Our handicap system, very difficult but honest

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Hey I am a 16 years old golfer from Finland (Europe) what is nearby Sweden. Our season is 5 and half months long, little bit like in Canada? Summers are hot but winters cold image/blink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

But our handicap system is so different than yours..

We got the slop system. It means that different courses have different slops depending how difficult is the course. Slope means that how much you have to play to your handicap. For example:

If the course is really difficult and your handicap is 8, your slop can bee like 11 from Pro tees (it means that if the par is 72 you can play +11 = 83 to your handicap) . And in easy course it can bee like 6 and you have to play +6 = 78

But we can drop our handicap in every round, if it is over 4.4 (what is the A class)

Handicap 4.5-10.2 got factory 0,2. It means that if your slope is 9 and you play 2 under your handicap( 7 over par) your handicap drops 9 - 2x0.2 = so your new handicap is 8.6. So it is really slow to drop your handicap.

The bigger your handicap is, the bigger the slope/factory is. Handicaps 10.2-16.8 got factory 0.3 and handicaps 16.9-28 0,4 from each shot under handicap and so on..

But the A class, handicaps under 4.4 can only drop their handicap in competition and their factory is 0.1 by each shot under handicap!


If your handicap is 2.8 and the slope is 4 (4 over par) and you play 2 rounds in the competition both 73 (par is 72) = 2 over par

Your slop has been 4 over par from each round so 2x4 = 8 over par

So you have played 6 under your handicap and your new handicap is 2.8 - 6x0.1 = 2.2

Really difficult system to drop your handicap fast. You mast play many good rounds to drop it much, not just 10 rounds..


If you play over your slope 1-4 shots in the competition (depends on your handicap how much over you can play over the slop) your handicaps rises 0.1.

f your handicap is in A class (under 4.4) you can only play 1 over your slope!


Your handicap is 1.6. Your slope is 3. You play in the competition +5, 2 over your slop. Your new handicap is 1.6 + 0.1 = 1.7 because you played over your slope by 2 shots..

Quate difficult system, but it tells your true handicap!

Ps. Ask questions!


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