How long do your golf shoes last??



  • dssmithdssmith Par 7 Members Posts: 74
    I have 12 pair and rotate them so new ones come in as I get rid of the old ones.I haven't had a pair wear out but I also wear a lot of spikeless shoes. Most of the time I wear them after the round of golf for the rest of the day. Rotation is the key to not wearing them out.
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    I have 2-3 pairs in rotation and overall each pair lasts about 18 months. I walk all the time and probably play 40 rounds per years plus another 40+ range sessions too, so after 18 months they loose their stability. I also change the softspikes every month or two as they wear out very quickly (although I usually only replace the worn ones each time) - was it damage to the courses or softspikes wanting us all to buy more spikes that made courses eliminate metal spikes?

    Bottom line golf shoes aren't cheap so I keep my eyes open for sales and buy on Ebay too (only new ones though).
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    I've got a pair of 2008 TW's that I could still wear if I wanted (I don't...). I was a soccer player growing up and we had kangaroo leather on our boots. The leather had to be cleaned and treated well for your boots to last the season.

    I'm a HUGE fan of Chelsea Leather Food to condition the leather after cleaning your shoes. I wipe down/wash my Trues after every round and give them some leather food every 4 or 5 rounds (depends on if I'm walking or riding more).

    Taking care of your shoes will make them last longer. I've had the 2010 tours since they were released and still love them the most out of all of the Trues...
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    It really just depends for me. I look at golf shoes the same as I look at running shoes (mostly because the length of which it takes to walk a round of golf). At some point, regardless if the leather looks beat or not, the cushion and support in the shoe is no longer adequate for the health of your foot. I typically change out my running shoes at the 350-400 mile mark, unless they feel broken down sooner. Using that logic, averaging 6 or so miles of walking in a round, it gives me around 60 rounds. I rotation 2 or 3 pairs in a given summer. I typically change out one of the pairs each season and just kind of rotate. Basically a shoe last me 50-60 rounds.
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    Rotation is key to making them last I believe, however, the size of an individual has a large effect on durability. The larger the individual, the more of a pounding the shoe takes. I have 4 pairs and my original icons or 4 years old now, waterproofing is gone, but nice to have on warm days when I play twice or more then 3 days in a row.
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    I'll replace as soon as the waterproofing wears out, or if its spikeless as soon as i loose traction. Normally go 2 seasons with 3 pair rotation walking appx 70-80 rds a year.
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    I don't own a pair of footjoys.... that being said I am thinking of doing the pre order on Kingdom59 for $159.00.... do they run true to size or should I go +/- .5 size?
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  • joey2acesjoey2aces not as smart as most but not as gullible either Members Posts: 5,881 ✭✭
    SnapFade2 wrote:

    dont know how long cuz i get them from garage sales.

    what size are you?? I'd be more than happy to send you my shoes once I am done with them instead of tossing them out.... provided you picked up the shipping... now that I think about it shipping is still probably more than garage sale prices!
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    I still have 3 pairs of pre Chinese FJ's in my rotation. One pair bought in '99! Take care of 'em and they can last a long time! These are just now looking a bit long in the tooth. While I mostly ride this is still 15 years and still going on that pair. The others (FJ, Ecco, Nike, and Adidas), are from 2006 to some brand new Adizeros. Got a pair of DNA's on the way. Will thin the herd a bit this year. While the shoes are getting more comfortable they don't last as long these days.
  • LancejokerLancejoker Members Posts: 788
    I've got a couple pairs of Nike TW shoes that are 4 or 5 years old.
  • cdnrockiescdnrockies Members Posts: 1,519 ✭✭
    My wife thinks I have a problem....but then I open the closet and show her the gazillion pairs of shoes/boots/sandal/heels/etc that she seems to keep acquiring.

    Currently have 3 pair of Lunars, 1 Asics, 1 Ecco, and 3 pair of Adidas 360's....oh and a pair of Icon's that should be here within a few days. I can't ever say that I've worn out a pair of golf shoes. One ends up being less comfortable/dirty/out of style and end up as my practice shoes. Then they go in the garbage and the cycle repeats with a new pair being purchased and an older pair being
  • backteesbacktees Members Posts: 866
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    somaplr wrote:

    I will add, that you shouldn't leave your shoes in your trunk either, especially if in a warmer climate. They can "half life" your shoes pretty quickly.

    I fully agree. With a bit of care and a polish every now and then leather-shoes last long. The Footjoy DryJoys I wear during 20+ rounds a year when its wet, well, I bought the DryJoys them before Obama was elected the first time, the Adidas Tour 360 also a few years ago and they still last - only changed the spikes 2 times in that time.

    Those Nike Air Range like shoes last a season, max two for me - then the friction is gone as the sole-material is much softer and wears off quicker.
  • payerasjlpayerasjl Members Posts: 726 ✭✭
    I guess i must be crazy, i have pairs as old as 6 years still in the rotation. I walk over 70 rounds a year and keep them stored at my club with shoe trees and proper care.

    Maybe i have to take a closer look at the sole and cushion to see if they have deteriorated in a non cosmetic way.

    BTW, i use eccos and FJ (and 1 pair of TW Nike)
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  • byrne092byrne092 Members Posts: 98 ✭✭
    I think the Tour360s are amazing, but was kind of shocked at the condition of the leather after 2 seasons. Good amount of leather flaking off near the front part of the shoe. Granted, I have played a lot more golf in the past 2 seasons than I ever have.
  • bird_4_3bird_4_3 Members Posts: 601 ✭✭
    I can't seem to wear out my Ecco Bioms. They do not look the best anymore, but ky 1st pair is 5 years old and I use for cold weather and poor conditions. They are ugly but fantastic shoes.
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    I used to wear Nike b/c they fit pretty well, but my last pair fell apart in a matter of months (playing 3x a week on average). Then I picked up two pairs of the UA Drive One. I didn't rotate them, just planned to wear one after the other. I've switched the spikes on the first pair, but they're still going strong after 18 months of playing 2-3x a week. I haven't even worn the other pair. They're still in very good condition -- obviously some creasing and not as white -- but still very comfortable esp. with fresh spikes.

    I personally don't wear Adi b/c they are either too narrow or wide. Eccos also do not fit me. Footjoys fit well, but I've never had a pair.
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    My shoes get thrown in the boot/trunk of the car after playing, have not noticed any discernable difference in brands with the exception of Skechers. They are comfortable but didn't last more than 20-30 rounds. Got a woeful wishy washy explanation from the company so I am happy to put s*** on their brand when the opportunity arises.
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  • WHC888WHC888 Members Posts: 2,720 ✭✭
    I only wear each pairs of my golf shoes 2-3 times tops before new pairs coming in so I still have shoes from 5, 6 seasons ago that look brand new. image/pardon.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':pardon:' /> I do take out all the spikes and clean with a tooth brush after each round of golf or driving range sessions so that helps make it look new as well.
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  • GhostwedgeGhostwedge Members Posts: 653 ✭✭
    Must be light on my feet... walk 100 + rds a year, rotate 4 pr of shoes, so all have at least 50 rds on them ( 250+ miles ) and still look like new. FootJoy DNA and Addias Tou 360 are my preferred kicks.
  • thejuicethejuice Members Posts: 2,066 ✭✭
    It’s all about how meticulous you are with your shoes and how well you rotate them. I have more pairs of golf shoes than most guys I know but I still have about five in my main rotation that see the most play. It makes a difference when you rotate them.
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  • Tom034Tom034 Members Posts: 45
    Every year I pick up a pair of Footjoys and I can play with them one season perhaps two
  • FairwindsgolferFairwindsgolfer Members Posts: 616
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    bfargolf wrote:

    I have two or three pairs of golf shoes, rotate them and always use wood shoe horns.

    Mostly purchase Footjoys due to extra wide width.

    Shoes last about 12 months as I walk about 200 to 225 rounds a year.

    Another web site said that athletic shoes should last 200 to 500 miles depending on the use.

    That is bad news for the frequent walking golfer.

    If you figure 6 miles in a round of golf, at 200 miles that's only 33 rounds you are getting from one pair of shoes
  • tsbrewerstsbrewers Members Posts: 26 ✭✭
    The soles of my dryjoys literally fell off this summer, but they were from roughly 1992, so I think I got my money out of them. Shoes were in perfect shape, but the glue let loose.

    Personally I am not a fan of the newer athletic looking shoes so I picked up another pair of dryjoy tours. Also grabbed a pair of FJ classics I liked from ebay. Honestly, my shoes typically last 10-15 years probably.
  • LeoLeo99LeoLeo99 Members Posts: 3,979 ✭✭
    I need to play more. I've never worn out a pair of golf shoes. And I just throw them in the trunk for most of the year.
  • dieker5dieker5 Members Posts: 80 ✭✭
    Walk at least 20 rounds a year have the sketchers go golf elite. Had them for 2 years now and just put new insoles in them. Still waterproof and leather is in good shape.
  • GSDriverGSDriver Members Posts: 597 ✭✭
    Depends on quality of shoes, how they fit you, your stride and how you take care of them.

    If you walk mostly, and depending how often you play, rotating a couple pairs is the way to go.

    All those super comfy shoes (with air soles, super tech foam, etc.) wear out over time...then again so do running shoes.
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  • LeoLeo99LeoLeo99 Members Posts: 3,979 ✭✭
    WHC888 wrote:

    I only wear each pairs of my golf shoes 2-3 times tops before new pairs coming in so I still have shoes from 5, 6 seasons ago that look brand new. image/pardon.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':pardon:' /> I do take out all the spikes and clean with a tooth brush after each round of golf or driving range sessions so that helps make it look new as well.

    You're serious?
  • catcher20catcher20 San AntonioMembers Posts: 153 ✭✭
    I'm still going on a pair from two years ago. I am in need of a new pair, but for the time being they are still holding up good.
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  • LoudmouthtreLoudmouthtre SeattleMembers Posts: 305 ✭✭
    I usually buy new shoes every season. Between the 50-60 rounds per year, mostly walking. I also just like new shoes as well.
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  • elwhippyelwhippy Members Posts: 3,111 ✭✭
    Several years. Current stock is 2 year old Adidas that I wear in wet weather. 5 year old FJs that are no longer waterproof but still smart and comfortable. Current model spikeless Skechers. Mega comfortable summer shoe. Looking at a new pair of high end shoes in sales.
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