Poll: Staff bag, Carry bag, or Cart bag?



  • YepyukonYepyukon Hinge + Hold Members Posts: 4,127 ✭✭
    I clicked both Staff for riding and carry for walking but I use a Staff bag probably 90% of the year.
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  • sirparalotsirparalot Members Posts: 721 ✭✭
    My 15 year old Ping Hoofer still gets it done. When it can't go anymore it will be replaced by another member of the hoofer family image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
  • apprenti23apprenti23 ClubWRX Posts: 3,885
    I only use the staff bag when teaching and/or playing in tournaments bc I have to. I hate everything about the staff bag- heavy, too many pockets, etc. Honestly, what could you possibly put in there? Throw a dozen balls in there with some tees and they get lost. I use my carry/ stand bag every other time. It's lightweight, still has too many pockets, but its better than the staff bag.

    I guess I'll never understand why people need all of those pockets on their bags. What would you need other than a water bottle, some balls, and some tees?
  • Aces-6Aces-6 Marshals, BST Volunteer Mods Posts: 3,031 mod
    SM C-130 for riding rounds and SM Swift X for walking. IMO, SM has the bag market cornered.
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  • Hacker#5252Hacker#5252 Members Posts: 379
    Sun Mountain Four 5. I used to have a C-130 but I enjoy carrying a lot more.
  • LaFleur0707LaFleur0707 Members Posts: 28
    I love when i see hacker with staff bags with their names on it. It always gives me a good laugh.
  • jli2636jli2636 Members Posts: 1,039 ✭✭
    Hoofer c1, I usually fluctuate between walking and riding, but prefer a lightweight bag either way
  • WalleyeDaveWalleyeDave Members Posts: 1,414
    Cart bag. I ride because of a bad back.
  • TheMoneyShotTheMoneyShot ***FIGJAM/Twirl of Doom*** Members Posts: 30,590 ✭✭
    Staff bag for me. I love the extra room and the way they look.
  • amBucksamBucks Members Posts: 31
    Carry bag. Got to get some exercise somehow! :P
  • GreenieGreenie Members Posts: 3,517 ✭✭
    I have all three.

    I like my staff bag for when we play and ride 36 holes.I pack it down with everything because I'm going to out there for awhile. I also love the looks I get when someone sees me with a staff bag and then sees that I am a hacker. Priceless.

    I use my cart bag when riding a quick 18. No use to load it down. Traveling light. Fits better on a cart then my stand bag.

    I love my Four5 stand bag for walking. I love walking the most and this bag is nice for throwing it over my shoulder and going.
  • Antnee94Antnee94 Members Posts: 394
    Titleist 14 Way Stand Bag, best of both worlds. Big enough to be a cart bag and light enough to carry, or throw on my push cart.
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  • SilkkSilkk moo Members Posts: 185
    Hybrid cart bag and stand bag. Sun Mountain Hybrid.
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  • inthefairwayinthefairway Members Posts: 1,295 ✭✭
    edited Mar 29, 2013 #45
    I have the 2010 Sun Mountain S One cart bag!!!! I like the 14 dividers and convieniences that the bag has!!!
  • pat007pat007 Long Ball Silver Unregistered Posts: 526
    Titleist lightweight carry bag and I love my Titleist Sunday bag. I have a staff bag with my name on it for work, but try not to use that, too much junk accumulates in it.

  • XLR8GolfXLR8Golf Members Posts: 109
    Ping Moon Bag!
  • dave williedave willie Members Posts: 799 ✭✭
    I've got all three, and use 'em all. I usually walk and carry a SM 3.5 in good weather. I use a Speed Cart and a SM Dlx SCB when the weather is iffy and I pack an umbrella, rain pants/jacket, extra towels, etc.. When I ride I have a TaylorMade staff bag that is huge, no way I'd ever fill it up but it's a nice bag. It's also nice to use the Speed Cart in tournaments when I have drinks, food and other stuff along.

    The only drawback of the Deluxe Speed Cart Bag is that it's no good on a Riding Cart -- the clubs are backwards or the pockets are inaccessible, depending on how you mount it. Great for using with a Speed Cart, however. Other than the Taylor Staff bag, I've been a Sun Mountain customer for many years. Good stuff.

    Oh, and since I'm one of the rare guys on this forum that has multiple sets of irons, drivers and countless putters and wedges, the extra bags are good for storing the stuff you rotate in and out of play.
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  • NickPhillipsNickPhillips Army Golfer Members Posts: 612
    I have a stand bag I usually use, but just got a Puma Staff bag with my name on it as a going away present from work.. Yes I will use it even though it has my name and yes I s#^& ... Who cares.
  • iammika53iammika53 Members Posts: 3
    I'm looking at getting a new bag and the choice is endless. I walk with the cart all the time but I'm thinking of trying a stand bag but I like the idea of space in the staff bag (but don't want people to laugh at me hacking)
  • sspssp Members Posts: 1,023 ✭✭
    I have all 3 - use the stand bag. Ride 100% of the time. I am not totally satisfied with any of them. I am leaning towards getting a midsize staff bag.

    I dislike individual club dividers. Thinking about doing surgery on my cart bag to go with the old standard 3 dividers. But It will likely ruin the bag - hence why I am not thinking Mid size staff bag.
  • jmvargasjmvargas Members Posts: 6,201 ✭✭
    i used to be some sort of a bag ho..specially full-sized and mid-sized staff bags which matched my clubs...

    after 55 years in the game i am now convinced that the most practical golf bag is a stand bag..

    if you can find one with the proper size for all your accessories this is the way to go..

    my Adidas AG Tour stand bag normally has the following in it:..(plus at least 14 clubs and an umbrella of course)..

    ..rain cover and hat

    ..extra shirt, towel, socks and rain jacket

    ..range finder

    ..small pouch bag with extra balls, tees,gloves,markers,bandaids,advil,rulebook,moleskin,etc...

    it fits perfectly in my travel cover bag for airline travel with enough extra space for shoes and other stuff..

    my staff bags are now relegated to being receptacles for my extra clubs..
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  • sspssp Members Posts: 1,023 ✭✭
    Interesting - Jones has come out with a rider bag. i know I was going to get another original if I started walking again. This is an interesting option but i think it is about $30 - 50 too high (259.00)???


  • CwingCwing #TaylorMade TwistFace Experience 2018 Go Big Blue!!! 8x Champs. Who Dey !!! Go Bengals,Members Posts: 8,063 ✭✭
    xerpro wrote:

    I have a stand bag that if I sneak out and walk a few holes...Usually dont carry a full bag...

    But for the normal rounds, I use the staff bag, due to size and room....Plus it looks sick

    That is sweet but without a Ghost in the bag it is lacking.
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  • xerproxerpro Is it weird that my 3 wood has lower loft than my driver? Members Posts: 2,306 ✭✭
    Cwing wrote:

    xerpro wrote:

    I have a stand bag that if I sneak out and walk a few holes...Usually dont carry a full bag...

    But for the normal rounds, I use the staff bag, due to size and room....Plus it looks sick

    That is sweet but without a Ghost in the bag it is lacking.

    Thanks, and I had like 6 ghost putters, but was waiting on one to knock out the champ.

    And the Manta finally unseated the futura....

    Bag looks way different now...
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  • Nick4DXNick4DX Members Posts: 220 ✭✭
    Circa 2000 HotZ cart bag. With my arthritis I can't walk even two holes anymore. It really sucks. My psoriatic arthritis treatment is apparently not going as well as Phil's is. I was at GG recently and saw a Top Flite Gamer cart bag. Surprising quality for a $129 price, and since I play the ball I may update my bag.
  • QuigleyDUQuigleyDU Members Posts: 6,908 ✭✭
    jmvargas wrote:

    aside from being a club ho i was also kind of a bag ho during the past 55 years playing this game..

    in my younger days i always had some kind of large staff bag to match the brand of my clubs and always had more golf bags than complete sets..

    lately i've discovered there are more cons than pros with bigger bags and now have a small izzo sunday stand bag as my main gamer and have disposed of all of my bigger staff and cart bags..

    get a nice light stand bag with big enough pockets for ESSENTIALS and you're good to go..

    my ESSENTIALS are:

    ...extra balls, gloves and tees which i put in a small pouch

    ...extra shirt, towel, socks, and cap

    ...raingear--short sleeve rain vest /rain hat/bag cover plus--of course-- umbrella..


    Living in NV I always think it is funny when people mention rain gear. .. .Whats that?? HaHa
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  • trojangolfertrojangolfer Members Posts: 95
    Carry bag. Sun Mountain four 5. Also works great in a cart for the times I play courses that don't allow walking.
  • topperharleytopperharley Members Posts: 54
    Stand bag. Some off-brand model I picked up cheap on eBay. It's light for when I walk, rigid enough that it doesn't flop around too much on the back of a cart, and I like the looks of it.
  • eb 22eb 22 Members Posts: 6
    I'm really interested in getting a lightweight cart bag from puma but don't know anyone that has one
  • Cochese23Cochese23 Members Posts: 690
    I have a Ping 4 Under for carry the majority of the time. Also have a monster TM staff bag for outings and when I know I will be riding.
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