Best golf shot you ever made



  • 2putttom2putttom # 1 Oregon Duck fan Members Posts: 9,770 ✭✭
    # 15 Bandon Dunes known as "**** Bunker". I have been in it a few times and every time said to myself " who the F*#! designed this hole". Last spring I hit a 60* out and thought sounded good..felt good. But being fifteen feet below the hole I couldn't see my results. I walk out, around and up the hill....ewww image/yahoo.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':yahoo:' /> there was my ball twelve inches from the cup.
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    I hit a couple of 7-irons Sunday that, while they didn't get all that close to the hole (8-12 feet) felt and looked like perfect golf shots. On one, my gf's 10-year-old was sitting in the golf cart a little ahead and to the left of me and said, "That sounded like a laser or something." I later hit a 3-wood off the tee 250-260 with a slight draw right down the middle of the fairway.

    They were the kind of shots that make you come back the next time.
  • Lamo70Lamo70 Posts: 459
    1) Northview Canal par 3, ball was in the edge of the pond submerged 1 inch. Hit it out to 3 feet from the pin, made par.

    2) Big Sky, faiway bunker about 140 away, hit 8 iron to 12 inches from cup. Birdie.

    3) last week at Furry Creek, par 3, hit 2 feet from the cup, whizzed back, hit the pin. tap in for bird, almost a hole in 1

    Wife: Hole in one on #8 at Morgan Creek. The screaming from that group of broads was incredible, you would have thought Jon Bonjovi was sighted.
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    18th hole, par 5. Good drive to the right side of the fairway. I had 255 hole, 242 front with a large bunker front-left and another mid-right of a long, narrow green. Pulled the 3-Wood out. Put a sweet swing on it... a nice high cut that started 10-15 yards left of the green and was turning back perfectly. It felt like the ball was in the air for an hour. When it finally touched down, it carried the front left bunker and rolled up to 8 feet. The eagle put burned the edge, but the birdie was a tap in. The next thing I knew, the round was over... no more holes... it was official... my first ever round of even par.

    I have a hole-in-one, but this was by far the best shot I've ever hit. I remember the shot more like I was a spectator, as opposed to the person hitting it. I don't know why I remember it that way, but I like to think that it's because I was finally able to get out of my own way when stepping up to a shot that I wanted so badly to execute.
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  • kellygreenkellygreen Members Posts: 6,413
    The 18th at the course that used to be my home course was a 430-ish-yd par 40 with a sharp dogleg left and a fairway bunker guarding the knee on the right.

    My drives on this hole would typically wind up in our near the bunker as I played away from the water hazard hidden in the trees to the left. This day I missed the bunker, but drove it through the dogleg and the fairway. Wound up with 175yd to the hole with a good, slightly-downhill lie in the rough. Still conditions.

    Pulled a 7-iron and went right at the pin that was cut pretty close to the center of the green. Made my swing and made flush contact. The shot tracked right at the pin, and when it came down I heard this loud "THWACK" and the ball shot straight up in the air about 15 feet. Came down and then spun back 20 feet from the hole. When I got up to the green I saw my pitch mark literally straddling the edge of the cup.

    I had nearly slam-dunked it. But the ball had hit the pin, shot up in the air...then ripped back away from the hole.

    Of course, I missed the birdie putt and settled for a par. image/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />
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  • ShankleyShankley Members Posts: 8
    My best would have to be last week. Playing at the home course with 3 mates, casual evening round after work. I played horribly for half the round, I think because I was wearing new shoes, and they loosened on me as I wore them. Once I tightened them on the 12th hole or so I was OK.

    Anyway, I was feeling de-moralised after the performance I'd put in, just waiting to get away to the pub. 18th hole is a 290 yard par 4, straight and narrow (links course). The green is raised about 15ft from the lowest point on the fairway, which slopes down until just before the green. There's a bombhole guarding the front-right side of the green, and the fairway slopes left to right as well, so it's easy to get sucked into that.

    I stepped up, as I say, just eager to get off the course. Swung like I didn't care, and watched the ball disappear into the dusk, as it was easily 9.30pm at this point. Suddenly one of the guys exclaims 'that's on the green'. I squint and make out my ball, 12ft from the pin. I was absolutely floored. For reference, I can virtually never hold this green with a sand wedge, and generally I'm chipping out of the bombhole after a failed attempt from 40 yards or something. It's a complete pig! I must have caught the downslope perfectly, to give the ball enough momentum to climb the slope, avoid the bombhole and curl right, towards the pin.

    I missed the eagle putt but sank the birdie, and as the first par 4 I've driven the green on, it remains the best shot in my short career.
  • Willie MalayWillie Malay Members Posts: 2,667 ✭✭
    Some would say it was the $50,000 I won in a hole-in-one contest but that is just luck.

    Playing in our club championship, on the hardest hole on the course. 2nd shot is blind over a hill. Thought I hit a good shot but got up to the green and no ball. Looked around. Nothing. Looked in the hole. Nothing. I decide to look behind the green. There is a ditch with rip-rap rock in it. I get past that and now behind the green and it I find my ball. Great. Never been there before. The pin is all the way back on the green and the green now slopes away from me. No chance to get close. I hit it on the green and it rolls to the front of the green, some 50 feet from the hole. I one-putt for par, saving a 2-under round and lead in the championship!
  • VengVeng Posts: 1,289
    I'm not sure if it's the best ever, but I did a memerable one the other day. 3 wood off the tee, lost it short and left (exactly where I didn't want to be). There's trees between me and the green, too tall to go over, a hill infront of me preventing me from going under, and I'm to dumb to try to lay up around. So I grab the same 3wood I just missed off the tee, close the **** out of my stance, aim right of the trees, and make a ball draw about 100 yards left and ~200 long to get on the front of the green.
  • jjordan3806jjordan3806 Members Posts: 56
    First post, figured it should be in here. This year, playing the course next to my job with my dad (Klamath Falls, OR). Hole 8, short par 3 with island green, a wierd in between clubs yardage. My dad doesn't hit his clubs nearly as far as me, so after he uses his 9 iron to reach the green I pull out my sand wedge with the wind at my back, make a distance comment and knock it a foot and a half from the hole. His glaring at me the rest of the round - priceless.
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  • Hole In one on a par 4


    3 wood (downwind before I get called out)

    Never left the pin
  • GTA SOLGTA SOL Members Posts: 545 ✭✭
    Eagle on a short par 4 (340 yrds). Hit terrible drive short and right into deep rough so the next shot is all up hill and you can only see maybe the front 10 yrds of the green.

    Took a 7 iron from 150 yrds and somehow managed to get good contact on ball.

    Saw it track to right hand side of green but couldn't see it land - it looked long.

    Walked up to green and there was no ball on green so I was about to check the rough behind green when I though 'what the ****' lets check the hole.

    Bingo - eagle. Was just a little put out that I didn't see it go in the hole.

    Only other eagle was a 3rd shot 70 yrd pitch into a par 5 - hit it well and turned away to put my club away when playing partners start shouting - it went in hole and again I missed it!
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    kellygreen wrote:

    The 18th at the course that used to be my home course was a 430-ish-yd par 40 with a sharp dogleg left and a fairway bunker guarding the knee on the right.

    My drives on this hole would typically wind up in our near the bunker as I played away from the water hazard hidden in the trees to the left. This day I missed the bunker, but drove it through the dogleg and the fairway. Wound up with 175yd to the hole with a good, slightly-downhill lie in the rough. Still conditions.

    Pulled a 7-iron and went right at the pin that was cut pretty close to the center of the green. Made my swing and made flush contact. The shot tracked right at the pin, and when it came down I heard this loud "THWACK" and the ball shot straight up in the air about 15 feet. Came down and then spun back 20 feet from the hole. When I got up to the green I saw my pitch mark literally straddling the edge of the cup.

    I had nearly slam-dunked it. But the ball had hit the pin, shot up in the air...then ripped back away from the hole.

    Of course, I missed the birdie putt and settled for a par. image/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />

    You must play that hole under par every time you play
  • pdaeropdaero Lefty Boomers Posts: 6,015 ✭✭
    My only hole-out was from 115 with a smooth PW from the fairway on a par 4 after pitching out from trees. The best I've probably hit was a 6 iron on a par 3 over water to 6 inches short - it never left the flagstick!
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  • McgeenoMcgeeno Members Posts: 1,948 ✭✭
    Ten years or so ago now, but I was a near scratch junior golfer playing the other 'hotshot' junior at our club.

    We're both even par teeing off 18 and we both pipe our drives down the middle. I was about fifteen yards longer than him.

    On the approach shot he had close to 150, two-tiered green with a pond on the left guarding the bottom tier. Pin front left, behind the water.

    He hits an excellent approach that hit the top tier and trickled down to the bottom about 8-10 feet away.

    Pressure was on for my approach, I hit a gorgeous PW that was tracking the whole way. It landed a foot in front of the hole, checked up and left me a kick in birdie to shoot one under and beat him after he missed his putt.

    Considering the pressure and how I hit the exact shot I wanted and knew it was stiff, that was my favorite.

    I also made my one and only ace at my home course on the 16th hole to close out a match in the mens club quarterfinals. That was fun too.
  • W2_GolferW2_Golfer Jr. Boomers Posts: 569
    Have a few shots that come to mind.

    1. Dirt in the wound, i was playing at this course which became a 6 hour round. Like 20+ over thru 16 and I'm sitting 145 with an 8. Don't even hit it well but sure enough it drops for eagle. That was maybe my bumpiest round ever.

    2. Best shot was probably my hole in one, 169 5 iron. Pick it clean off the tee so it has extreme spin, lands 1 foot away and 1 hops in. Very next hole i chip in for birdie from 30 yards but i still manage to shoot 82. image/black eye.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':black eye:' />

    3. On a 500+ yard dog leg right par 5 wind helping that day i hit my drive to 230 out. I was spinning my 3 wood so much i said **** it and take out my driver. Carry it 210 right into a false front kicks up and goes to 15 feet. Drained the putt for eagle.
  • Sing GolferSing Golfer Members Posts: 385
    Corey Pavin's recovery shot from earlier in the year looked regulation compared to the one I pulled off last year.

    30 yards from a green 10 feet higher than me, could only see the top of the flag which was on the far side of the green.

    Deep bunker in between my ball and the hole.

    My ball was about 6 inches from a tree, so had to flip a wedge over, face away from the hole and hit it one handed backwards.

    Flushed it, high into the air, onto the green and within 6 feet. Made the birdie. Buzzing for the rest of the day!
  • YangerYanger Posts: 393
    Short par 4 - drove it into the greeside bunker on the shortside. Needed the get the ball up quick to clear the lip with some spin - caught the ball clean, should have air mailed the green but it hit the flag and flag stick, dropped straight down and went in the hole.

    Easy eagle image/swoon.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':swoon:' />
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  • Idk if it was my best shot ever, but def the best shot for me today. So par 5 dog leg right, hit my driver way of line and land on the previous holes fairway 205yards away from my green..Then the best shot of the day happen with a 7 iron from the opposite fairway, over the trees, over the sand, for soft landing about 8ft away from the cup giving me a Under GIR, and a chance for eagle...

    However did miss the eagle but got birdie!
  • tsupotsupo ClubWRX Posts: 1,179 ✭✭
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    ah.. ok.., ..

    i was on the short 595 yrd par 4, up hill cross wind ( left sholder/right ) at 40 knotts 18th .

    i was 11 under and looking good to take the coin that day.

    as my but was only 10 under, and he fluffed his driver 390 yards into a tree.and it stuck in a branch, , he had to climb up 30 feet. to play it. not a bad shot wed thought he made with his 7 iron to 12 feet uphill.

    until he saw my shot...!

    i took driver off tee. hit a stinger. thump with my 49inch, 4* proto head.

    that just roared out over the ocean to the left. and literally under the wind centimerets above the 10 foot waves that we re booming into the cliff yards below...

    the cut i put on it was aided by the wind and it manouverd back to centre fairway ONLKY to find onew of the 554 bunkers on my course, 99 yards out.

    having less than 100 yards in , but being i n the fairway bunker that was 23 feet deep, and needing a harness to rapell to get down there. i took my 87* lob wedge, opened it up so i wouldnt fly the green and agn cut the ball, i had to aim backwards so the wind took it forwards with the intense slice/ spin id put on the ball .

    it ONLY just landed on the greens back edge !

    luckily.., it spun so much it burned a scar in the grass as it careered backwards to the pin, that extra 90 feet. it hit the pin and just clunked.

    nice ealge to finish, my bud made his bird to go -11 and take the coin as i was spottitng him 3 nassau and id presed him.

    i was bummed. what a way to loose.
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  • lumberman2462lumberman2462 Members Posts: 5,325 ✭✭
    I've had a hole in one - so that's my best.

    Best shot I've ever seen was in a tournament and the guy riding with me had a tricky 80-90 yard wedge shot to a front pin, spin would pull it back in the water, and long was a disaster. He messed around talking to himself forever and then said, "only chance I've got to get it close it is to hit it fat on purpose." And he surely did. Chunked it - with water short - and it land soft about a foot from the hole. Guy made the putt for birdie, birdied the 18th and won the tournament by one shot. It was pretty tough.
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  • jd8102jd8102 Members Posts: 500 ✭✭
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    I havent been golfing too long but here's how I got my first birdie on a par 4. It was a dogleg left 356 to pin, I tired to draw my drive on the corner, but it didnt turn over. I ended up in the woods in between two trees with over hanging branches in front of me with about 130 to the pin. Also there was a huge bunker to the right of the green so I decided to hit a low running cut( didnt think I would pull it off but I was already in the forest so why not). Hit it perfect ran up the green to 2 ft from the cup. I'm just glad I had a buddy with me to witness it.
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  • Kadin 25Kadin 25 BIG K Members, Featured Writer Posts: 6,652
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    Par 3: pin located 6 paces from the back, green sloping back to front. I figured I would try to hit behind the pin and let it suck back to the hole. Well the ball hit the fringe and kicked straight back and landed next to an electrical box and was burried deep into the mulch. So as I was looking at it, my playing partners were laughing and joking saying "man what would a tour pro do with that" I said jokingly well they would go like this and kick their leg up on the box make a couple half swing practice swings and pop this bad boy on the green for an up and down. So I wasn't really taking it all that serious just having some fun with it, well before you know it I actually took a swing at it. The ball popped up and out and hit the stick and fell in the hole for a birdie..needless to say we all lost it laughing and cheering like we just won the Ryder Cup on that shot. I guess when you don't take it too serious good things happen. Anyway my buddy snapped this shot of me right at that moment.

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  • m4tTy333m4tTy333 Mr. Members Posts: 351

    haha, nothing like "the look"

    As for me, 5th hole at Bethpage Black. I was in the left edge of the fairway, 221 yards to the hole with a breeze in my face. Anybody who has ever played there will tell you that's absolutely dead. I felt like such an idiot waiting for the green to clear, because here I am sitting 221 yards away to an elevated green after hitting a drive that went at most 250 downhill. Absolutely pured the shot, hit a perfect high draw around the trees which landed on the green and stopped pinhigh 10 feet from the hole. Missed the birdie putt but I'll remember that shot for a long time.

    Thats a great shot buddy. I had a very similar shot on that hole. I was exactly on the left edge of the fairway. I played it from allllll the way back for some odd reason. Hit a duck hook off the tee, not sure the exact yardage I had left, but I hit a HUGE high draw with a 4 iron. Might i add, I was hitting everything pure that day, only bad shot was the previous shot. Boy did this thing draw. Caught the right side of the green and the ball spun hard left. We probably had the exact same putt, and hey, we both missed it!
  • m4tTy333m4tTy333 Mr. Members Posts: 351
    But one shot that comes to mind, was playing at the course I work at. 4th hole is a par 5 dogleg right. Huge tree blocking the green forcing you to hit a high cut. Hit a great drive left center, had 224 to the pin. I had this taylormade r7 7 wood for some odd reason. My partner blocked his tee shot to the point he had to play it down 15th fairway. There he is 50 yards from the green and he gives me the ok to go. Never seemed to hit this 7 wood good, but this time. i hit it perfect. Nice high cut. over the tree. All of a sudden i hear my buddy scream " are you f*cking serious!!!" I holed out for a 2 on a par 5. Was the only time I've EVER done that, and I believe it will be the ONLY time I do so. This was also the day i had the best 3 hole stretch on a golf course, going albatross, birdie, birdie, to than go double, bogy, par. Mind boggling!
  • CCUgolfer23CCUgolfer23 Members Posts: 3,095 ClubWRX
    I was in a high school during a pratice round, hit a ball in a lateral hazard off the tee (tried to draw, ended up double crossing) hit a good 20 yard draw into the green to 6 feet and made bird.
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  • So a round the other day pretty lucky shot..So its a dog leg with water on both sides of the fairway at different points one on the left is short the one on the right is like 230yards down the fairway.. and there is a HUGE tree that blocks alot of the line..This hole just promotes crazy shots...

    So i lay up short of the i thought with a 9iron so i am about 180yds out from the green right behind the playing partner goes can you clear the tree, without missing a beat i say "watch and learn"

    So i hit my shot...didnt go over the tree but somehow made it through the branches carried the water bounced off the cart path which is like 1ft from the pond...and on the green about 20ft from the hole.
  • FSCMattFSCMatt Formerly the_matt5 Members Posts: 1,015
    #6 at Butler National

    I was playing in "The Caddy Cup" which is a Ryder Cup style tournament every year between the top 10 Dunes Club caddies and the Butler National Caddies. It's very competitive and serious so it only makes this shot better.

    I hit a terrible snap hook a drive from the tips (475 yds) and I'm on the front of the tee box for #4. There are some trees between 6 fairway and I that are about 20 feet tall or so and not very far away from me.

    I looked at my caddy and told him to give me the 3 wood. He looked at me like I was insane. My partner and I were down 2 at the time so I figured I had nothing to lose. I got my 3 wood over the trees and about 15 yards short of the green and got it up and down for par to halve the hole.

    Everyone that saw the shot was absolutely astonished that I actually pulled it off, including myself.
  • vokeyloyalistvokeyloyalist Junior golfer Members Posts: 197
    I hit my drive way left, had the ball wayyyy above my feet and hit a six iron to a pin a couple feet on the green guarded by a bunker at my club c
  • RdjrRdjr Das Boot Posts: 250

    NYCC. That's the course we hit up when all the local ones close in the winter. Congrats on the shot.

    MoondogNYC wrote:

    Couple of weeks ago. My hole in one. Posted it [url=&quot;;]HERE[/url] ...but here is the story anyway.

    So at the age of 48, I finally got my first hole in one.The stage was at the New York Country Club on the 12th hole. It was 137 yards to the middle, but the flag was placed up front on a severe sloping part of the green.It palyed 106 to the pin.

    It was a suckers pin because if you miss short, you will roll 20 yards off of the green and if you go too long, there are 2 tiers to putt downhill into the down hill cup placement.

    So I went for I grabbed my sandwedge.

    The swing was great and it sailed high landing just left of the cup. It spun back and to the right and rolled right into the cup. The kicker is that when I looked up I was momentarily blinded by the sun.It wasn't until my partners started yelling "it went in" that I realized my luck.

    So, after buying lunch and beverages at the clubhouse (my tab, of course) I kept riding high until I got to work. We finished at 10 am...come to think of it, I'm still flying high. Cheers !
  • schuylerschuyler Members Posts: 783 ✭✭
    Was playing a tourney once and on #12 I shanked my 3rd shot on a par 5 over the trees and onto the downslope by the #13 tee box. Then i Hit a 62* wedge over the trees and into the hole for birdie. Then I one putt parred every hole on the way in to shoot 75 and win by a shot!!
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