64* lob wedge any of you use? WOW. It's almost like cheating



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    64 mack daddy is money
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    I love my 64.

    50 yards with a little 9 to 3 action.

    100 with a full go.

    I also play a course with a lot of smaller greens, so I like the high, soft flop when I'm greenside.
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    64 degrees wedges aren't designed for full swings . I like mine for around the green in short thick rough . You can really focus on accelerating through the shot knowing the loft will keep the distance and run out to a minimum
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    So for those using a 64 (or even a 62), are you using it in sand traps and if so, what's the bounce?

    I've used a 54/64 combo for years. My 64 has 7' of bounce and is mostly used out of greenside bunkers with not a lot of green to work with, along with other select shots. My 54 has 11' of bounce and I control the distance on both by choking down to different levels, along with 3/4 swings and etc...
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    Im glad you feel like it's working for you..but i think a 59 or 60 is plenty enough and there really isn't a need for a 64. Tour players mostly have a 58 or 59 as there highest lofted wedge.
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    Love mine… I used a 58/60 for years but added the 64 and it's been a gem around the green and in bunkers. I had to problems opening up my 60 but I just really like the 64.

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    I have used one in past and they are phenomenal....you can do things with em that are impossible with anything else...wedges are my strength....but it takes out a longer club in my bag and I already have alot of wedges so I just use a 60 deg....

    In nasty short sided situation....I hit shots with 64 that no way would I have been able to do...even with a 60 deg......you do have to make good contact though....If you aren't a solid striker a 64 can get you in alot of trouble as well....few shots I missed put me in bad spots......more loft means you have to be more perfect...
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    It would be great if we could just bag 15 clubs. This would be in for sure!
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    Always wanted to try out a 64. Phil Mickelson uses his to great success. Do most of you guys get rid of the 60 if you are going to use the 64?
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    I have both..

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    I decided that I was becoming too dependent on the SM2 64 so I am sticking with the 52, 56, 60 this year and doing more open face shots with the 60. That also let's me keep a bag with both a 7W and a 5 iron. Next year I'll let the 64 back in on certain courses. It is an amazing club, so versatile... when hitting from green area rough and over a sand trap to a short sided pin (etc), there is simply nothing more magical. I actually miss it, but getting back to creativity with the 60 makes the overall bag better.
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    super20dan wrote:

    a really good wedge player dosnt need a 64-60 is enough for any shot you need on the course

    I guess phil is just a scrub that has nothing on you wannabe haters
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    Almost 8 years after Golf Digest promotes the 64 they then publish this...

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    I feel like the two golf digest articles aren't mutually exclusive. The first one measured pitches from around the green and the second measured full swings. It seems accurate to me that a 64* wedge could be better close to the green, but worse from further away than a 58*. I feel like the article is saying too many ams are trying to hit their 64* wedges from too far away and instead should be hitting their sandwedge.

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    I just got 2019 60* and 64* pm grind wedges. The 64* is absolutely amazing. Both clubs are incredible. But let's be real, I'm not hitting full shots with the 64. It's strictly for around the greens for me.

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    I consider myself a decent wedge player, I gave one a try a few years ago and it didn't do me any favors, that being said I can see how it would be a great greenside club for those who have certain weaknesses in their game, or play super fast tour level greens, like Phil. If you have confidence using another wedge around the green hitting soft shots then don't bother, but if that shot is elusive to you you might give one a try, you can really hit some cool shots with these clubs, but you can hit some real clunkers as well. It's a specialty club for very specific shots in my opinion.

    Personally I would rather have a more versatile wedge with some heel grind that you can open up for that rare shot when I need to hit it really high, but for those who generally hit their wedges with a low trajectory it might be more valuable. Phil is an exception, he spends hours a week just working on his short game, and I am sure has some very specific task for that club that fit his game.

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    I use a TM Hi Toe 64 bent to 62. My next wedge is 55 degrees.

    I use the 64 for almost all greenside shots including bunkers. My home course has fast smooth greens but spongy & grainy fringes. I find it too unpredictable to bump it through the fringe, so I almost always carry it to the green surface.

    The TM hi toe has a high COG, so even with that much loft I can also hit low spinning darts with it. I almost always address the ball with it set opened up to varying degrees depending on the shot. It pops the ball out of the thick Bermuda rough with ease.

    It's a great and very useful tool, but you do have to become accustomed and skilled with it.

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    I agree with you. They didn't quite come out and say it as clearly as you did though.

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    I've never met a 64 I didn't like

    Vokey SM2 64.07

    Ping Tour W (heel and trailing edge wrx grinds)

    Cally PM Grind

    TM Hi Toe

    All amazing. Great around my course with tiny, sloped greens, and deeeeeep bunkers


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    They were using 56* wedges back in the 50s and 60s when green speeds were what, 6 or 7 on the stimp? HUNDO P I'm using a 64* when tournament greens around here are in the 12 range.

    Seriously though it's been an awesome addition, I use 47-52-58-64 and the 64 is only used for short shots in deeper rough around the greens. It's really freed up my iron swings because being short sided isn't a big deal anymore.

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