Srixon Z Star XV



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    Play the XV and Pro V1; the XV definitely helps straighten out the drives and has some surprising amount of spin around the greens. I still see the ProV1 get about 5 more yards on average but I dislike the feel of putting. That's where the XV wins out for me.
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    Played this for the first time yesterday and was blown away. Was a pretty windy day, had to hit lower trajectory shots and the ball didn't move up or down whatever at all.

    The feel, I've played 5x all year which feels the best to me personally, but off the irons and driver it felt amazing still, little "clicky" on some irons but nothing that felt bad. Putter was the feel that felt a tad off to me from some of the other higher end balls. But distance wise it was a bit further than the 5x and it landed just as soft on greens from long - mid irons

    Undecided if I'll be switching to these from 5x, but it's alot to say it's atleast in the conversation
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    Solid ball, I love that the cover will last a couple of rounds and you typically save $5-10 a dozen for premium.
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    Great ball, awesome value, can’t go wrong with this one if you want something high end that’s soft and has a nice combo of distance and feel.
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