    Tese are the best Hybrid I've ever hit & I love the adjustment on them.
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    I just upgraded from the 910 to the 816. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!
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