Appreciating golf's most-celebrated Australian

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Peter Thomson once said that the International team's victory at the 1998 Presidents Cup (captained by him) was "the biggest thing I ever did in my life."

On a special week for Australian golf, Golf Digest's John Strege wrote this piece appreciating the five-time major winner and World Golf Hall of Famer: [url=""]It's Norman's show, but Thomson's legacy[/url].

TELL US: How do you grade Greg Norman's captaincy in this year's Cup?


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    I'll tell you after the final score is posted...
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    I think he is trying to take a page out of Azinger's books as far as how to win a team compeptition. If he pulls it off it will be great, but I suspect the the US will win despite the strength of his presence and his agressive style. Certainly all makes for an interesting contrast in styles between him and FC, that is for sure.

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    This guy's laughing out loud! image/wink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />


    Ohhhhh, you said golf.....nevermind.
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    Now that's good!

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    So far from what I have seen, the one thing I don't think Norman will get is this.....

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    Won't be much Greg Norman appreciation 'round these parts, I reckon.
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