2011 PGA Show - Assorted Apparel Pics

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  • big terencebig terence Members Posts: 149
    Wow, are we still in the 60s or what? Man, the colour, the style, floural print? everything is wrong.

    You guys see those chrome buckle black belts with khaki pants? What's wrong with those designer?
  • mrpringlesmrpringles Jsquared2011 Members Posts: 14
    what about some Travis Mathew?
  • pga43pga43 GolfWRX.com's Tour Photographer Nashville,_ TNMarshals Posts: 9,272 mod
    mrpringles wrote:

    what about some Travis Mathew?

    There is a separate thread on TM!

    twitter @gdm43pga
  • dale4acedale4ace Members Posts: 943 ✭✭
    loving the JL stuff, can't wait to get my hands on that red/white belt!
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