Bridgestone Tour B330-RXS

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    I went through the online Bridgestone B-Fit as well as the Bridgestone live fitting. This was the ball recommended for me. I also took the ball to the course and compared it with a few other golf balls. It's definitely the best ball for me.

    Great spin around the greens, long off the tee, great feel off the irons. It's now the ball I play.

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    I bought a dozen on a golf trip to Myrtle Beach, and I came back home and use them now. Great feel off the irons and soft off the putter. I am a feel player and these balls fit the bill. I really didn't notice a great deal of distance gain but I didn't lose anything either!
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    Good distance. Great feel off the irons. I use them exclusively in play and practice.
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    Just ordered 2 dozen 5A used 330RXs. For my money, playing quite a bit, I like the value buys. I was finding ProV1 not to be real durable. Still like the balls, but giving the Bridgestone a try. I have used 330RX fairly successfully, I hope the RXs are as durable, but they may be a bit softer. Bridgestone does make a great ball though. I will have some 330 RX and RXS on hand, and will be comparing them for my use against PRO V1 and PRO V1X. I think I will have about 9 or 10 dozen total balls on hand when the RXS arrive. Cart trails are a b****, and I don't play scuffed balls on forged irons if I can help it. If I am not mistaken Bridgestone entered the ball market with the Precept, and for the money, they are really good balls. I could be mistaken, but I am pretty sure that is accurate.
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    My favourite ball on the market, great durability feels soft and solid on short shots and putts spins nicely around the greens and is long off the driver... What more could a player want in a ball!
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    I wish they made in Yellow or Pink for winter here in TX.

    I tried the 'new' 330RX because of color. Great ball just didn't spin enough around greens for my taste.

    Silly long off the tee, and plenty spin off irons, so the RXS has to be better.

    I used to play B330s {the last 3 piece year and prior} which had spin around greens I like, maybe 330RXS is the ticket.

    I'll try some, as off irons and tee the 330RX was a great ball.
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    HISPL wrote:

    My favourite ball on the market, great durability feels soft and solid on short shots and putts spins nicely around the greens and is long off the driver... What more could a player want in a ball!

    +1 My thoughts exactly. It's been my ball of choice for well over

    a year now.
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    Would buy again, assuming I lose some. Yeah, right....
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    Possibly best premium ball on market for majority of amateurs. There are lots of pro v players who should be using these.
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    When they are on sale I buy in bulk.....great ball. Wished they made it yellow!!
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    Would like to see yellow but like this ball. E5 is longer for me though.

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    I used to hit the B-330S but as I get older and my swing speed goes down, I switched over to the RX. Didn't care for the lack of spin around the green so picked up some RXS' and they were a little better. For me, they are longer off the tee than the ProV1 and the RXS has the feel/spin I was used to from the ProV.

    The RXS is a great ball. Longer than the ProV, just as good around the greens, softer feel, and more durable.

    I also like the Callaway Chrome Soft. Same manners as the RXS but feels even softer IMHO.

    I usually buy whichever one (Chrome Soft or RXS) is on sale. Both terrific golf balls.
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    I have to say that they are a very good golf ball, I play the Chrome Soft and love it, the RXS is a bit firmer but still good, you cannot go wrong with it...
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    I've tried them an really liked them, just don't like the price for them.
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    Ehhhhh..... decent. That I'll grant. Probably my second (strike that forgot about the rzn platinum) third favorite. Since I can get my second fav for 25 bucks a dozen cheaper than my third, forget it. In my view, and probably only mine, its silly to buy a premium ball that isnt a pv of some sort. If I'm paying 4 bucks a ball, give me the best. For me, if someone wants to compete for my business, give me a 20.00 a dozen ball. If I've gotta spend 50 bucks a dozen I know where I'm going with it.

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