Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless newport 2.. Fake?

Hey guys, i need your help. i got this from someone and i am not sure if this is real or fake... it looks pretty real, but i don't have much experience in this.. its a stainless steel model and i checked with a magnet... i can feel a little bit of attraction to the magnet but it doesn't stick to the head... shaft band looks about right.. if its a fake i think its pretty well made.. here are some pics and any help is very appreciated..


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    i'd say real, the magnet not sticking is a pretty big indicator. by saying the shaft band "looks alright" do you mean that it's affixed to the "rear" of the shaft so that it's not visible at address?
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    from what i have seen from other people studio stainless that are confirmed real (bought originally from scotty retailers) the band is a wrap around and it seems to be on the correct step area as theirs.. beyond that i don't know. the other thing i just noticed is the sight line on the back, the milling cut is not the same depth all the way through does that mean something?
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    I'm not seeing anything in these pics that would have me believe it's not a legit Cameron.
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    Legit. good.gif
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    thanks guys...i had one last input to put in on this and get your opinions... ok so i compared to another studio stainless.. and i know titleist produced this model for about 3 years.. did they make any changes even slightly between years... like the 4 colored dots on mine are a bit larger than a friend's that i looked at and the 2 on the newport 2 is a little different and scrunched on mine as well as the G on the weight is slightly different... am i being paranoid? are these legit differences between the 3 years they made this model? thanks again guys for your expert eyes on this matter...
  • jc123jc123 Posts: 156
    sorry for all the extra pics..i am new at this and still trying to figure out posting..
  • RedSideRedSide Posts: 827
    looks good to me.
  • ruxpin23ruxpin23 Posts: 132 ✭✭
    reviving a 6 yr old thread, but i've seen both versions on ebay and random pictures. has there been any resolution as to whether both are authentic?
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    all pictured are real.
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    Yanki01 wrote:
    all pictured are real.

    Thanks. Was there any confirmation on what the reasons for the differences are? I happen to have two with the exact same differences as well
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    I just ran into the same issue on two different studio stainless Newport 2s that I have and was worried sick. Glad someone thinks both pictures are legit, but definitely curious why there are these differences. Will continue to investigate.
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    Hi there. Need a bit of help. I've been offered a Scotty studio stainless Newport beach but I have never seen one like this. It has a custom paint fill with everything paint filled red. It has a alignment line on the top ridge but this is the strange bit it has grooves the same as a yes putter on the face. I cannot find a single pic of one the same online. I have had a go with this putter and have to say it was fantastic once I'd got over the different sound and feel from that sound slot. It has me a little worried that it could be a fake but at the same time I'm thinking why would you make a copy of a Scotty and then change the look completely. Anyone heard of any custom work on a Scotty like this before?

    Any advice would be gratefully received. Cheers
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