Poll: Staff bag, Carry bag, or Cart bag?



  • gxDDgxDD Banned Posts: 1,675
    Get yourself a Staff (midsize or 9.5)... and keep a Hoofer close by for walking. Staff bags are ridiculously functional, once you go staff... you'll never go back.
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  • rocgolfer14rocgolfer14 Members Posts: 81
    definetly carry for walking
  • ChallengerChallenger Members Posts: 35
    I have a c130. Like the individual putter well and how all my clubs and pockets face me on the cart.

    I've always liked the looks of staff bags and can understand why someone would want one. Nike staff bag and Titleist look good.

    I have a Titleist SL bag when I walk.
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  • dunksb757dunksb757 Corrie-Lynn's Dad Members Posts: 60
    Staff bag for sure. new mizuno staff for 2013.
  • jmvargasjmvargas Members Posts: 6,201 ✭✭
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    i have now realized that it's almost impossible to have only ONE bag for all types of situations so i currently have the following:

    1)a small range/stand bag that can fit 8-10 clubs...i use this exclusively on the range.

    2)a medium-sized stand bag that can fit up to 14 clubs(slightly tight fit)...i use this sometimes on the range and whenever i have to travel light--ie--by plane or limited space in a vehicle.

    3)a full size tour stand bag..

    4)a mid-sized staff bag..

    i have 2 gamer sets which i put in 3) and 4) and which see the most use..

    PS:i normally use a golf car when playing..
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  • shortgame85shortgame85 Members Posts: 749 ✭✭
    I use a 2013 Ping Hoofer for walking or riding. I find it great for both and it has enough storage capacity to hold everything I might need.
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  • CobbzzorCobbzzor Members Posts: 65
    Cart bag here, yet I walk almost every time. I use a Sun Mountain push cart with the accompanying SM Sync bag.
  • lettucebcereallettucebcereal Members Posts: 797
    Stand bag all the way. Easier to carry, and a million times lighter. Granted i dont carry a lot of stuff, so i never need all the room/pockets in a staff bag.

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  • llamontllamont Members Posts: 1,823 ✭✭
    I walk most of the time so I carry a stand bag. My 12 year old Hoofer 2 is great when I need to carry extra gear and then I have an extremely lightweight Ping Mantis stand bag for those ideal days when I need to carry nothing more than my clubs, some balls, and tees.
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  • JDW3JDW3 Members Posts: 619 ✭✭
    I had a stand bag from the time I started until this year. I have switched to a cart bag.
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  • blink3665blink3665 #TwistFaceExperience Members Posts: 6,077 ✭✭
    I'm too much of a bag ho. I have a Sta-Dry for the winter and spring. I have a regular stand bag for summer. I have a Sunday bag for the p3 and quick rounds. I have a staff bag for the summer for when i ride or use my push cart. I also have a staff bag to keep my spare shafts and clubs in... Dear God... I'm worse than a woman with a full closet of shoes and purses!
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  • GolfwolfGolfwolf Members Posts: 2,635
    This one, I do also have a Ping Hoofer which was used all last year.

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  • 67VIP67VIP 67VIP Members Posts: 659
    Staff bag with sun mountain micro cart...walk anything, anywhere. Staff bag allows me to carry everything I might need for a round in english weather...have had snow/rain/sunshine/winds in one round...has to be seen to be believed. Staff bags also seem to be the most durable...however Mizuno UK made a really cool staff cart bag that had enlarged side pockets and no trunk, perfect for trolleys.
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  • joey2acesjoey2aces not as smart as most but not as gullible either Members Posts: 5,884 ✭✭
    I have both.... many of the courses around here 'suggest' you ride to keep up pace of play... yet it is funny that my buddies and me tend to push the riders in front of us even though we walk.

    Not having tee times is a double edged sword but normally the low cappers tend to try and get out first.... if we miss that 7-8am window we are staring down a 5hr round.

    If I don't have a game on a specific day I make sure I bring my carry bag.... there are just some people ya don't wanna be in a cart with image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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  • Fellaheen51Fellaheen51 Go Green MichiganMembers Posts: 4,410 ✭✭
    Cart bag - SM C-130. All black, lots of pockets, rugged. 10+ years old and still in excellent shape. Totally lacking in "look at me" appearance. Perfect.

    Push Cart Bag - an even older SM SCB that is paired with an a early gen. Speed Cart. Bought them used and cheap years ago. Still in good shape and used regularly when I walk a 9. A little on the small side but it forces me to consider only the essentials. Basic black. Suppose I'll upgrade someday when this one gives out.

    And..... A giganto Burton leather bag (inherited) that has long been regulated to storage purposes.
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  • dcr147dcr147 Members Posts: 607
    QuigleyDU wrote:

    jmvargas wrote:

    aside from being a club ho i was also kind of a bag ho during the past 55 years playing this game..

    in my younger days i always had some kind of large staff bag to match the brand of my clubs and always had more golf bags than complete sets..

    lately i've discovered there are more cons than pros with bigger bags and now have a small izzo sunday stand bag as my main gamer and have disposed of all of my bigger staff and cart bags..

    get a nice light stand bag with big enough pockets for ESSENTIALS and you're good to go..

    my ESSENTIALS are:

    ...extra balls, gloves and tees which i put in a small pouch

    ...extra shirt, towel, socks, and cap

    ...raingear--short sleeve rain vest /rain hat/bag cover plus--of course-- umbrella..


    Living in NV I always think it is funny when people mention rain gear. .. .Whats that?? HaHa
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  • drumdude96drumdude96 Members Posts: 846
    I have a Callaway Stadium Org 14 cart bag that I use with my three-wheel push cart. It's the only bag I could find that had the umbrella holder on the correct side to use with the push cart. Plus its a great bag with tons of pockets and room.
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  • bobcatbobcat Members Posts: 3,926 ✭✭
    Just buy the Jones "Rider" Bag and you will have both...(Its a full size cart bag but it only weighs 5 pounds which makes it light enough to carry.

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  • jrpwajrpwa Members Posts: 97
    Carry SM Hybrid
  • optimatoroptimator It's only an addiction if you're trying to quit Members Posts: 177 ClubWRX
    Nike M9 cart bag on a Clicgear 3.5. Sweetness.
  • carrier streetcarrier street Members Posts: 1,182 ✭✭
    Hoofer at all times, and I don't even know what to do with all of the pockets on that. I get the feeling that some of you pack like my wife. image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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  • nower22nower22 Members Posts: 328 ✭✭
    SM 2014 Hybrid carry or ride!
  • BHB1BHB1 Members Posts: 124
    Ping Cart Bag with a push trolley. My club course is not hilly so don't bother with E.Carts or Electric trolleys.

  • Mkoz14Mkoz14 Members Posts: 383 ✭✭
    Have both a staff and sun mountain 4/5 ... Used my staff bag for one round no it holds my pool cues in my mam cave
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  • smiginsmigin Let others worry Members Posts: 268
    Cart on an electric trolley in summer (too hot/wet (it is the UK) to carry

    Carry/ Stand in winter as restictions on trolley usage (and need to walk off summer excesses)

    Pencil when just playing a few holes
  • Bstein74Bstein74 Brian S MinnesotaMembers Posts: 598 ✭✭
    Born with bad feet, was a stand bag until 4 yrs ago, now cart bag only.

    And with my R1 staff bag, how can I go wrong???
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  • CRiderCRider Members Posts: 428 ✭✭
    I push a Cliq Gear and so a cart bag serves me best.
  • MForster82MForster82 Members Posts: 30
    Carry bag, sun mountain four 5. I walk 90% of the time, bag is perfect for walking or riding
  • cristphotocristphoto Members Posts: 3,345 ✭✭
    I have one of each and mostly use the cart bag. It's big enough so clubs go in and out easy, plus it fits OK on my three-wheeler when I walk. My carry bag doesn't get much use as it has the 14 club divider which is a pain.
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