2012 PGA Show: TaylorMade Adidas Ashworth Pictures

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[size="4"]2012 PGA Show: TaylorMade Adidas Ashworth[/size]

The folks at TMag had a massive display at the PGA Merchandise Show for 2012: Rocket engine display, Major logos for 2012, a driving range with bleachers, and a surprise Thursday night VIP concert with George Throrogood and the Destroyers (look for 'Who do you love?' to be used in their new ad campaign).

NOTE: More pics added! Scroll below.

<img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/5d3a7d6447b19d9111fc8391f7ff8ee7.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/fbeae10a9ad41ea3bcea4c510096d0bd.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/640cdc72da51260f45f9c2daa82001b8.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/26e2f67753891e2a194d63218d3f5222.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/019ad00d44d8cb051b5d36b40563ba0f.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/24336c07f2a9c6a38233e230a20a0880.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/c7928fd814a82df76135af6f4636380c.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/085b44b77df030cbc5047e435088b409.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/a80e2c4932168267e532631a050a932e.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/52ee1f6ac599985bbaff8effcd0664e0.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/2fd73cd7776ea38847e19f6b0fee0070.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/92bc394c6ad897f84be11d044714acd5.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/6b25e27a11a2a0e32f5875118c29d123.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/57709da712192c9663ff83044d73017b.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/f0fe7761fe24efd5a26314334b5d74c3.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/ed9278285b6faa69e85c13854dd65017.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/9bf2dfe208d3bf0376b03efb0139df8c.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/7d37028ac04e8d7977318e069e3c3e7a.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/23a9b400648b12aa8c7e971ec79066ba.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/f3a1d101c408e4b7d2ba68250eac4dc4.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/30eee51bfafdd0c4485612c16cda0ca8.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/0dbfa22c66f1e4eedfb9bf97079a0680.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/df8cf2de894a63bb221165159036b007.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/2ef92d8b60d9bde6f1123a05760d3a88.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/bf201ebb373370fe7e9a6736b79d5cf0.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/d77ec4a1a5653bdc9af7aa1b9846bec4.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/50529cd358ab403bde186e369029aa9b.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/a197f3518bf48d41b0e686218d5676c1.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/e5591eb1b9f2094f462f6e596e1a4689.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/218fda729949b7a9d6f3818613153845.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/d452a50e07fab0529aa329992414914c.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/40c54c2bd9fe2e431ebee4ec6aa979b6.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/312925090cce6e86f56e38b4e4a5bfa7.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/876732696fd3eedcfec4ea3ff975612b.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/2ae275031cd77e0e4406f2e9c038e3ea.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/9a0e7ed7d55d089eb6788c978f75bd0f.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/fdd0aa6cf414e2cdb9a76a53c2714926.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/f9cf2c0de592c8c83daa0af7528571ae.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/237a92492c0f26f5d6b93b3b13b60e24.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/f28bbf165ef79f8759f7ed765cc7381e.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/5350c8c4d618faf916812c238cbec67a.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/c622a1722491ecac2c086e1e20f4dcec.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/a8932352eab9f00e08a8761b48ff95a2.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/597d155ada7ad693937b071e2b08604a.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/e6b6bb97b20bffd111bb7386f0ac400f.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/9a45257aac39b1416a8dab5132c16262.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/92a4c618e0c72dd38748fbb9d27ecbc8.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/b9f049370a96d0ba32c8768a7bf916c1.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/932883435126f1597d0c70aad4461d3f.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/818ce2e7e1fb8ca823c806ce795be10a.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/b3e72adef3ffb014ac70bc98815736e1.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/0c7bd576f2b75ed24e2fcf5a9e60159d.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/04ab13ab8a981e559407e57e3f1c9965.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/10dc6e447f1ea3d69f483594009034ef.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/add2cd45a6d9c642c8f6211d6906f687.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/104b957680c0714e3329fb589f5c4c9a.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/fde082f702d768e855655e1f79b83758.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/d2d75d03f2828d5c9dd7bd44dc248dcd.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/a97d8128dbb1fe320636bc523e2808e9.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/af463d824cdcbc1942a50a9352ccd054.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/7319fce687ae5015d680fa4692a42b52.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/489f21c89beb3619a361b32aff622a0f.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/508947b848af813aab0caf13b0e7bd44.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/ed96472e3aaa89a6fcc67c83483d9396.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/f94848b33d84c95e26d21043c564546a.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/f247f7cbb2fdbe75aac3772968d64f8a.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/52a7b1bc7b9809029bf2d4cc5013e6e4.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/5ce88e584dc0d93da308cbbfeb4c00f2.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/367a6166b70daf5307fd3301b6a4fc9b.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/586fb162edca6fc7ee02d274da0dabad.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/c290fbc0e90f8621cb0b4e660acabe5f.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/c4db60240bec1f424021f6473a762c1d.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/2a944ecb00a00fc1468e75b1269aaa84.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/aa481f63074937feee5e087968dc0591.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/0b917d88827d9d69cc0930703d1d113b.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/0b28c7d86d8c6e9dbbe2de179c5106ea.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/861d08c46c80a904daef21959d724fe2.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/039bf53745292bfaa84d3e2750922766.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/82649525277e3bb573ac0f74f25d1493.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/d578464d46bae51762d5d9b0e9f66a59.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/d7377d1b27425f49b54bcb832049d522.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/ecb303da7705c24e1f5222673461b4e9.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/5b064d4485acea4950d9c4a7bffb67fd.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/f2ab22d70dbc1ff43391f7559672fd27.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/1249e021b3a5bda660989410d1f6d5be.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/b022799687422314fa8ea9072d83c0f5.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/d864625dfa5a50ed1eb7aae5764cb7ac.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/e677950f1b3745af7db7d4afd2b49a3b.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/c030dfc58e243fc02ea176bb343c07b3.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/4bcedcc90a92d8867a60ea45cdf7c551.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/7cf19d720c4860bbe12df818aa936286.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/71bfa3569a91b6c5b3cef8dc64c1ea65.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/baffc979be4b3eca5f4c007f3b6d6ae1.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/44dd7e86cc48c14e50b630976f27ba49.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/4ffbdb6f72d7906a8456b3d1b9e8f3d8.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/7017ed2bb1b2858dab7f24b1455e0592.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/18df256900e03f86e06bd6621205099b.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/ee029ebdb07a0fe84ac0bdd1f5144865.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/476a4ae47d703043029905bb65bf6691.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/75490b7fcd6303301c99ee70cbdf3772.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/9f19c138ce9d8031e0a626b9e9f24bdf.JPG' /><img src='http://gwrxmedia.golfwrx.com/media/photos/df583f42595e3de47a7398c1635ad4f6.JPG' />
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  • MJP22MJP22 Members  1059WRX Points: 1Handicap: 9.7Posts: 1,059 Bunkers
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    Want the PUREMOTION shoes!

    Thanks for the pics.
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • DNice26DNice26 Members  4192WRX Points: 164Posts: 4,192 Titanium Tees
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    Pretty cool stuff......not so sure about the colorful revolution though.... I personally would feel a bit like a tool if I wasn't on Tour making big bucks to wear a pink shirt, matching belt/hat and white pants..... to each their own of course.

    thank you for the great pics!!!! image/clapping.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':clapping:' />

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  • MarkFromTheUKMarkFromTheUK Members  4639WRX Points: 145Handicap: KneePosts: 4,639 Titanium Tees
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    I'll take some Adidas Crossflex shoes please.
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    KaBoom Baby!
  • bellkenbellken Members  886WRX Points: 153Posts: 886 Golden Tee
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    great pictures! The close ups on the pure motions are fantastic.
  • golfwaregolfware Members  4794WRX Points: 161Posts: 4,794 Titanium Tees
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    Wow!!!!!! Amazing display.
  • sedowneysedowney Members  516WRX Points: 0Posts: 516
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    Love the TMAG display, I think I saw my 3 wood in amongst there too, LOL . Man, those shoes look comfy ( the motion ones ).
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • bldolatbldolat Members  621WRX Points: 45Posts: 621 Golden Tee
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    Thanks for the pictures. The Puremotin shoes are very nice.
  • jones137jones137 Members  2596WRX Points: 55Posts: 2,596 Titanium Tees
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    Loving the Puremotion and Crossflex shoes!
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  • BakercountyboyBakercountyboy Members  44WRX Points: 0Posts: 44
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    Great pics! thanks for posting
  • w8liftrw8liftr w8lifting, club swinging, Metal Monster!!! ClubWRX  2258WRX Points: 62Posts: 2,258 Platinum Tees
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    The Puremotion look interesting.

  • sallyboy7153sallyboy7153 Birdie to Bogey Members  475WRX Points: 0Handicap: 10Posts: 475
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    No adipures??
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  • Titleist1455Titleist1455 Members  1572WRX Points: 1Posts: 1,572 Platinum Tees
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    PUREMOTION in white...yes please
  • timbo08timbo08 Members  2157WRX Points: 152Posts: 2,157 Platinum Tees
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    Wow all the Adidas shoes look really sharp!! Especially liking the PureMotion, not sure how I would feel about wearing the Samba's on the course, but definitely a good looking range shoe.
  • Boogs2Boogs2 Turbulence is caused by air fish Members  8485WRX Points: 151Posts: 8,485 Titanium Tees
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    Awesome pics Hip! Thanks for posting them! The PureMotion shoes (especially in black/red) look great! Any tour players using them yet?
  • ufgatrs82ufgatrs82 Members  463WRX Points: 0Posts: 463
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    Love the shoes. As always the display and marketing forTMAG is way over the top.
  • HipCheckHipCheck Twitter @robmillertime The Right CoastMarshals  6307WRX Points: 160Posts: 6,307 Marshals
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    More coming guys! Internet connection in media center is beyond horrible.
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  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • fairwayhunter31fairwayhunter31 BALL SPEED MATTERS Blue Bell, PAMembers  327WRX Points: 74Posts: 327 Greens
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    2012 lines look AMAZING!

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  • Big BenBig Ben Members  9341WRX Points: 511Handicap: 5Posts: 9,341 Titanium Tees
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    HipCheck wrote:

    More coming guys! Internet connection in media center is beyond horrible.
    Thanks for the pics Rob, solid stuff! Any surprises at the show this year?
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  • Rapture25Rapture25 ClubWRX  846WRX Points: 92Posts: 846 ClubWRX
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    I have on the adicross shoes right now and they are awesome. Classic white leather that is comfortable for long days at the office. Looks great with slacks, jeans or shorts. I wouldn't say these are for the course but definitely stylish around town.
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  • WVPWVP Members  2905WRX Points: 57Posts: 2,905 Titanium Tees
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    Wow, big time presence. Reminds me of Caterpillar's presence at mining shows.
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  • AdmhowarthAdmhowarth ClubWRX  404WRX Points: 86Posts: 404 ClubWRX
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    Might be time to try shoes other than FJ this year!
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • BCAmeBCAme Er.... yeah it's me..... Sick Boy. Please don't sext me. Members  211WRX Points: 0Posts: 211
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    SAMBA! Awesome.
  • DTown3011DTown3011 #DTown3011 ClubWRX  3622WRX Points: 234Posts: 3,622 ClubWRX
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    How can you not be BLOW AWAY but the absolute class that TaylorMade presents it's products? Simply the most cutting edge company in the equipment industry! Thank you very much for the pics!
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  • jokerusnjokerusn nice shoes Northern NJClubWRX  4928WRX Points: 350Handicap: 9Posts: 4,928 ClubWRX
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    BCAme wrote:

    SAMBA! Awesome.

    Totally agree. Adidas has some nice looking shoes this year. Loving the samba, puremotion, adicross and crossflex. I'll have to try those when they hit the shelves.
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    Do you have better pics of the CrossFlex?
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  • JanKo JanKo - K A Y M E R - Members  2227WRX Points: 117Posts: 2,227 Platinum Tees
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    Are there more detailed pictures of the crossflex shoes? You can see them in one of the first pictures. Look pretty interesting, a little bit like the Ecco Bioms.
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  • smackygolfsmackygolf Banned  1501WRX Points: 0Posts: 1,501
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    MJP22 wrote:

    Want the PUREMOTION shoes!

    Thanks for the pics.

    June 1 BABY!!!! I got my pre-book in last week for those and the crossflex. SO GOOD!!!

    And, I must say, the Fashion Performance stuff for autumn and winter were SO GOOD. Can't wait.
  • SlapShotGolferSlapShotGolfer Read it, Roll it, Make it Members  678WRX Points: 55Posts: 678 Golden Tee
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    Awesome pics, thanks for sharing, what a large booth, I don't think it can even be called a both, more like a super complex!
  • MilesMiles Members  103WRX Points: 46Posts: 103 Fairways
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    Not a TMAG fan but that's a mighty impressive display. TMAG certainly know how to merchandise their products. clapping.gif
  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • sheppy335sheppy335 TMAG Junkie Members  6472WRX Points: 189Handicap: 19Posts: 6,472 Titanium Tees
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    Shoes looked awesome and so did the shirts and loved the purple/White/black Jason Day model
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