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Ask questions NOW for a chance to win TA RAZR Fit w/Project X Black
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[size="3"]Callaway’s Luke Williams, global director of woods and irons and True Temper’s Chad Hall, director product marketing and global tour operations will be here live fielding all your questions. Join us!

On Monday, May 14, from 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. EDT GolfWRX members will have the chance to discuss Callaway’s new Tour Authentic RAZR FIT driver which is offered with the new Project X Black shaft. Williams and Hall will be available to answer any questions about the new driver and shaft.

***Also, any GolfWRX member who submits a question that is answered during the live chat will have a chance to win one of three Tour Authentic RAZR FIT drivers with a Project X Black shaft.***

Here are the details again...

  • When: Monday May 14, 2PM EDT
  • Who: Callaway's Luke Williams and True Temper's Chad Hall
  • What: Callaway's Tour Authentic RAZR Fit driver & new Project X Black Shaft
  • Ask: A question and if it's answered, you're eligible to win 1 of 3 Tour Authentic RAZR Fit drivers with a Project X Black Shaft

Tour Authentic RAZR Fit: The combination of Forged Composite and OptiFit Technology makes Callaway’s first driver featuring adjustability the performance leader. The OptiFit Tour Hosel offers nine unique face angles to choose from and the six OptiFit Tour Weights allow for a more finely tuned ball flight and trajectory. Golfers can dial in their ideal settings with Tour Authentic Technology and hit drives with distance and accuracy like never before.

Project X Black: The new Project X Black features a 10% weight reduction from the original Project X graphite for explosive power while preserving critical tip stability and low spin performance. With proprietary Dual Torsional Control, Project X Black reduces spin rates at impact for optimized peak trajectory with flatter descent angles for maximum carry and roll.[/size]


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  • aadavis58aadavis58 Members Posts: 3
    What technology makes the RAZR Fit longer than other drivers out there? Why should I not buy a Taylormade RBZ Tour or the Ping I20?
  • Mward2002Mward2002 Members Posts: 1,080
    For years, Callaway did their best to stay out of the adjustable driver market. What made 2012 the year they decided enough was enough, let's show the masses why we can make a better driver than the rest of the market?
  • FlopShotFredFlopShotFred Members Posts: 342
    With the Razr Fit Tour Authentic hosel, do the +/- on the second cog simply open or close the face more or does it adjust the lie? For a right-handed golfer, is there a way to play a draw with a lower ball flight? It is my understanding that closing the face would increase the actual loft, thus not correcting the high ball flight issue.
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  • jabrchjabrch Members Posts: 3,915 ✭✭
    edited May 9, 2012 #5
    Chad, What was the release strategy around the RF, The RF TA and the Custom RF all being staggered so much? Was there a reason they couldn't all be released in February so that a buyer could have his choice of the newest option, rather than have to buy the RF on 2/15, then uprgade to a TA or a Custom later?

    I bought a RF on 2/15, but wished I was able to get a TA....or maybe an Orange....or maybe an Orange TA...
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  • MadGolfer76MadGolfer76 Admiration is the state furthest from understanding. Members Posts: 20,083 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    You guys have the best commercials out there now. What are you going to do next? Hints?
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  • 3 piece3 piece Members Posts: 246 ✭✭
    Given the shaft options available for the Razr Fit Driver, just how many set-up combinations are there?

  • golfercolegolfercole Members Posts: 75
    What makes Callaway's driver better than taylormade's who has the title of #1 drivers in golf?
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  • avg_josephavg_joseph Members Posts: 490 ✭✭✭✭

    Project X Black Fairway and Hybrid shafts are available from one major OEM, will these shafts be made available for purchase at the consumer level?
  • kduncan55kduncan55 Members Posts: 25
    Luke, please describe the advantages of the Tour Authenic Razr Fit vs the Razr Fit Driver.
  • teeituphighteeituphigh Head Professional - Hastings Golf Club, NZ Hastings, New ZealandMembers Posts: 1,213 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    How is True Temper going to continue to push the envelope? Surely there must be a time where we reach maximum capactiy! I notice shafts are getting lighter now, how light can we go? Will we end up like fly fishing rods?
  • TidiliwompTidiliwomp Members Posts: 169

    What viability, if any, is there in coatings and paints that reduce friction in order to increase impact speeds? We have seen that the shaft used for the Cobra Long Tom supposedly has a paint that reduces friction through the air can we expect to see Callaway (or any club maker) utilizing similar technology in the future?

    Also the Razr name lends it self so well to a simple blade putter... possibly with the Odyssey Metal X Insert anything in the works?

  • SPY ZINGERSPY ZINGER Members Posts: 3,313 ✭✭
    Luke: Are the weights for the RAZR Fit going to be released to consumers to modify swing weight/flight bias? Also, will the tips be sold to consumers as well?

  • Br1an02;Br1an02; Members Posts: 1,089
    How long did the entire Razr Fit project take, from idea to production?
  • displaynamedisplayname Members Posts: 2,004 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Will the TA RF be even quieter then non TA version. I know many people are looking for that hot melt "muted" sound in a driver, and it's rarely found off the shelf. Any changes that we might see that in this TA version?
  • Marks23Marks23 Members Posts: 1,255 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Why is the Razr Fit TA (and Razr Fit for that matter) designed with the high swingweight? Is the Project X Black in the TA the same shaft that can be purchased aftermarket or is it designed for the TA?
  • Jesse SanchezJesse Sanchez The Knife Members Posts: 278 ✭✭✭✭
    I want a Razr Fit TA, Will this be available to the public. or is it just for tour pros?
  • chilidipper72chilidipper72 Members Posts: 61 ✭✭
    edited May 9, 2012 #18

    Lots of us that are planning to buy the Razr Fit TA are wondering if we will be able to buy additional shafts from callaway individually for the TA, and if we will be able to buy the additional shafts with the dual tour cogs already installed for our TAs or just the single cogs available currently?
  • GoldenhawkGoldenhawk Members Posts: 3,241 ✭✭
    Luke: The RAZR Fit TA is creating some buzz, and the RAZR Fit is a good seller. What does Callaway see as the next evolution of the RAZR Fit concept.

    Chad: The RAZR Black irons feature the True Temper Memphis 10 shafts. This is not the first time that Callaway has used this shaft in previous irons (X-14s and earlier). What made Callaway choose this shaft for the RAZR Black iron, is the shaft updated, and what are the properties of the Memphis 10 shaft?
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  • YepyukonYepyukon Hinge + Hold Members Posts: 4,128 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 9, 2012 #20
    Luke- I have a lot of friends and family in the military and Callaway has always shown great character with their support for Birdies for the Brave. I was wondering if you were going to release anything this year (possibly not in camo but still sharing a portion of proceeds to the cause)? Maybe even a camo or red/white/blue accent RAZR Fit head?

    Thank you Luke and Chad for your time.
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  • Bobby sBobby s Members Posts: 536
    edited May 9, 2012 #21
    I've never used a Driver with Swingweight technology. How beneficial would it be to my game to have the RAZR fit with this technology? What different things could I do?Is it easy to adjust the settings around?
  • Will ParWill Par Members Posts: 1,005
    How much directional difference (in yards left or right) would a consistent player see between the open, square, and closed settings on the RAZR Fit driver with similar swings? Or what is the difference that Callaway has determined from robotic testing?
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  • is76550is76550 Members Posts: 1,313 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    Mr Williams what do you believe will be Callaways next break through technology? You have had many advancements from the original Big Berthas to the new RAZR Fit with adjustable weights, a super light crown, and adjustable shaft technology. I am curious to know where the next breakthrough will come from. Thank you for your time.

    Mr Hall, I am a huge fan of the Project X graphite shafts ( was using an early prototype until I lent it to my brother in as and I haven't seen it since). My question is it yours or True Tempers philosophy that lighter is better? There are a lot of manufacturers who are going to very light shafts I was hoping forward to your opinons on these ultra light shafts and their effect on distance and accuracy. Thank you for your time as well.

    To GolfWRX thanks for the giveaway and forputting this all together.
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  • gavman07gavman07 Members Posts: 169
    With Callaway now becoming a leader in the personal customization trend that has hit golf with the new "custom color" RAZR Fit, has True Temper talked to Callaway about possibly offering "custom color" project X driver shafts or even custom color labeled iron shafts? Obviously this has no affect on performance, but do Callaway and True Temper currently talk about teaming up to be the pioneer in a truly fully custom driver?
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  • JPNC1977JPNC1977 Members Posts: 530 ✭✭
    I understand the TA hosel provides 3 sub-positions for Open, Standard, and Closed which equates to a total of 9 different positions. Can you comment on the change in effective loft for each of the positions?
  • homergolfhomergolf Bay Village, OHMembers Posts: 1,677 ✭✭
    Hi guys. Thanks for the chance to win. Do you feel that with the new CEO there will be any fundamental changes in the strategy Callaway employs its product lineup? Will there be more emphasis on "players" stuff or game improvement products, or no change at all?
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    ...for now
  • shortfieldshortfield Members Posts: 86
    Seems like every OEM, Callaway included, has several iron models that offer various True Temper steel shafts as stock options. But its more difficult to find stock graphite shafts with True Temper logos on them. I'm sure there are a ton of reasons for that, but I am excited to see the Project X Black as a stock option for the Razr Fit TA. What characteristics of the Project X Black stand out, and helped Callaway choose it as its go to shaft?
  • tbombtbomb Wheel, Snipe, Party - Gongshow Hockey Members Posts: 2,372 ✭✭
    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for taking the time out of your day.

    1) How does Callaway decide what to use for a stock shaft?

    > (I hit the RHT w/ the RIP, and the RZR Fit with the Stock RIP'D NV and both were really solid, props!!)

    2) Please explain Callaway's marketing strategy with their irons, are so many models really necessary?

  • Yellow JacketYellow Jacket Members Posts: 3,535 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    How did Callaway decide to offer adjustment for face angle and heel/toe weighting but not lie or loft? Do you feel that some adjustment systems are too overwhelming in their options?
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  • lukesmurf59lukesmurf59 Look at me, look at me... WHA-PANG!! LET'S GO! Members Posts: 2,802 ✭✭
    Luke, (my name too by the way) can you go more into the exact adjustability of the TA vs. Retail and any differences? I was told the TA may have a slightly deeper face or appear shorter front to back. Are there any differences in the head aside from the pvd finish and green accents? Is the greater adjustability the only change structurally?

    Also, I would love to know more about the decision making process you guys go through regarding what the product released to the public will be. How do you choose shafts especially? What about the rather high swingweight on these clubs?

    Thanks so much, I have been itching to try a Razr Fit TA. Now would be a great chance! Would go well w/ my X-proto's, razr x tour hybrid and hex black tour balls. Wonder if it can finally knock out the FT Tour...
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  • Ugo DeRosaUgo DeRosa Ugo Derosa Members Posts: 1,055
    I see you have added additional custom shaft options since the Razr Fit was first released. Can you tell us some of the additional custom shaft models that will be added to this list in the next couple of months?

    I love my Razr Fit. Best driver on the market.

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