Push Carts - Average age of owner?



  • Hand JockeyHand Jockey Members Posts: 41
    I'm 59 and just bought a Clic gear 3.0. I had a Sun Mountain Speed V1 but it lasted only 3 years before the handle wouldn't stay up. Tires also kept going flat. Nice cart when it worked but I had to adjust it all the time. Hopefully the Clicgear 3.0 will be better. Sun Mountain customer service was no help either. Just a poor design with Sun Mountain's cart.
  • jrshields3jrshields3 Lefty Boomers Posts: 582 ✭✭
    44 and have had a Clic Gear 3.0 for 1 1/2 yrs. Love it to walk 18 in the hot Sac summers and carry plenty of hydration.

    Much easier on the body.
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  • BUNKERRAKERBUNKERRAKER Members Posts: 118 ✭✭
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    I'm 26, in great shape and health and have been using my bag boy for 2 years and its the only way I play! I can easily walk 36 no prob, not even tired! I mean why carry when I can push my cart w/ a 14 club cart bag, rain gear, umbrella, drink holder. This is my set up I use my umbrella all the time I play in the rain and enjoy it and I work at a hospital so I see hundreds of people w/ skin cancer so its awesome in the summer to stay out of the sun with and you stay alot cooler!


  • Chicago LeftyChicago Lefty Lefty Boomers Posts: 1,655 ✭✭
    I got my Clicgear 3.0 the other day. I must say, this is a very well engineered piece of equipment. Very high quality. I can see it lasting a long time.
  • Been playing and using a push or pull cart since before I turned 30 (I'm well past that now). Never cared about the perception - only my comfort and my scoring. Have enjoyed every single time I beat a carrier-purist and left the course with energy to boot. I avoid courses that don't let you use push/pull carts.

    I don't like to ride in a cart though - just doesn't seem so much like golf as standing and swinging between joy rides. That said, I'll go from push to rider when I can no longer walk.

    I believe HS and college require players to carry their own bag, but since both of those are decades behind me, I've never been compelled to even consider doing it.

    And for those who really are snobby about it, I often ask them if it's so much a part of golf, why aren't the touring pros doing it? Not the older guys, but why doesn't someone like Fowler do it? Because it's senseless that's why!
  • Elite_DiggerElite_Digger Members Posts: 197 ✭✭
    Back injuries forced me to use one when I was younger and now it's more a comfort thing...43 yrs old. Still have lots of energy for the back nine, especially on hot days.

    I carry a **** of a lot of stuff in my bag now....I'd have to dump half of it if I wanted to carry.
  • ClarkClark Members Posts: 520
    I walk cause it's easier and its more exercise than riding. Also I've got to get used to having a caddy so, this is a good transition to that. Purchased a clicgear 3.0 well below retail price... and its kiwi so it stands out
  • larrybudlarrybud Members Posts: 11,232 ✭✭
    42 here, using it for the 3rd year. My home course is quite a walk on its own, and I've gotten to the point where I like to jam my bag with a lot of stuff, including water bottles (my home course also doesn't believe in putting jugs of water on the course, only bottles). So **** if I'm going to carry around another 8 pounds of water (4 bottles).

    I do miss carrying through. It's way easier in my ways.
  • jewofgolfjewofgolf Members Posts: 3,364 ✭✭
    I'm 24 and I use one everytime I walk, which is 90% of the time. Only when I'm playing a nice course that doesn't allow walking do I ride.

    I have always had minor back problems, so last summer I got a clicgear and I am so pleased that I did.

    I have both more energy and way less pain now. I did a lot of reading and the process involved in carrying your bag, picking it up, and putting it down really puts a ton of strain on your back, no matter what age you are. Joints and tendons get stressed at all ages.
  • JackpotScottyJackpotScotty Members Posts: 146
    I am 15 and I own one just because of how bad carrying is for your back. I dont use it very often but when i feel my back getting even a little sore i use it
  • miamigolfmanmiamigolfman Members Posts: 355
    26 and only walk with the push cart- had a blown out knee (ACL-PCL-MCL-Meniscus surgery) plus living in Miami the summer just gets too hot to carry almost even to walk, bit I enjoy the stroll!
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  • ironsmanironsman Members Posts: 319
    I'm 16 and I have a push cart. I know I'm healthy enough to carry, but pushing is so much easier. Plus I always walk my rounds and I'd rather push my bag than ride in a cart.
  • Ping33Ping33 Members Posts: 555
    Funny, when we were kids in the 70's we all had hand carts or rented them. One of our mom's would drop us at the local muni at 8am and come pick us up around dinner time. I don't remember any of us ever carrying our bags. I guess we weren't that macho back then.
  • apladeiapladei Members Posts: 105 ✭✭
    I've been using a clicgear for about 6 months now, and have definitely been stronger on the last few holes. Plus having all the little amenities (sand bottle, cup holder, scorecard/pencil holder) are nice to have at you findertips all the time.
  • jabrchjabrch Members Posts: 3,915 ✭✭
    I am 38 and carry myself - not interested in a push cart. that said, with some people I play with, due to their age/limitations, I ride.

    Regardless - I don't judge people based on if they ride or walk. Whatever you enjoy most - you should do.
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  • edub0520edub0520 Members Posts: 40
    I'm 29 and I just purchased a Clicgear 3.0 this year. I had never used a push cart before and I love this thing! I really can't see myself ever carrying my bag again. The first weekend I used my new 3.0, I walked 45 holes on a Saturday and 36 holes on Sunday......and felt great!
  • SeekonkHolen1SeekonkHolen1 Swing Hard and Look up Members Posts: 1,340 ✭✭
    I am 39 and use a push cart. I am pretty sure that golfers were not meant to carry a bag full of clubs. I look at it this way. Golfers have used caddy's for as long as the game has been played. The caddy carry's the clubs so the golfer isn't too tired to swing the clubs image/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  • lvphil702lvphil702 Bad Golfer Members Posts: 347
    Same manly men who always carry their bags are probably are the same guys who don't believe in hybrids. Always doing things the hard way.
  • muzzmuzz Banned Posts: 923
    46 and just bought one this year (CG 3.0).

    Have used it 4 times, and I find it works great.

    I wish I did it earlier.
  • mosesgolfmosesgolf Members Posts: 6,834 ✭✭
    I'm 46 and in great physical shape. But forget lugging a bag for 18 holes gimme my Clikgear 2.0. It's much easier w/ the push cart and I have more energy in the late part of the round. Got razzed by a fat out of shape 50 year old who can't hit more than 200yds off the tee about the push cart. I'm **** proud of my Clikgear. image/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />
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  • DieHard519DieHard519 Members Posts: 556
    I'm 25 and have a pull cart. Just one of those $40 ones that folds up. I used to carry until about 3 years ago when my shoulder blade started aching. I don't see the point of carrying anymore, I mean the wagon was made for a reason, and so was the pull/push cart. All of these people who carry and give others who don't carry a hard time are just too macho or too stubborn for their own good. I'm considering investing in a Clicgear this year. That thing is pretty much like a dumb caddy......good for everything but answering questions.
  • PingG10guyPingG10guy Members Posts: 4,057
    Got my first push cart when I was 24. Clicgear is the way to go now. Occasionally I use the stand bag. Depends on the weather I guess
  • ShaotaiShaotai Members Posts: 169 ✭✭
    34 and enjoying my Clicgear 3.0!
  • 6t4gt06t4gt0 Members Posts: 299
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    Never understood carrying a bag, parents bought me a cart when I started this game in my teens (30 + yrs ago) and never looked back.
  • spartanglfrspartanglfr Members Posts: 373 ✭✭
    The carry bags are lighter and better than ever......but for me, using my Clicgear 3.0 is the only way to go. So much easier on the back, and much less fatigue after walking 9, 18 or even 27. Plus, I don't have to use fewer clubs like I did when I was carrying in order to lighten the load. I'm 56, and carried for a long time, but when the good push carts came out, my carrying days ended.
  • brandenjordonbrandenjordon Members Posts: 1
    32 and love my CG, would never go back to carrying. It's the only way to go.
  • QWKDTSNQWKDTSN Dreaming of Bandon Members Posts: 2,999 ✭✭
    Funny how evenly spread the voting is so far, looks like most demographics use them except juniors. image/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    I am 26 and I use a push cart (Sun Mountain Micro) about 25% of the time. Honestly my favorite way to play golf at home is with a Sunday bag, towel, and 2-3 spare balls in the pocket, but when I play away from home and want to bring extra layers, rain gear, umbrella, snacks, drinks, etc. the push cart is the way to go for sure. My stand bag weighs a lot and putting it on a cart really lightens the load.
  • iballmaniballman Members Posts: 14
    35 and CG 3.0. I love the not being distracted by dealing with a cart-mate and can focus on my round when I need to and a chance to enjoy the outdoors when not.
  • RRFirebladeRRFireblade AKA Jay. Members Posts: 4,782
    I dont know how to answer anymore. image/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Carried all thru highschool and college play (up north) then actually pushed (pulled really) for quite a while.

    Now as I've gotten older , if I walk I only carry.

    Never really thought about getting another push cart either.

    Not sure why.
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  • NetsonarNetsonar Aspiring Lefty Members, Lefty Boomers Posts: 78
    I bought a push cart two years ago been in my storage spot most of the time I think I used it twice... Usually I take a caddie ( got to support the loopers!) otherwise if no caddies are around I just ride typically when no caddies are around equates to it being late which means I am already drained from work ... Sad really when I think about it ... walking with a bag really kicks my butt these days...
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