TaylorMade Penta

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What do you think?



  • phiilsownphiilsown Banned  178WRX Points: 0Posts: 178
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    Ive played these and I really liked them.. Right now my ball is the tp red or black depending on the day.. Any idea on how these compare to the two?? Longer? Better around the greens? I havnt played enough with them to really find out.. They have a good deal running on them right now and Im thinking about buying a bunch of these..
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    Received a dozen for christmas from the ladies at my office.

    Looking forward to giving them a good run this season. Looking like I will finally get my first outing of the season this weekend in Michigan, can hardly wait.....losing much sleep thinking about it!

    Hit em well all.
  • Pr3cisionPr3cision Columbus, OhioMembers  915WRX Points: 77Posts: 915 Bunkers
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    I don't think I have ever played with a Penta golf-ball, but I heard some good things about them.

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    My experience with the Penta is that the TP Black is firmer and will generally be a little longer. The Penta IMHO is softer than the TP Red but doesn't do as well on really windy days, and is the best TM made ball around the greens.
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    If it means anything, I've played ProV1's for 6 years now and just switched to Pentas this week after trying them out a few time. They play just as well around the green but I have gotten a little more distance with my driver and irons with TM. Great ball!
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    I prefer a lower spin ball and the Penta is one of the best on the market. Ball flight, control, stopping power, longevity, etc... you name it, it excels at it. I prefer to not have to wonder if the 'seam' on my ball will make it balloon if lying the wrong way once and then be a low penetrating shot if lying another.

    This is the one ball I REALLY don't THINK ABOUT when playing it.

    It does what you want it to do if you execute YOUR shot.

    I used to play the TP RED with LDP and thought it would be impossible to beat that ball in all categories...the Penta does.
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  • GP300GP300 Members  163WRX Points: 0Posts: 163
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    Great all around ball!
  • crazygolfnutcrazygolfnut CrazyGolfNut Omaha, NebraskaMembers  1242WRX Points: 169Handicap: 11.4Posts: 1,242 Platinum Tees
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    I play a round with the Penta and found it a little harder than my e5's. It went as long, a little straighter, and about the same or just a little better stopping power on the green. Overall a very nice ball but for the money, the e5 is priced lower. So ... not sure if I will switch to the Penta full time or not.
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    Best ball on the market. You get the distance of the Pro V1x and the spin around the greens of the Pro V1. An all around perfect combo.
  • GolfinnovaGolfinnova Paiute Wolf Members  1017WRX Points: 0Posts: 1,017
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    Got the free 6-pack on Friday and put them in use yesterday. Ball drives nice and straight, didn't see any difference in length compared to what I've been playing (Z-Star, E6) but thats where the comparison stops. Every green I hit the ball would hop and stop right then compared to the roll out I get with the Z-Star or E6 so I could truly pin hunt. Putts fabulous.

    Highly recommend this ball.
  • Redsnap5Redsnap5 Members  263WRX Points: 58Posts: 263 Greens
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    Great ball! Spins as well as a prov1 and is longer in my opinion.
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  • frankiefrankie Members  213WRX Points: 81Posts: 213 Fairways
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    Ive been playing this ball for about 2 months now and have to say it's really good overall. The distance off the Tee is good, irons and putter. The ball is pretty straight with minimal side spin my issue is the short iron and wedge spin into the greens. The ball spins way too much for me and going to try the z star xv for a month and see if I can get the one hop stop that I'm looking rather than 15 feet if back spin.
  • DJR10DJR10 Weekend Hack! Members  493WRX Points: 50Posts: 493 Greens
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    Great ball and you cant beat the buy 2 and get 1 free!!!!!!

  • sooperstringsooperstring Members  365WRX Points: 1Posts: 365 Bunkers
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    Great ball. At $43 a dozen, it was a hard decision. At $27 a dozen, it's a no brainer.
  • lilnorthuplilnorthup Members  87WRX Points: 0Posts: 87
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    I was curious to try these since TM hasn't made anything that has fit my game or swing in years. But the free 6-pack was a good offer and I was fortunate enough to get one. I've played V1x's for a long time for the simple fact that they work well for me, but I played just one of these Pentas and I may sell the rest of my supply. As an engineering analyst, I can tell you how and why a lot of things work the way they do, but aside from the '5 layer' hype, I can't figure what makes these things that much better than the others.

    All I can say is that these balls have an almost creepy ability to find the hole.
  • marrigomarrigo Members  2876WRX Points: 133Posts: 2,876 Titanium Tees
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    Just put the Penta's from my free 1/2 dozen in play yesterday. Second place in my club championship heading into day two. We'll have to see how the balls handle the pressure.
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  • fireguyfrank58fireguyfrank58 Members  789WRX Points: 0Posts: 789
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    Best ball I have played. Stops on a dime, very soft and responsive. Nothing to rave about on the driver but butter around the greens and irons.
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  • JeemboJeembo People in glass houses sink ships Members  440WRX Points: 1Posts: 440 Greens
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    I found this ball to be a lot shorter, especially off my irons, than anything else I play (usually pro v1 or v1x). Combine that with about the same amount of spin as the pro v1, and it's almost a half-club difference compared to the pro v1x. It also tended to exacerbate my fade quite a bit if I gave it a little too much with the big dog. I'd kick this to the bottom half of my list as far as premium balls go.
  • uggghugggh Members  249WRX Points: 0Posts: 249
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    I also got the free 6-pack. It's as straight as the E6 off the driver. I came up short on some iron shots though. But I did drop in two birdie putts yesterday, feels great off the putter.
  • BuzzkillBuzzkill Marshals  7097WRX Points: 532Handicap: 3Posts: 7,097 Marshals
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    They play like any other premium ball which is good.
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  • 99Luftballoons99Luftballoons Members  291WRX Points: 77Posts: 291 Bunkers
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    I like this ball a lot, however I feel its a bout 10-15 yards shorter than other premium balls for me on the driver (interestingly its longer than most balls on my irons).

    Still, I played this almost exclusively because I liked the all around ability of the ball until I came across the Callaway iz which IMO, is the best ball I have ever played.
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  • ben6485ben6485 Members  89WRX Points: 0Posts: 89
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    bought a sleeve of these for my 9 today

    really really like this ball....straight and long(for me)

    pretty good around the greens and a great ball on the green

    and I think they are buy 2 get on free at Golf Galaxy which is a buying point for me

    I was using Nike Crush's and TM Burner's

    tried the Pro V1's and like the TM Penta better but the V1's seem to be a bit better around the greens
  • semipopularsemipopular Members  211WRX Points: 40Posts: 211 Fairways
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    I really like the pentas. I like the feel better than a pro V1 and the cover lasts a lot longer. You can hit quite a few wedges with a penta before you see a scuff. If you havent tried them, you should!
  • sunnyboysunnyboy Members  88WRX Points: 0Posts: 88
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    I absolutely love the old TP red ball and was hoping this would be the ball I have always looked for. But for me its just not as long off the driver as the Pro-V1/V1x Feels fabulous but the shorter distance just kills me.
  • ocu_canadianocu_canadian Members  215WRX Points: 0Posts: 215
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    Received my free 6 pack last Wednesday. I had my club's Men's invite last weekend, and I put them in the bag for the tourney and went 72-73 (145 +1) including 33 (-3) on the back side to win by 2....Great ball I am sold!!!!
  • puttingmattputtingmatt puttingmatt Summer/ Michigan-- Winter/ FloridaMembers  5422WRX Points: 494Handicap: 6Posts: 5,422 Titanium Tees
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    Does this ball perform anything like the TM TP Black ??

    Longer, more spin, etc...??

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  • borgore23borgore23 Members  810WRX Points: 50Posts: 810 Golden Tee
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    #1 ball IMO.
  • bigputtsbigputts Members  83WRX Points: 0Posts: 83
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    butter from the putter. perfect amount of spin. durable. and how about this 3 for the price of 2 deal? jesus would play them.
  • knudson81knudson81 My WITB is $100 but my swing is $.50 Marshals, Media Staffer  3261WRX Points: 290Posts: 3,261 Marshals
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    Just played this ball for the first time today. I hit my drive into some heather and my buddy and I could never find it. I didn't want to walk all the way back to my cart for my usual Callaway Tour is, so he tossed me one of his Penta TP. I hit my pitching wedge onto the center of the green after dropping. Got to the green and saw my ball mark and the ball about 6 feet passed it. No big deal, I did hit it out of some short rough. Ball putts well and has a more crisp feel, like my Tour is. It isn't clicky, but not spongey either. I asked him if i could keep the ball since I have never played with one. He gave me some crap about it, but let me have it. Onto the next hole, and my fairway 6 iron runs back a few feet from where it landed on the green. Not a huge deal since I made the green. Next hole is a par 5 and I am short of the green by about 30 yards. Going to be a great test against my Tour is. Hit the pitch just flush and the ball doesn't one hop and stop! Still hit and ran out a few feet even though there is some cover in my Mack Daddy grooves! I was amazed the ball didn't stop right away. Switched back to my Tour is right after that and had almost the same shot on 18. Hit it flush again and my buddy was amazed that it stopped on one hop, he was yelling bite! Overall it is a good ball. Decent distance, holds up in the wind well, good crisp feel, and has some spin around the greens.
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  • silver77silver77 Members  519WRX Points: 0Posts: 519
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    played my free 6 pack the other day and was really impressed. great ball for the money and even better now with price drop

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