Byron Putters.

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How do they compare to a Cameron newport.
Thinking about getting a Byron 365 proto. How do they look compared to a Cameron Newport. Is the size the same or longer. Pretty new to the site. Thanks


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    Mick PM sent
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    Hows the feel with the 303SS and the floating face? I read that floating faces feel/sound best with carbon steel. Just wondering.

    Does anyone have a Byron 303SS putter without the floating face because I think I'm going to order it this way.
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    I`m pretty sure nobody has that putter. From what I remember all of the 303 SS 365 X-Protos had a sound slot. The last 006 protos made out of 11L17 carbon steel there was a few,he is going to make more. Byron did make a 355 X-Proto in 303 SS without the sound slot,all of those went to Japan. So we need to here from some Japanese Byron Fans...
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