What do you keep in your pockets when playing?



  • shuddlestonshuddleston ClubWRX  979WRX Points: 0Posts: 979
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    One tee, divot tool, and a ballmarker.
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  • greatish.tengreatish.ten White-tees & Nike-es Members  158WRX Points: 0Posts: 158
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    A tee and a quarter in the right pocket. Tee for teeing and fixing ball marks. Quarter for marking the ball and flipping to see who goes first.
  • joeycontijoeyconti Members  215WRX Points: 0Posts: 215
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    1 Tee
  • joeycontijoeyconti Members  215WRX Points: 0Posts: 215
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    Right Pocket-Ball Marker/ Divot Repair Tool
  • joeycontijoeyconti Members  215WRX Points: 0Posts: 215
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    Back Left- Phone
  • joeycontijoeyconti Members  215WRX Points: 0Posts: 215
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    Back Right- My Glove if Im within 30 yards
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  • joeycontijoeyconti Members  215WRX Points: 0Posts: 215
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    If they have the extra "thigh" pockets, I never keep anything in those.
  • joeycontijoeyconti Members  215WRX Points: 0Posts: 215
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    But I like to keep everything relatively light!
  • LankyLanky Members  19WRX Points: 0Posts: 19
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    Right: extra ball, tee, poker chip (ball marker)

    Left: divot tool

    Back Left: glove
  • GoothGooth Members  190WRX Points: 40Handicap: 8Posts: 190 Fairways
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    A few tees, 2 quarters, and an extra ball.
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  • gr00vetechgr00vetech Members  502WRX Points: 71Handicap: 1.9Posts: 502 Golden Tee
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    Every round starts the same...2 tees, divot tool, ball mark (1979 silver dollar), 2 balls...done
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  • Jonesey07Jonesey07 Get in your home, ball! Members  113WRX Points: 48Posts: 113 Fairways
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    Carry one ball in my right front pocket.

    I have a divot tool/ball marker that clips onto my hat and I leave the tees on my bag.
  • GataGata Members  85WRX Points: 39Posts: 85 Fairways
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    ball and tees in right pocket

    scotty divot tool and marker in left pocket

    glove in back pocket between shots

  • lvmikelvmike Las VegasMembers  710WRX Points: 73Posts: 710 Golden Tee
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    Left front pocket: 2-3 tees, lucky ball marker of the day (usually Kapalua ball marker), generic divot tool with employer logo that’s worn off

    right front pocket: money clip - apparently I don’t value my wallet or phone as much as they stay in the cart/golf bag

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  • BB28403BB28403 Members  4279WRX Points: 755Handicap: This post may not be here soon as moderators may delete it to free up space. Be concerned... you may be next...Posts: 4,279 Titanium Tees
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    What's in it's pockettzzz?

    The precious!!


  • NiceParDavidNiceParDavid Members  13WRX Points: 23Handicap: 8.5Posts: 13 Bunkers
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    At least a few tees.

    1 Metal course logo ball marker. Have too many to count but my Whitefish (MT) one is my favorite!

    Small divot tool.

    Yardage book for sure if I'm out of town playing.

    Wallet in the bag, phone in the car.

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    Vokey 54.08, 60.07
    Adams A7 64 putter (extra 15-20g lead tape)
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  • HackDaddy360HackDaddy360 VP of Dadding Members  129WRX Points: 83Posts: 129 Fairways
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    Left Pocket - tees, ball marker, repair tool, ball (if not in play).

    Right Pocket - Sharpie

    Left Rear - Glove

    Right rear - card/yardage book

    Nothing more.

  • NGShakesNGShakes Members  2WRX Points: 5Handicap: 19Posts: 2 Starters
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    Right Pocket - 3 Dif. Size Tees (Irons, Woods, Driver), Divot Tool, Pencil, Marker

    Left Pocket - Glove when putting, ball when not in play

    Back Right - Card

    Phone stays in car. Wallet, keys etc. all go in bag

  • BentronBentron Members  60WRX Points: 35Posts: 60 Bunkers
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    Two Tees

    FSU Divot Tool/ Ball marker

    I like to go light, makes me feel better and focus more on the game at hand.



  • chazpetchazpet Members  117WRX Points: 30Posts: 117 Fairways
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    As a former baseball player, I get quite superstitious about what I keep in my pockets on the course:

    front right: ball mark repair tool, long and short tee, pencil, and ball marker

    back left: glove when off

    back right: yardage book/scorecard


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  • CJP3CJP3 Members  6WRX Points: 10Handicap: 12Posts: 6 Bunkers
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    Couple tees, masters ball marker, and divot too.

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  • Yank8823Yank8823 Yank Members  81WRX Points: 67Handicap: 11Posts: 81 Fairways
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    Left Front - handful of tees and Pitchfix divot tool

    Right Front - extra ball and Canadian Toonie (ball mark)

    Rear Left - empty

    Rear Right - glove

  • mikedejong33mikedejong33 Members  38WRX Points: 22Handicap: ~3Posts: 38 Bunkers
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    One tee and one coin. I don’t use a glove and I use the tee to fix ball marks. That’s it, I don’t like having anything in my pockets.


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  • WarEagleGolfWarEagleGolf Members  427WRX Points: 101Posts: 427 Greens
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    Only right pocket (yardage book goes in back right if I'm walking).

    3 tees - two full size one shortie(or broken longer tee)

    Divot tool

    Two golf balls - one whilst playing a hole with the other

    Ball marker

    Might occasionally get some more tees in there, but not typically.

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  • DavidvDavidv Members  1117WRX Points: 285Posts: 1,117 Platinum Tees
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    My hands if it is cold otherwise a couple of tees and a ball marker.

  • ShakesterShakester Members  626WRX Points: 146Handicap: 9Posts: 626 Golden Tee
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    I don't like to carry a lot while I'm playing. All I have in my pockets are a divot tool, ball marker and a few tees.

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  • gomuskies09gomuskies09 Members  114WRX Points: 65Posts: 114 Fairways
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    Right Pocket - 3 long tees and one short tee - Pride plastic

    Left Pocket - One larger ballmarker (Silver Dollar, etc) for birdie putts, one smaller for non-birdie putts and when I am close to someone's line. And a Divot tool


    Taylormade M5 - 9.0 w/ EvenFlow Black 6.5

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    Titleist 915h - 24.0 w/ KBS Hybrid Steel S

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    Vokey SM6 50*, SM7 54* and 60*

    TM Patina Ardmore 3

  • TinkerGolfManTinkerGolfMan Tinker Golf Man Members  1411WRX Points: 257Posts: 1,411 Platinum Tees
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    Got a ton of ball markers in my bag, so I just place my hand in my golf bag pocket and see which marker i'm using that day. Also have a divot tool and tees on deck.

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    Artisan Golf ★ custom 50°, 54°, 58°, Nippon Modus 120 Wedge, Golf Pride MCC Plus 4
    Titleist Scotty Cameron 2016 Select Newport 2, SC Custom Shop work: Black Refinish, High-Buff shaft band, Yellow School Bus SC Matador, Face/Weight Stamps.
  • flip flappyflip flappy Members  1017WRX Points: 195Posts: 1,017 Platinum Tees
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    I was thinking this was a simple answer but the more I thought about it the more complicated it gets. I keep a divot tool and a ball marker, a 1967 Quarter , in my left pocket. In my right pocket I keep 2 balls and a few tees. One Martini Tee and a couple of short ones. For early morning rounds with a dew on the ground I carry a small towel in my back right pocket to clean off my ball. It is not a huge towel but the small pocket towel that comes with the micro cloth Club Glove Towel. When I am putting I put my putter cover in my back left pocket. If I didn't hit the green on my approach shot and am wearing my glove to come out of a bunker or to pitch onto the green, I put my glove in my left front pocket. I used to put my glove in with the little pocket towel but lost a towel one time when I pulled my glove out and the towel came out without me noticing it. See, that was way more complicated than it should have been.

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  • jwhite86jwhite86 ClubWRX  938WRX Points: 338Handicap: 12Posts: 938 ClubWRX
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    Left pocket: 1 tee (when it breaks, I replace it), divot tool, ball marker

    Right pocket: Cell phone - but not always

    Back pocket: Wallet

    Driver: TS2 10.5 - Diamana DF 60 TX
    3 Wood: 915 F 16.5 - Blueboard
    5 Wood: 909 F2 18.5 - Blueboard
    Hybrids: 816 H1 21 & 25 - Blueboard
    Irons 6-PW: 765 - PX LZ
    Wedges: 50º Ping Glide 2.0
    54º, 60º PXG 0311 - KBS
    Putter: Newport Mil-Spec


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