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So the new Rocketballz balls have just got to my work and before i buy a sleve i was wondering if anyone has tried them yet and has any reviews on them? flight? spin? soft or hard? and forgiveness?




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    It's a fantastic price. This ball is higher launch then a TP5, soft, distance driven, with feel and spin around the greens.
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    I found one the other day and played it for about 12 holes. Nothing scientific, but he are my thoughts.

    Feels pretty good, not overly hard when hit with the irons or a putter. The two things that stand out for me are that it does not spin as much on approach shots as what I normally play (pro V1) but it is LONG. I was demoing a new driver and on each tee I hit a drive with my old driver and the demo. I alternated hitting the rocketballz with each driver and on every hole the Rocketballz was longer than the pro v1, regardless of which driver I hit it with.
  • IllestLmac13IllestLmac13 Tour Preffered Members Posts: 292
    Thats some great info! Ya i usually play the TP5 or PRO V1 and was looking for a little bit softer with more flight and forgiveness around the greens my wedges arent spin milled so spin around the green is tuff to get lol

    i think im just gonna have to get a sleve and try them out for myself and see how it goes! Thanx for all the info guys and by all means keep them coming id like to know how people feel about them for info incase golfers ask about them at my work! knowledge is everything!

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    put rocketballz into the search "this forum" box (above right) and you'll find several threads on them.
  • IllestLmac13IllestLmac13 Tour Preffered Members Posts: 292
    oh ok thank you marte!

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