HS season is over, what do you want to improve?

cjdrcccjdrcc Jr. Boomers Posts: 543
looking forward
What are the three things you want to improve for next year, and why do they cost you?

1) Full wedges and short irons- Because I get lazy I end up putting balls to 25' with a 9i and make par, I need to convert on those chances and make a birdie. Looking to bump those numbers up to about 20% birdie rate.

2) Half wedges- I make too many bogies and pars because my wedge distance control is poor. I need to improve my "Clock" positions.

3) Mental game- I can't seem to put myself into every shot and it cost me alot of strokes, and more disturbingly I am more prone to stick a 3 iron than an 8 because I lose focus.

Let's here what you want to improve


  • Ditty_72Ditty_72 Jr. Boomers, Lefty Boomers Posts: 637
    PUTTING! Without a doubt putting. It's what's holding me back. I hit the ball like a 1 or 2 handicap, but I don't convert birdies often enough and I don't made enough putts to save par, so I'm stuck at a 5. I just bought a new putter (a Rossa Monza Corza), and during the offseason, I'll be putting with it in my house to try to improve.

    My wedge play can always improve, even though right now, I think it might be the strongest part of my game (at least from the fariway within 100 yards). 100 yards in is where you lower your score, so I'll be working on that.

    I need to improve my driving distance. I'm too short off the tee if i want to go to the next level. I can play easily at 6400 or less, but once I play anything more, my scores go up because I'm hitting longer clubs that are tough to knock on the green or close to the pin. 240 off the tee isn't enough, I need more.

    Also, my mental game needs some help. I'm good under pressure usually, but I get mad easily when I hit a bad shot. It usually doesn't affect my next shot, but once I start getting bad shot after bad shot, it gets hard for me to focus.
  • ScottWS33ScottWS33 Up and down for par Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,379
    I have two big things I want to work on for next year.

    1) Pitching. Currently it is okay but I am not making enough up and downs from 50-100 yards. Hopefully I can improve my proximity to the hole from this distance and make more birdies when I get these opportunities.

    2) Driving. Last season I only hit about half of all fairways. If this can improve then hopefully it will lead to fewer bogies.

    On the positive side this year my chipping and my mental play has improved and therefore my performances this year have been very consistant.
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  • emcemc Jr. Boomers Posts: 987
    Putting: I need to make less 3 putts as I have about 1 every 2 rounds. I also need to be more consistent from 8 feet like I used to be money but I'm after getting lazy. I remember over the summer going a month without missing within 6 feet and I played 20 rounds, no lie.

    Chipping and pitching: I waste so many shots from not chipping close it's sickening. Just everything, I'd get lazy and hit an easy shot to 6 feet and miss because I feel pressured.

    Swing consistency: I have about 1 round in 10 where I have nothing with my swing, mostly because I never hit the range as often as the chipping green.

    My goal for this time next year is to be a 3 handicap under the GUI and scratch for the USGA, maybe Santa can bring it for me!
  • italianstallionitalianstallion Bethpage Black - 8th hole Junior Mod Squad Posts: 3,018 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Putting without a doubt. Reason being I had wayyyy to many 3 putted greens in the last matches that cost me to shoot 6 over par on a consistent basis. Then, at sectionals, I 3 putted the last 4 greens only to miss the cut to advance by none other than 4 strokes! image/fool.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':drinks:' /> So, putting is what needs the most help right now, because I have no feel or confidience whatsoever

    Mental game and course management as well. too many times i hit driver on holes that would only need a 3 iron to leave a short iron in. And when I miss real short putts, I get down on myself really quick and can't forget about the previous hole.
  • Missinglink08Missinglink08 Account Hold Posts: 375
    Everyone seems to want to improve thier putting... SO DO I!!!!! it really hurt me this year.

    Here is something for all of you to look at. Maybe for a Christmas gift or to save your money for. I just ordered one with my birthday money and i hope it is worth the hype that i have heard. I am sick of trying new putters that have the "new putter" magic for 2 weeks.

    Time to get my putting stroke in line.

  • emcemc Jr. Boomers Posts: 987
    Every serious golfer in the world wants to improve their putting as they now that's where scores are made. I just go to greens around the course and 2 putt 10 balls from different locations all 50 or 60 feet away and have to 2 putt them all before I move on.
  • 380onthefly380onthefly Jr. Boomers Posts: 15
    I have to improve my driving. Out of the 7 to 9 times I use a driver during a round, only about 3 of the are any good. The others are all over the place and usually poorly hit. I can hit my irons better than most, and my shortgame is always improving, but put a driver in my hands and I look like a 20 handicapper.

    It gets soo frustrating that sometimes I quit right after my teeshot on the first tee. I just don't want to deal with it through an entire 18 holes. I'm out at the range atleast 45 min a day just hitting driver. I occassionaly have a nice run were i'll hit 7 or so really good drives but after that i'll sky or dropkick a drive left or right, and it will continue from there.

    I'm considering changing the shaft in my driver. I hit my friends 905s with and x stiff aldila nv in it and 3 out of 4 drives were deep and straight. my swing speed is about 110-115 so maybe a stiff shaft isn't consistent enough for me. Everyone always tells me to slow down my swing, but all that does is throw my timing of and make things worse.

    I guess i just need more practice.
  • greenmachine0227greenmachine0227 Members Posts: 303
    This winter (since I can do it in doors when it's snowing outside) I'm going to work on transitioning. Now the question becomes, what do I mean by transitioning? Let me explain...


    To a new driver. I'm the kind of person who doesn't change equipment very fast. The last time I switched clubs it was because my three wood was dented during transport. I've gotten so used to seeing my Launcher the past 5 years that it's hard for me to hit anything else, even though i hit other drivers a lot better. I know by staying with the driver I have now I'm costing myself a lot of distance and accuracy. This winter, I'm going to use one of those rubber range tees, and just work on going through my preshot routine with my new driver. I need to be able to have confidence with it at address if I want to have success with it during the swing.

    To a slightly different putting stroke. For the past few months I tried to go to the open-close style of putting, and it just didn't work for me. I'm going to slowly switch over to the square to square style in hopes that it will help start the ball on line better.

    At the top of the backswing. Every so often, my swing gets a little long and I knock the ball who knows where. If I can just get rid of my tendency to come over the top ever so often (about once every 2 dozen shots) I think I'll be able to flight th ball better than I can now. I basically just need to shorten my backswing.
  • Ditty_72Ditty_72 Jr. Boomers, Lefty Boomers Posts: 637
    Missinglink08 wrote on Oct 22 2006, 12:32 PM:

    Everyone seems to want to improve thier putting... SO DO I!!!!! it really hurt me this year.

    Here is something for all of you to look at. Maybe for a Christmas gift or to save your money for. I just ordered one with my birthday money and i hope it is worth the hype that i have heard. I am sick of trying new putters that have the "new putter" magic for 2 weeks.

    Time to get my putting stroke in line.


    Woah, that's one sweet looking machine. I might wanna get one of those for Christmas. image/beach.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':drinks:' />

    Have you ever tried one? If so, does it really work?

    All you guys say you have too many 3-putts because you have 1 every 2 rounds or something; I have at least 1 every round. Once every 2 rounds isn't too bad, even the best putters in the world 3-putt almost as often as that.
  • Missinglink08Missinglink08 Account Hold Posts: 375
    I haven't tried that putting tool yet but it should but i will try to give a little review soon because i got it for my birthday and its on its way right now
  • Jer-JerJer-Jer Members Posts: 2,936 ✭✭
    Probably my consistency. I can shoot 74 and then 2 days later shot 84...not good. Need to build a consistent, repeatable swing. That's about it though.
  • Baillie-lorettoBaillie-loretto Members Posts: 42
    you have to work on keeping your ball striking consistant. if you want to keep shooting low your ball striking has to be pure all year not just from time to time all the time. have to work on wedge distances vital 100yeards in has to be up and down for low handicapers
  • Jules150Jules150 Members Posts: 7
    I need to improve my putting its absolutly terrible, i can never make a putt for bridie. Last round i missed a 4 footer for oneon the last hole for a 39, ugh. I'll go the whole round with making only 1 one putt and ussually 2 3 putts. That needs to stop. I'd also like sto increase my ballstriking, its not too hot right now.
  • KingOAcesKingOAces Jr. Boomers Posts: 739
    edited Oct 28, 2006 #15
    I need to work on my irons the most (I guess this would be ballstriking). My driving is the best it's ever been and my short game is just where I want it (putting is a little sketchy, but that is an eternal struggle), but my irons are what keep me from being a plus handicap. I can keep it in the fairway a good distance out there, but when it comes to hitting a 6 or 7 irons close, I just can't seem to get it done as much as I want. If i miss a green I can get up and down usually, but thats a par (or possible bogey) as opposed to a good chance at birdie. If I can get my GIR up to 70% this year, I will be very happy.

  • Rich71691Rich71691 Enough? Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,957

    Shafts: the shafts that I have don't fit my game I need an stiff tipped or extra stiff and I have senior/ weak regular

    Driver: r540 is good but I have hit other drivers and have scene alot more distance in bigger headed drivers

    irons: hit the ball way to high and I want to get a players CB or a MB

    Putter: want to get a blade Cameron to replace my spaceship, I mean Futura

    but other then equipment, I want to get consistancy with wedges and putting and accuracy
  • WFUGolfer15WFUGolfer15 Jr. Boomers Posts: 148
    Definately, most definately, PUTTING. I could get the ball near the hole on some shots but from 10 feet and in I sucked. then again from 10 feet and out I also sucked.!!!!!.

    Also I want to improve my ball striking. At times it became very poor.

  • golfr03golfr03 6453 Jr. Boomers Posts: 344
    a new driver shaft b.c the V2 isnt right for me...and consistency

    pretty simple b.c my putting and chipping are really good, but no matter who you are that can always get better so...
  • Mr MizunoMr Mizuno Members Posts: 749 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Well let's go step by step.

    Driver - Not too much, I am very happy right now with it, I might get a stronger shaft.

    Irons - A lot Iron-play is pretty inconsiten right now, also I will do a proper fitting on lenght and lie.

    Wedges - Nothin', maybe work on getting a little more spin on short shots.

    Putter - Usually good, but...

    Mental - Have to do something, much on putting.

    Fitness - A lot, I need bigger guns image/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />

    Swing altogether - Just fine tuning. Swing is close to perfect, now I have to get more consistency.
  • DaveyHDaveyH Jr. Boomers Posts: 2,139 ✭✭
    mental game

    Putting(Everyone would love to be a better putter image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />)

    Working the ball
  • conorgolf22conorgolf22 Members Posts: 588 ✭✭✭✭✭
    metal game for sure!!!! i had a blowup on the 18th hole at my regional this year and its been a month and a half ago and i still havent really gotten over it NOT MUCH FUN
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  • flamtapflamtap Welcome to the Tour. Jr. Boomers Posts: 288
    i would love to improve my mental side of the game.

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