Miura Wedge Series

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    One of the ONLY wedges I've tried that are in the same league with my KSugi wedges. I would very much like to try Joe Kwok's Miura grinds too, I have a feeling it's like Dali painting a moustache on The Mona Lisa! (i.e. eerily beautiful.)
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    Just recently got the 54/9 and 58/12 wedges in the gold series. Amazing. Have more weight in the head than any other American brand - Titleist, Cleveland, etc. The extra weight makes is much easier to hit. The forged feel is the best I have tried. I do agree with a previous post in the review forum that these are better for someone who is more "slider/sweeper" swing plane than a "driver/digger". Love the one or two hop, stop action.
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    Clean, classic....perfect
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    I've got the new wedge series .57 bent to 56 a 53 to 52 plus a y grind 1957 60 degree they are just the perfect wedges money can buy ,they are shafted c taper tour x just beautiful ,my only downer is that when you get them your affraid to mark them.

    They really are so pretty .
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    I have the 49*y bent to 48*, the 51*y bent to 52*, 56*k, 60*y fitted with UST Recoil 808 f4 shafts. Love the feel through the turf and the soft feel. I am a mid handicap 13. So I scramble a bit. Very accurate. Shots land soft and either stop or roll a foot.
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    I play Miura a Wedges. Precision instruments....
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