Tom Lehman's "Heinz 57" variety set of irons



  • Gus_13Gus_13 Hole Hunter Members Posts: 505
    I think that is awesome. That bag looks cool. I like the mix ups!
  • astamm8astamm8 Members Posts: 1,291 ClubWRX
    Mitchell wrote:

    Hehas been using the Cobra blade irons for quite some years, remember him having the 1,2 irons in the bag when he used the firesole tour irons in the Open Championship.

    He used the 1 (and I'm sure the 3, too) for his t-14 finish at St Andrews last year as well.
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    Yes, yes...get an interview with Mr. Lehman. I was in Arizona about 6 years ago for spring training to watch the A's and was with a group of guys and we were walking through the mall when out of the corner of my eye I recognized him. I went over and said hi and we was really nice. the guys thought I was crazy, they didn't know who he was.
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    Did Tom signed a club deal with -??
  • TexsportTexsport Members Posts: 2,335
    Anyone notice that he has his Vokey wedges stamped TM or ToM?

    Kinda different.

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    Pretty cool bag.

    Although, I swear it looks like he borrowed the bag at times. Just randomness from some local players garage that he's friends with.

    Has some game to be able to play completely different irons for each one through the set.

    Notice the "burner" logo under the tape on the TM TP's?? Pretty odd.
  • farmerfarmer Members Posts: 7,780 ✭✭
    This should be a statement on the indian-arrow discussion.
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    ain't nothing like the old REVERSE combo set. i play hybrid pitching wedge 9/pw all the way up to blades in my 1/2 irons.
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  • Vintage1976Vintage1976 I think something was lost in transition Members Posts: 2,681 ✭✭

    I think I saw on this site some irons John Daly had made that looked like Toms RAC MB, with the muscle back and the cut outs... anyone know what I'm talking about?...

    Yeah think I saw that thread too, can't remember where it was though. I'd love to just call HQ and have an iron set custom ground.
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  • asualumasualum ClubWRX Posts: 1,264
    This might be a stupid question, but if he wants to put a bag like that in play, how does he get the conforming grooves?
  • It's an amazing bag setup for sure. It is so funny we talk all the time on here about new this and new that and here's a guy with a set of clubs or I should say 8 irons that are the worst looking clubs I may have ever seen in a pro's bag. if there were ten pictures of bag contents and we were to name the pro who played the equipment dont know who would have even guessed that it was a pro's bag. Be neat to see the face of those clubs.
  • PingDrv00PingDrv00 Members Posts: 2,294 ✭✭
    I had a bag exactly like that one time, but I was twelve and had to shop at a lot of yard sales to put it together. I can remember hitting some of my best shots with that set though. I cannot imagine looking down at every iron and seeing something different, there must be some method to his madness?
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    All this... and he probably just lost a bet. russian_roulette.gif
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  • saleamuasaleamua Members Posts: 48
    Absolutely--I use golf analogies to convey six sigma quality concepts and it seems to resonate pretty well.

    I think its great that he has picked the clubs he is most confident in. To me it really shows a golfer who looks at each shot individually. He's not worried about the progression from a 6 iron to a 7 iron but rather the look of a 7 iron when he chooses to hit that club. That philosophy won't work for 99.999999% of golfers but he has found a way to use it well considering his career.

    Also, the Putting Arc that he is carrying in the last pic is an amazing tool. It's the only golf training aid I have ever purchased and its done more for my game than anything else.

  • SpacemanSpiffSpacemanSpiff Members Posts: 12
    For those of you who asked, yes he does have a mix of shafts as well. I can't remember them all, but he has some Black Gold mixed in there. His shafts are just as diverse as the clubheads.
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    Looks Like Tom is still gaming the Superquad TP... watched him tee off acouple of timse on TV when I was watching the Children's Miracle Network Classic. I think the only newer clubs he has in the bag are the 2 TM MCs. WOW...
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    edited Oct 23, 2011 #78

    For those of you who asked, yes he does have a mix of shafts as well. I can't remember them all, but he has some Black Gold mixed in there. His shafts are just as diverse as the clubheads.

    his bag sounds like a mess now
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  • rafalrafal Members Posts: 5,767 ✭✭
    He could hustle like mad with his swing and this bag.
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  • J_DJ_D Jr. Boomers Posts: 2,617 ✭✭
    looks like **** to me, I'd rather play my bag, but that's true about alot of tour bags anyway.
  • ladahlladahl Members Posts: 6,868 ✭✭
    Bunch of "rock clubs"
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  • ladahlladahl Members Posts: 6,868 ✭✭
    Love this one....

    Somewhere, an OCD WRX'er has just killed himself. That is certainly one of the more interesting bags I've seen.

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  • dlygrissedlygrisse Members Posts: 13,013 ✭✭
    I followed Tom in a tournament back in the mid 90's, while his irons all seemed to be from the same set they weren't pretty, beat to **** with a lot of lead tape IIRC. Much like Trevino Lehman seems to be more old school in his thinking, his clubs are tools not works of art, and he treats them accordingly. When he came on tour I am pretty sure he was one of the last to use persimmon woods and an old school set of Wilson Staff blades I think, anyone know what he was playing back in the early days when he was signed with Wilson?

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  • bldolatbldolat Members Posts: 619
    I wonder what he thinks of manufactures releasing clubs 2 & 3 times a year? He's got some old clubs in the bag.
  • Judge SmailsJudge Smails Members Posts: 1,170
    I think this is pretty great. I haven't been this interested in a thread in a while!

    What really blows me away is that this is a man who's "signature" model, if you could call them that, the Lehman Grind 300s, were one of the best and most beautiful heads ever made.

    Maybe this is has way of protesting the new groove rule, if he can't play Lehman grinds, than this is what he'll play!image/tongue.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':tongue:' /> I'm only kidding, as I know he had moved on from them anyway (I think?).

    I love to see this though and, honestly, this should be a lesson to all of us to just use what works!
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  • Wouldn't it be nice for Titleist to re-release some of the items with conforming grooves. All the old style vokeys look so much better than the current models and the cc 200 series they have on aren't the same. Guess a boy can dream
  • 808Grinder808Grinder Posts: 366 ✭✭
    I love the lead tape the best.

    His set reminds me when I played with Tito Fuentes before he quit the game. The guy hit it a mile and his bag was all over the place. He told me his clubs basically consisted of clubs he won or were given to him. He had a couple of honeycomb Unique irons, some Lynx and Wilson Staff.
  • D2DougD2Doug D2Doug Members Posts: 479
    I've got mixed feelings about this, lol. I mean what works works, but gads, I'd feel a little out of place with a poke full of clubs that look like they came from 14 yard sales. how about if he had to replace them? image/kewlpics.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':kewlpics:' />
  • ZJohnsonZJohnson Members Posts: 551
    You guys think this is good, wait until he unveils his next set. Not clubs, but shafts. Unreal.
  • kernelbenkernelben Members Posts: 1
    Just curious...what's this embroidery on his bag signify?

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