Noodle+ Long and Soft

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    Short version: Good entry level/high handicap ball that won't break the wallet at the cash register or bring tears to the eyes when it goes swimming or on a long walk in the woods.

    Long version: After being away from golf for 25+ years, I returned to a bewildering array of equipment and names that I had not heard before (which would be a different topic). I had no desire to pay big bucks for a golf ball that had a better chance of going OB or in the water than it did of surviving 3 holes intact. Disclaimer: I was used to wound balls played in the 60's and early 70's.

    I stumbled across the Noodle line. I found the price ($12/doz at Wally World) fine for my (re-)entry level of play and swing speed. No complaints. The Noodle+ L&S sounded and felt better than other Noodle products. It went long compared to other inexpensive balls. As for spin, it seemed to do OK for my limited skills. A decent hit resulted in a satisfying "click" and felt fine. As swing speed increased and my game improved, I found the ball would baloon in moderate to high wind. I now find the feel off the putter to be mushy.

    I have since moved on to a different level of ball during the season, but use the Noodle+ L&S during winter/cold weather play.
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    decent ball for the price. I use these when spraying it off the tee
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    I like most every thing about the Noodle Plus Long and Soft. It does not spin around the green all that great, but for a two piece ball for 12 a doz., it is a very good ball. Does anyone know the compression rating? Thanks, Bogeyman22
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    These are great balls for the price and if you have no ego. I however do not play them because I have an ego and have a hard time playing well knowing I'm playing a noodle.

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