Ain't That A Korean Peach


0511_ex_view1.jpgHere's another gourmet exclusive. We were first in the blogosphere to blog on Nokia's N93 Golf Edition and now we bring you a viable competitor from Samsung

If you're as crazy about golf as most Koreans, you should snag one of these SCH-B570's" target="_blank">">SCH-B570's from Samsung. The South Korean electronics company offers an 8GB hard drive-equipped phone that targets hardcore music listeners that play golf. No need for multiple devices. Now you can have your tunes (8GB worth of MP3s!!!), wireless communication, and handy-dandy (much cooler than your golf buddy's) game-improving golf gadget incorporated into one device. You'll have a hard-drive in your pocket and hard drives off the tee.

Thanks to the iPod, we all know the capabilities of the hard-drive enabled MP3 player (I've seen Poulter rockin' his iPod on the range many times). With respect to golf, the mobile device comes equipped with a GPS receiver that provides your distance (yards? meters?) to the green... a la SkyCaddie. The phone also recommends the appropriate club to use from that distance. Imagine the look on Tiger's face when a phone tells him to lay-up because he doesn't have enough club in the bag to reach that 5Par.

For now, the SCH-B570 is offered in Korea and for Korean golf courses.200605158gb8jv.jpg There is no word about plans for North American localization. I imagine that it would be easy for Samsung to offer the golf software on any of their GPS enabled phones and convert the measurements from meters to yards. Koreans, already light-years ahead of everyone else in mobile device technology, will use their technology to keep churning out more vicious LPGAers. They'll do this in style, while listening to the newest download, watching the DMB TV, taking psychological tests, and playing motion-controlled video games on their cell phone. No wonder Korean golfers are so coordinated.

The device costs KRW800,000-900,000 ($837-941/£443-499/€654-735).

Once again, we shamelessly offer Samsung our services and time to get a chance to test-drive and report on one of these bad boys smiley-wink.gif.

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