Push Carts - Average age of owner?



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    27x10.5 wrote:

    35 started around 29

    I'd have no problem carrying a bag, I just don't see the point. The only bonus would be not having this extra thing in your trunk all the time

    Not a fan of junk in the trunk?
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    I use a pushcart and I'm 28.

    It's been awesome in the summertime. Walking with my bag in 100+ degree weather just zaps my energy. I've found pushcarts to be an awesome way to still walk the course but not exhaust myself carrying my bag on my back in the heat. Plus, I totally put my umbrella up on my pushcart so I have permanent shade. I look like a dweeb but I don't care.
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    Lol. What does age matter? If you’re walking a course, push cart is a must!
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    Well, at any point in our life we get older. For me, I think at my 50+ younger years I could see myself using one of those push carts.
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    So I just ordered a Clicgear 3.0 and was wondering what the average age of push cart owners are? I'm 31 and still in pretty good shape but frankly I feel a bit young to own one. However, I tend to rent one at my course most of the time anyways. I prefer to walk 18, but I do get tired on the last half of the back 9 when I carry. I will probably leave the push cart in the car if I'm only playing 9, but I'm looking forward to having my own cart for 18.

    All the power to you, for wanting to walk the golf course.

    I had seen so many young (er) golfers these days riding golf cart when they were half my age. I love to walk the golf course. Somehow I feel more connected to the land when I do that.

    Starting out golf back when there is only the two wheels pull cart and single sling golf bag. The invention of a double sling add on to the golf bag really started the trending of the golf bag design of going lighter and easier on the golfer's shoulders. Then it came the 3 wheel push cart and then motorized push cart with remote control ( now equipped with Bluetooth ).

    I hurt my shoulders when I passed the age of 50, new and old injury to my shoulders prompted me to look into the alternative of carrying the golf bag. My first one was the BagBoy Sports, 3 wheel push cart. It really helped my back nine score on those hilly terrains.

    Looking forward, It'll be wonderful to get those motorized cart with remote and Bluetooth. I'm counting the days which I could still walk the golf course and enjoy the walk.
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    I do a combo of all, just depends who I'm playing with and how long. 9 holes by myself I'll carry, 18 I'll push-cart. All league rounds and typical rounds with buddies we ride. Tough sell to walk while carrying the weekend provisions!
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    rayguy24 wrote:

    Lol. What does age matter? If you’re walking a course, push cart is a must!


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    Old thread, going strong! Typically walk with Sunday bag at the par 3, use,pushcart for league 9 or a quick solo 18, and take a riding cart for longer weekend 18s with the mates or off GolfNow.

    Just upgraded,from 2-wheel pull cart to fancy SunMountain 4 wheeler, it seems huge!
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    I have a "vintage" Bag Boy which is very similar in design to the old Postal Carrier carts. Late 50's now but have used a push cart on and off for 20-years when I don't carry.
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    Just turned 40 and used a nice push cart for the first time ever this week. Love it! I had more energy after the round then my buddies. Could've went at least another 9 holes.
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    41 but I started using one when I was 30...there is no comparison how much better I play on the last 4-5 holes with a cart than without... The only exception is if I am carrying my 7 club Sunday bag with nothing in it... That is also nice.
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    I work with my uncle and kept talking about a clicgear for my dad who always walks our wednesday golf league. Of the 16 people on average that show up 14 walk. So leading up to christmas about 4 years ago we chatted about it, my uncle tells my mom about me wanting one so christmas day theres a package the same size for me as the clicgear I had gotten for my dad. I didnt want one myself (Im 36 now) but i love it. Its so easy to unfold, use, and take wear off my back.
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    I'm 33 and have been using one for most of my rounds for about the last three years. I enjoy walking the course very much, but chronic back pain just doesn't allow me to carry and still be functional the following evening and day. My push cart is the CaddyTek that sells for around $80 on Amazon, or it did back when I bought it. When it finally wears out, I think I will go for something that really folds down small. The only gripe I have about my push cart is that it just doesn't get quite small enough to not be a nuisance in my small suv.
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    When I travel with my clubs, I miss my clicgear. However I still usually walk. There is just something great about that early morning walk out on the course.

    When I play while travelling for work in various places, I still sometimes have to pay the same price if I walk or ride.... but still walk. I need the exercise.
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    Joined the club yesterday with the Caddytek ez fold (i'm 36).
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