How many golf bags do you buy in a year?



  • highergr0undhighergr0und Members Posts: 10,135 ✭✭
    Unless it's gonna wow me with some feature, I just can't spend the money on bags. I got my current bag as a gift, still have my old bag which just isn't worth selling, and have a Pepsi stand bag I won at a scramble that I use for bringing 5 or 6 clubs to the range.
  • ram01002ram01002 Members Posts: 1,888 ✭✭
    my ping l8 is ten years old . . . hope I get another 10 years out of it
  • dlygrissedlygrisse Members Posts: 13,012 ✭✭
    I usually get one about every 5 years or so, although my old original Ping Hoofer was used for about 10 years, and I may put it back in play. I currently have:

    1. An old Sun Mountain carry bag before they put retractable legs or double straps on them, similar to the old Ping I8. The problem with it is the zipper is broke and it is tan and teal. Trust me it was in style 20 years ago. Used this bag circa 1990-93????

    2. Ping Hoofer, got it right when they hit the market, first bag I had ever seen with double straps and a kick stand. Used this bag circa 1993-2002

    3. Ping 4 Under, great light weight bag, wish I hadn't got the red and white, all black would have been a better choice. One year old

    I also have a Ogio stand bag, that is on loan to a buddy to is picking up the game, he may even pay me for it some day. used this bag between the Hoofer and the 4 Under.

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  • ballmarkballmark Wish they all were that close Members Posts: 252
    Purchased a new walker and a new cart bag last year. Hope to get 3 years of use anyway.
  • mnplayermnplayer Members Posts: 1,719
    Buy usually 1 a year if my old one needs replacing, this year we are getting chool bags so I will have purchased 2 this year.
  • mozgolfmozgolf Members Posts: 3,954
    About every 5 years or when one falls apart. The only reason I have 2 at the moment is because I won one last year in a comp
  • jackandbenjackandben Members Posts: 177
    Bought a Sunday Ping bag the other day on the BST, so I can walk a few holes with my three year old, but my current cart bag has been around for about 8 years. Thinking about getting a new one this season, and really like that white and silver mizuno you have.
  • BC7BC7 Members Posts: 297 ✭✭
    Buy a McKennon, lifetime warranty.
  • robbo32robbo32 Members Posts: 580 ✭✭
    I only own 1 bag right now, Titleist 14-Way stand bag. It's a little large for a stand bag though and doesn't fit on a cart the greatest so I'm thinking of picking up something smaller but with stands so a sunday bag is out of the question.

  • Brendon1215Brendon1215 Members Posts: 910
    When I golf, I try to walk as much as possible; thus requiring me to have a stand bag.
  • TheShaunTheShaun Members Posts: 1,089 ✭✭
    Have an old Ram stand bag, about 8 years old. It's holding up just fine but I kind of want a new one. Thinking the Sun Mountain four 5.
  • Brendon1215Brendon1215 Members Posts: 910
    My stand bag is in my WITB topic.
  • jbrunonejbrunone Members Posts: 2,636
    I have two and then One school bag.
  • minimal45minimal45 Walking Golfer Members Posts: 1,146 ClubWRX
    I have two, one old knight bag that i put my back up clubs in and the one i got last year, a taylormade stratus stand bag orange, white, and black and its not going anywhere at the moment.
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  • GolfwolfGolfwolf Members Posts: 2,635
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    I bought a new one yesterday, SM 3.5, looks like this...that's me done buying bags for this year. I currently have 4 stand bags, going to give 2 away to friends.

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  • knickerbockerknickerbocker Pipe Dreamer Members Posts: 3,331 ✭✭
    I can't afford to be a club ho and a bag ho!
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  • Sweet Baby JSweet Baby J Members Posts: 876
    Unfortunately, I'm a bag ho. I bought 4 bags last year and probably isn't going to stop this year. Golf bags to me are like purses to my wife!
  • I like golf stuff that is colourful and stands out, and if I didn't buy a new stand bag last yr I would be all over this one

  • bananapelbananapel Members Posts: 562
    I have a ping hoofer, titleist bag, titleist sunday bag and 1 other I believe which stores my clubs I don't primarily use.
  • Carolina Golfer 2Carolina Golfer 2 Members Posts: 9,074 ✭✭

    I can't afford to be a club ho and a bag ho!

    LMAO!!! That's funny right there!!
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  • hogans71hogans71 Ain't no change in the weather, ain't no changes in me Members Posts: 10,699 ✭✭
  • mizleftmizleft Posts: 411
    I've got an old ogio stand but looking for a staff bag!I don't ho bags but iron sets that's different
  • SetTheBarrHighSetTheBarrHigh DallasClubWRX Posts: 3,918 ClubWRX
    .5, because I usually buy bags on a bi-annual basis.
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  • mcputtermcputter Members Posts: 930 ✭✭
    I've got a 10 year old PING J-bag that hasn't worn out yet. Had a different bag for the first couple of years so it's got more like seven years of use, and starting to show it. Next bag will probably be an Ogio.
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  • GrampsTaughtMeGrampsTaughtMe Members Posts: 303
    I don't know how often I buy, but I currently have at least 9 bags. One was a bag I just won, though. Some are quite old, but I've probably purchased about 1-2 per year over the last 5 years. I plan to sell a couple or maybe just give them to Goodwill or a golf charity or youth team.
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  • Cuja444Cuja444 Members Posts: 646
    I keep 2 bags(cart, and stand) and if i want another one i usually sell one to justify it. I just sold my bagboy and bought a Sun Mountain C130. Love the bag and couldnt wait to show it off on my golf trip. We get there and everyone gets $100 credit and 4 of the guys in my group decide to use it on the same exact bag I have ( same color also). Now it looks like ill be purchasing a new bag sooner than i thought.
  • jrpwajrpwa Posts: 97
    I have just picked up a SM Hybrid really like it.

    Will probably let the Ping Traverse go
  • nower22nower22 Members Posts: 328 ✭✭
    I wish i had the deep pockets to buy a couple a year but i don't so i will carry my SM birthday present until it falls apart
  • c7015c7015 Members Posts: 2,078 ✭✭
    Mine is in such rough shape ... I need a new one ...

    I was hoping to come into this thread and see guys with 8-10 and try and pick on off them bst style
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  • MhirshMhirsh Members Posts: 202
    8 year old titleist stand bag. Still going strong! Can't see needing one for at least a few more years

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