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What do you think?



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    I figured what better for my first post here than a good review of the Wilson FG62's I just picked up. For background, I play between a 5 and 8 handicap and have been playing for a little over 20 years now. Lately I've been taking my game more seriously, I have taken the time to try to understand what equipement fits my game the best. Previously I'd tanke the hand-me-down Ping's that my uncle would provide every 2 years or so and play those until he got a new set, but this season I bit the bullet and went after these new Wilsons. Once I saw a photo of them, I jsut had to try them out, and boy amd I glad I did. I was previously playing a set of Ping i10's in White dot, with DGr300's

    For the wilson's I ordered them with the Stiff flex DG shafts, standard loft/lie. Just unboxing them, I knew I was going to like them, a classic, clean looking club with a super this topline, and very little if any offset. The finish, while very bright, seems to be very durable, and was perfect, not a blemish anywhere.

    The first range session had me completely in love. Shots on the sweet spot of these irons produce an absolute butter feel, with a mid trajectory launch, while mishits aren't severely punished at all. I was shocked at the length and accuracy of slight mishits, as they usually ended up no more than a few yards short of the target, and still generally on-line. While I only ahve one round in with these clubs, my ability to work the ball on the range with them was confidence inspiring to say the least. Hitting a nice controlled draw was a thing of beauty, and should help me out in the wind. I will say hower that hitting a fade with these clubs proved a bit more difficult for me than it was with the Ping Clubs. Not sure wheter it's due to weighting, or the stiffer shaft, but I could only really egt the ball to fade a yard or two while still keeping my distances in check.

    My distances have also increased dramatically, and while I'm sure some of that has to do with the change of shafts, the ballflight is adding some yards here as well. With my Pings, the 8-iron was my 150 club, whereas with the FG's it's a smooth 9 iron. I have always hit the ball high, so the more normal trajectory has really lengthened these irons for me. In my first round with these in play, I grabbed 4 iron on a 210 yard par 4 and flew the green by 10 yards. This will take some getting used to, but so far I love it.

    I will update as I get more rounds in with these clubs, but to anyone considering them, I'd say go for it, I couldn't be happier with them.
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    I second the motion. I have had my FG 62's in play since late last fall and absolutely love them. I also have the S-300 shaft and could not be happier. I have lots of irons, but these stay in the bag and have played all 52 rounds this year. That's a first for me. I usually change irons more often than one of the guys in our group changes his underwear.
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    I finally found the irons that will stop me from ho-ing (irons at least) in these.

    I bought a set 3-PW all standard with DGS300 shafts.

    I can't believe all the misinformation that's out there on these irons. Much of it kept me from trying them sooner, and now, I have bought a second backup set and am thinking about buying a third! Like I said, I have found my holy grail of irons in these.


    • The Wilson specs show these as having a 38.25" 5-iron which would mean the set is 0.5" longer than your standard Mizuno irons; this is INCORRECT. I bought two stock sets and both have 37.75" 5-irons just like Mizunos would. All the rest of the irons measure accordingly with 0.5" increments from there. Wilson must measure their irons differently.
    • These are forged 8620 steel which turned me away so many times; how stupid I was! 1020 or 1025 is the only proper steel to use in forged iron right? WRONG! These are easily as soft as any Mizuno forging I've played. They feel phenomenal. Buttery soft.
    • These are supposed to be bigger than the previous FG59. I've seen many people turn away because they don't want a 'big' blade. Though they are bigger than the FG59, those were tiny and I can tell you these are not big by any means; they're still a small blade and I would say they are smaller than the recent MP63 or MP32.
    • Being true blades, many are concerned these will be hard to hit and though I am a decent (not great) ball striker, I can tell you I played the MP32 for years and these are as easy if not easier to hit than those were.
    • Mizuno has that special trait in their irons where even if you mishit shots out toward the toe, as long as you have good swing speed they still somehow manage to feel soft. Well I can tell you these have that same trait.
    • I've found the distance on these to be impressive. Coming off of MP68s I find these a little longer, and about the same as well struck MP32s.
    • These are a slightly higher spin iron for me... which is awesome. They do not balloon for me at all though, and I've played them into winds that had me taking two more clubs for any given shot. I typically am not a high spin player and find my approaches using any Mizuno iron 3-PW usually drop, hop and roll out just a few feet unless I get a flier. With the FG2 I've been finding every shot I hit sitting right next to or behind its ballmark!
    • These have a relatively thin sole, thinner than the MP68s, definitely thinner than the MP32s
    • The leading edge on these is fairly sharp, Mizunos typically have that small 45-degree front edge bevel. These FG62s have virtually none of that. I find this combined with the thin sole means these get through the turf better than any iron I've ever played.
    • I've heard some mention they'd like to see a rolled topline, well, the photos of these are not very detailed; these HAVE a rolled topline and it is quite thin looking down on it.

    It's hard to find specs on the offset of these although one poster on this forum did include a link to a site that had the offset specs. Minimal offset is very important to me so I thought I'd post the specs here:

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    I have these in play with the KBS C-Taper XS shafts in them, they are so butter smooth. I would say these feel as soft or softer then Mizuno blades, great blade iron W/S did this one correctly, the specs have the W/S FG62 with the lowest amount of offset that is not like a scratch zero custom order or something that i was able to dig up. Posted the specs in the Adams MB2 as a comparison to that Blades offsets which are huge. A+ for W/S making a great blade iron that I can mention in the same sentence as Mizuno or Miura in feel for being butter soft.
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    Tuba wrote:

    I second the motion. I have had my FG 62's in play since late last fall and absolutely love them. I also have the S-300 shaft and could not be happier. I have lots of irons, but these stay in the bag and have played all 52 rounds this year. That's a first for me. I usually change irons more often than one of the guys in our group changes his underwear.

    I am replying to my own post that I just noticed. It is a year later and I am still with the 62's. I haven't even tried another iron in that time. Unheard of for me. FG 62's are the nuts.
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    They are sweet, maybe its time I picked up a set!
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    I have a set of FG17's that I hit around from time to time...maybe need to go full time with the 62's. Also thinking about reshafting the 17's and making them the gamers.
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    What do you think?

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    i have just played 12 rounds with these. Hit them well immediately. Transition from my Callaway RAZR forged irons took about 4 rounds to get the distances dialled in. Overall no distance lost cf Callaways. These FG62s are the best irons I've played. As everyone says, butter feel. Mishits not too bad either. Shaping shots is a cinch. They are also one of the cheapest high end irons you can buy in Australia. The closest rival is MP-69 which are $1000AUD. Bought mine for $725 fitted at Drummond Golf. Tried the Titleist MBs, a quite harsh feel off the face in my opinion. And, did I mention how hot they look. I get lots of positive looks and comments at my club. Shot my lowest score a couple of days ago - 74 (my H'cap usually 9)
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    Does anybody knows these clubs swing weight? I am trying to replicate this amazing balance on a Miura set, will go to my local Pro tomorrow.... Wilson staff Fg 62 are better then any other blades around and I have tried them all believe me.

    Nice to find other fans of these clubs, can't wait for the next blade in the future from Wilson Staff
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    According to their website they are D2
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    I have a set of these and a set of Miura tournament blades 2007 with D2 swing weight, slightly lighter shafts for the Miuras... this to keep the same SW (D2).

    The static weight is a bit different but the feeling almost identical... my point being over £ 1000 clubs difference but when I hit them in the middle of the club face they sound and feel almost identical.

    The Miuras are actually a bit more punishing on miss hits and these Wilson Staff FG 62 are probably the best deal ever if you are looking for a quality blade, now they are £ 300 NEW (3-PW) here in the UK, unbelievable.

    Always try them first, the heads are pretty small..but beautiful.

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    Wow!! That is quite the comparison and apparently speaks greatly for the quality of the FG's
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    Probably my favorite blades to play. Easy to hit even though they're a bit on the small side.
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    Hope wilson comes back out with something just like this
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    I just put a set of NOS of these in my bag after deciding to go back to blades and they are phenomenal. Maybe not quite as forgiving on off center strikes as others have mentioned but better than I expected. This is a very smooth feeling iron and they look great in the bag. Also have a set of NOS W/S Fi5's that I have in reserve if I feel the need to go back.
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    drbonesvt wrote:

    Hope wilson comes back out with something just like this

    Hopefully you've seen the new prototype blades (below). Beautiful and promising. (Yeah, I know. That doesn't always work out with clubs or...anything else sometimes. But Wilson has an excellent history, and they appear very serious about putting out good clubs, after years in the wilderness.)



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