Greeley would like help

Hey fellow golfers,

i have been playing golf on and off for about 7 years now i was in the army and was deployed for 21 months of that 7 years. i just got out of the army in July. im planning on going to school for Professional Golf Management. im currently about an 18 handicap but need to drop that down to a 12 just to be accepted i would like to get below 10 within the year. i had crappy clubs but just went out and bought all new ones:

Taylormade R11 9*

Taylormade R11 3 wood

Taylormade CB TP 3-PW

Taylormade xFT 60*

I get them on friday im stoked. but my question is, is there anyone willing to help me out? i dont have the funds to get lessons and i dont want to change my swing much im just having a lot of trouble with my short game and putting.

Thanks guys
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