Ping G20

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What do you think?


  • Have hit and did not like because the lie is to flat for me...have one on order that is upright...will let you know.
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    I really like my 23 degree. Very easy to hit long, high, and straight. Perfect replacement for 4 iron. Stock TFC shaft.
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    I've only hit one of these a few times, I prefer the g25 over it.
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    If any of you have ever seen Mark Crossfield's videos / reviews, you'll know that he actually bags the G20 hybrids- that's saying a lot. I'm a mid capper, and couldn't agree more-- I've tried everything and it took 5 years to replace my Cobra TWS hybrids (those hybrids were great, great, great)--- I don't know if a scratch golfer would agree with my thoughts because these do have plenty of offset, but these can be used out of rough, off the tee, and tight lies too- anyway, certainly worth trying if you're trying to shave a stroke or two off your game. just my .02
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    Long straight and high. Excellent!

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    putters rotate.. ;)
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    I can do more with it than I can with most hybrids.
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