2011 PGA Show - Grips Demo Day Pics

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  • Jack lives hereJack lives here Members Posts: 362
    What is the price on the Jumbo Max grips??

    Thanks, Jack
  • judoguy888judoguy888 Members Posts: 308
    digging those white lamkin putter grips!
  • turtlekcturtlekc 1995 MN PGA WisconsinClubWRX Posts: 12,779 ClubWRX
    Man, I'm a grip snob. I've pretty much used Golf Pride forever, and nothing else fits my eye and feel like the multi compounds...

    I could be wrong
    I've been wrong before
    I'll be wrong again
  • brad_mcwhirtbrad_mcwhirt Members Posts: 80 ✭✭
    I would love to see an all black Golf Pride MultiCompound. image/ok.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':ok:' />
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  • work2golfwork2golf Members Posts: 13 ✭✭
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    MSRP is $10.99. Feeling is firm with a little give. Not spongy.

    What is the price on the Jumbo Max grips??

    Thanks, Jack
  • kevinozeekevinozee Members Posts: 7
    Just tried Jumbo Max grips today. At first I thought it was hype - but, I thought the idea had merit because I hate grips moving in my hands through any part of the swing, and these certainly won't move!

    They take some getting used to. You HAVE TO relax your grip to swing properly, which is the concept, I guess. Once you relax, these feel very good - very connected.

    Can't say I hit further first day, can't even say for sure I hit straighter - but I saw potential there for both. I'm going to put a full set on my clubs and keep trying...interested to see how they are for the different clubs...
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