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    seriously underrated. I just finished it last night and I've had it for about a year. early on - i didn't taste much from it but it opened up nicely after a little while.

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    Great thread!

    Like many here, I love me some Blanton's - it is one of my reference bourbons. Also, Four Roses Single Barrel is always in the rotation - one of the first bourbons I ever drank, just used to it.

    Some others of note - to me, at least.

    Weller Special Reserve and Antique - the Antique is 107 proof and great over an ice ball; really changes and opens up that way.

    Michter American Whiskey

    Eagle Rare - always in the rotation

    Woodford Double Oaked - again, always in the rotation, good change of pace.

    Russell's Reserve 10 year Bourbon (90 proof) - excellent sipper

    Sazerac Rye - great for a Sazerac or Old Fashioned

    Wyoming - little known, wheated, smooth

    Bernheim - another wheated bourbon, good mixer

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    Those here who like Blanton's may also enjoy I.W. Harper 15 year. About $70 for a bottle, but very smooth, long finish of orange and vanilla (imo).

    I will continue testing various bourbons for the good of this board. As a member who reads much more than he posts, it's the least I can do. ;-)
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    I’m getting so frustrated with the lack of choices in my area, I’ve been buying some rum lately.

    I miss my bourbon but the jacked up prices for average bourbons is dispiriting. For the last 4 months, I cannot find: Eagle Rare, Mckenna, Blantons, Willet, etc.

    Ron Zacapa is taking over my rotation.
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    Someone bought me some Basil Haydens and it's pretty descent. Lots of rye spice.
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