How long do your golf shoes last??

Hokie2k5Hokie2k5 Members Posts: 1,191 ✭✭
I've got 4 pairs of adidas golf shoes (Adipure, Tour 360 LTD, Tour 360 4.0 (2 pair)) and I must say I think they wear out too quickly. I pretty much walk exclusively and after about a full season of walking the shoes just aren't nearly as comfortable as they were the season before. I love Adidas shoes but it gets pretty expensive to replace shoes every year.

The adipure's are my favorite and I bought those last spring and they are already hurting my feet after walking 18.

Any suggestion on other brands/models that are super comfortable?
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  • SpinMill75SpinMill75 Members Posts: 3,313
    I think alot depends on how many rounds you play and walk. I'm, like you, am also a walker and play multiple times a week. Though I have several pairs that I rotate, the ones I wear most of the time only last about a year to year and a half.

    Ecco and Puma shoes for me.....
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    I'm on season 4 with my current pair of adidas. I walk 30+ rounds a summer.
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    Hokie2k5 wrote:

    I've got 4 pairs of adidas golf shoes (Adipure, Tour 360 LTD, Tour 360 4.0 (2 pair)) and I must say I think they wear out too quickly. I pretty much walk exclusively and after about a full season of walking the shoes just aren't nearly as comfortable as they were the season before. I love Adidas shoes but it gets pretty expensive to replace shoes every year.

    The adipure's are my favorite and I bought those last spring and they are already hurting my feet after walking 18.

    Any suggestion on other brands/models that are super comfortable?

    I rotate two pairs of Tour 360 LTDs, and they're going strong in their second (or maybe third) season. I walk 18 probably 2 or 3 days a week, and cart it another two days, plus range time. I actually think it's a bargain - there's not another pair of shoes in my closet that I could walk 10 - 15 miles a week in wet grass and muck and come out in as good shape as they do.
  • LUMALUMA I Am My Greatest Downfall Jax Beaches, FL.Members Posts: 2,372 ✭✭
    Ive got 30+ rounds in so far this year and walked 95% of them. Icons still look brand new. And still super comfy if not more comfy!
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    I've been through several (3? 4?) pairs of Ecco "Flexor" or "Hydromax" (same basic design) shoes over the past five or six years. A lot depends on whether you play in the mornings where ever step is on/through wet grass or later in the day when your shoe stays dry 90% of the time. I play in the mornings plus I weigh well over 200 pounds so I've never gotten much beyond 100 rounds before the shoes are starting to suffer from wear. A couple times I've pushed it as far as 150 rounds but they really look like poo and don't have good stability by that point. Hard to take in a $100-$150 pair of shoes, works out to over a dollar per round.

    More recently I bought (heavily discounted NOS) two pairs of Ecco "World Class" Gore-Tex shoes with the heavy, welted soles. Emphasis on heavy, man these things are like wearing ankle weights. I'm trying to very strictly alternate rounds between them so the same pair is almost never worn twice in a weekend (the exception being on golf trips where I play more than two rounds in a week). My favorite of the two probably has 50-60 rounds on them now and the other pair maybe a bit less than 50 and while they don't look "good as new" they are in fine condition and structurally great. So I have high hopes for getting 300-400 rounds out of the two pair. How much beyond that would be guesswork.
  • lawrence666lawrence666 Members Posts: 194
    got a pair of fj contour 2011 for this season, walked around 15 rounds, and it does not feel as comfortable as before.

    shoes run out quickly, even faster than the spikes.
  • mnplayermnplayer Members Posts: 1,719 ✭✭
    I walk at least 80 rounds a year, probably more and my adipure's only lasted my about half of my season.
  • EnglishBobEnglishBob Captain Hack and Slash! Members Posts: 803
    I go through a pair a season a year seems, walking 45-50 rounds each year. I have had Nike and FootJoy shoes, the Nike are more comfortable and last longer for me.
  • bfargolfbfargolf Members Posts: 1
    I have two or three pairs of golf shoes, rotate them and always use wood shoe horns.

    Mostly purchase Footjoys due to extra wide width.

    Shoes last about 12 months as I walk about 200 to 225 rounds a year.

    Another web site said that athletic shoes should last 200 to 500 miles depending on the use.
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    For some reason shoes hold up really well for me. I always walk and play about 75-100 times a year. This year I finally took my original Tour 360's out of rotation. I only did that because the traction was gone.

    I normally have 3-5 pairs in rotation. I'm also a smaller guy (6'1 150-155 lbs) so that might have something to do with it? I don't take the best care of my shoes so that's not why they last so long.
  • 11under11under (Insert golf phrase here) Members Posts: 453 ✭✭
    My longest lasting pair (Nike Lunar Control) lasted for 2.5 years. My shortest lasting pair (Footjoy Dryjoy) lasted for 5 months.
  • gr8blueheronbirdgr8blueheronbird Members Posts: 1,329 ✭✭
    Try buying a pair of new quality insoles and throwing out the cheap insoles the mfg puts in the shoes. The insoles usually breakdown first causing the shoe to not feel as good as it did when it was new. I did this with a couple of pair of Trues and the shoes feels better than new with the new high quality insoles. Some of the insoles that I like are built by Super Feet and Yoursoles.
  • sheppy335sheppy335 TMAG Junkie Members Posts: 6,346 ✭✭
    I rotate 3 pairs right now and they last about 2 years then they start to loose comfort and waterproof so i replace them. I only walk and play in the early morning so it is always damp.
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  • Chicago MacChicago Mac Members Posts: 537
    When you say they 'wear out' do you mean looks or do they feel/function differently e.g. less support or stretch out too much?

    Thanks, Mac
  • esketoresesketores Members Posts: 2,069
    Cedar shoe trees will help extend the life of shoes. And never wear the same pair two days in a row.

    My shoes (three pair rotation) generally last 2.5 seasons. Which means I buy a new pair basically every year. Although next year I do not foresee such a need.
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  • putts4bogeyputts4bogey Puppies and Butterflies Members Posts: 1,649 ✭✭
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    I play 70-80 rounds per year(barring injury)and usually in the morning wet. I follow three of the aforementioned tips:

    1. Rotate shoes

    2. Cedar shoe trees

    3. Replace insoles as needed

    In addition, I wipe them down after each round. I have about 5 pair currently in rotation, but would estimate up to 2 years of useful life out of each pair (150 rounds) without issue for the more traditional shoes. I'm not so sure my Nike FI Impacts will last as long as the sole nubs are beginning to show wear, but they're very comfortable.
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  • somaplrsomaplr Vaya con Dios, Brah Members Posts: 3,974
    I will add, that you shouldn't leave your shoes in your trunk either, especially if in a warmer climate. They can "half life" your shoes pretty quickly.
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  • ronnbeeronnbee Members Posts: 1,092 ✭✭
    allways was a footjoy fan until I found Asics
  • RuleschampRuleschamp Members Posts: 638
    I never keep a pair for more than 20 walking rounds. Just a personal preference.
  • KuroOuji54KuroOuji54 Members Posts: 784 ✭✭
    Ruleschamp wrote:

    I never keep a pair for more than 20 walking rounds. Just a personal preference.

    Do they wear out or you just want new shoes? One of my friends wears out 3 pair of shoes a season.
  • new2g0lfnew2g0lf Members Posts: 3,411 ✭✭
    Like my running shoes, I always rotate my golf shoes. I wear FJ Icons and Adidas AdiPure. Both have weathered this season well, still look and feel pretty new after about 30 rounds, mostly riding but a lot of walking too.

    I don't use cedar shoe trees (I do stuff them with newspaper if they are wet inside) and I store shoes in my locker at club after they are cleaned and polished.
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    I rotate between 2 pairs for a season and typically get new ones I'm the spring although I have had my tw13's for 2 full seasons now and plan on using them for another most durable shoe I've ever owned.
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  • scomac2002scomac2002 Inside the Starters' Hut Members Posts: 5,601 ✭✭
    I got 6 seasons out of my last pair of FJ Contours -- 25-30 rounds per season, almost always walking and with no special care. They were still waterproof in the end. I am currently using a pair of Ashworth Cardiff spikeless shoes and have two seasons into them. Time will tell how long they last, but they still look good after 60 rounds.
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  • cristphotocristphoto Members Posts: 3,352 ✭✭
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    I hardly ever have a wear concern with my shoes because I give them good care. I always buy my shoes two pair at a time and thus rotate their use. This gives the leather time to "recover" after a round on the course and much more than doubles the life of the shoe. Wipe them off with a damp towel afterwards to remove any chemicals used on the course which can eat into the stitches. Always insert a wooden shoe tree to remove in-shoe dampness. Two or three times a year I give them a coating of Mink Oil to maintain waterproofing and keep the leather soft to prevent cracking. It helps to buy good quality shoes to begin with but even lesser shoes will have extended life by observing these practices.
  • bwhitishbwhitish Members Posts: 401 ✭✭
    I have three pairs. One Footjoy Dryjoy that I use every third round so about 10 rounds per year and they are finally wearing out after 8 years. One pair of Footjoy Ecomforts that I have had for about 5 years at about 15 rounds a year. And one brand new pair of Footjoy Contours that I just got. I had a pair of Ecco spiked that went three years and the soles split on them. Always use shoe horn and shoe trees.
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  • Scottyguy68Scottyguy68 Members Posts: 363 ✭✭
    TW 14's have been great, look hardly worn and i wore them every practice and match during the season, and half of the summer, the durability is great, and there still super comfy
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    FJ M projects.
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  • SnapFade2SnapFade2 Members Posts: 1,332
    dont know how long cuz i get them from garage sales.
  • NorCalHacker77NorCalHacker77 California Golfer Members Posts: 284
    I wear size 17 so I have a hard time finding shoes I like so I make them last!
  • dc22dc22 Members Posts: 10
    My shoes seem to last about a year. I'm from Guam and it's pretty much hot or rainy here and I try to play every weekend. I think my shoes get most of it's abuse from excessive exposure to rain.
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