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Here's Natlie's Official Site:

Natalie Gulbis

HEIGHT: 5'9"

BIRTH DATE: 1/7/1983

BIRTH PLACE: Sacramento, CA

RESIDENCE: Lake Las Vegas, NV

EDUCATION: University of Arizona




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    hiettspop wrote on Sep 29 2005, 11:31 AM:
    Gx, good start to try and peak the interest of women golfers, but...This post could get outta hand.. image/diablo.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':fool:' />


    We to keep these threads in a positive direction, its especially important to note that we have to make it acceptable to all ages and genders.
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    I think its great. Would be nice to have a section on here that you could use to link to other tour players websites. I think we are going to see alot of tour players hosting a website of their own.
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    she is hot
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    Keeping it clean...

    Good Natalie Article

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    Personally, I much rather see her hit a golf ball than pose in a bikini.

    She's got an interesting swing, with that big shoulder movement after ball contact. And the Hammy putter seems to be working for her. She'll get a win eventually, but I don't see her as having the potential to dominate like Annika, Webb, Creamer, Wie or even Pressel.(remember, I'm talking potential here).
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    Looking forward to seeing her win many tourney's in her career.
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    Nats is awesome! She is great for the tour not only because of how she plays but how she represents them outside of golf. She is a very intelligent and driven young lady who will win many times on tour. She cam very close a few weeks ago and soon enough it will happen. Winning is contagious and once the seal is broken, she will find it much easier. She is limited at this point on which golf courses she can play well enough on to win though. She just doesn't hit the ball quite far enough to make the majority of the par fives in two...but that won't keep her from winning.

    Go Nats! We love ya!
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    Nat is not only awesome for her looks, but for her golf as well!!

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    natalie gulbis. B.A.B.E!she could play around with me any day!
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    Natalie Gulbis makes my wife feel threatened. Looks, Intelligence, and she can golf? Perfect 10.
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    In case some of you missed it, Natalie won her first LPGA event a month ago... I did a little write-up on it here:

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    Not dissing the girl in any way but I always wonder why she feels the need to wear such ridiculously padded bras when playing golf.
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    Such a lovely lady. I met her at the recent British Open. I'll be honest I had a preconception in my mind as to how she might act and carry herself, based on her appearance. I'm pleased to say I was completely wrong about her and she was absolutely brilliant in how to act in public and towards fans.

    She may not have had the best 36 holes of her life, but off the course she was all smiles and had time to talk to us fans, sign autographs and pose for photos. I have a lot of respect for her now for doing that. Especially as during my two days there at the Open I had some bad experiences with some of the LPGA members. Michelle Wie being one of them. She's trying to hard to put this 'Tiger' front on, yet at present doesn't have the game nor the trophies to pull it off. Blanking and ignoring fans, especially the little girls who probably look up to her doesn't cut it in my book. You need to give back to the game thats put a lot of dollar in your pocket, despite not having won anything. Wie's reputation to date due to her antics and failed attempts at competing with men isn't the best and she doesn't help it any more by being a b**** to the fans.

    Paula Creamer was another one who surprised me with her attitude.

    They could all do with learning from Natalie on how to act and behave in public.
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    I've attended Professional Golf events for over 40 years now, don't know how many

    I've been to, but at this weeks Navistar Classic in Prattville, Al, Natalie has taken the

    place over. She has wowed everyone with her looks, personality,charm and her golf.

    A unit that just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq, adopted her and sent a represenative

    out to the course to look her up, and give her a tee shirt and some momento's from

    their unit. She was so grateful and nice to him, just bowled him over with her gratitude.

    And Friday night the local High School team, which is ationally ranked, played a home

    game and she went and preformed the coin flip to start the game. I'm telling you she

    owns this place, and has done it with style and grace. I'm impressed.
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    She looks better in person than in pictures and TV. I met her at the Nabisco this

    year (April). She's a great person, as she was talking to the caddies about

    their children, families, etc. while putting, she talked with the tournament

    voluntary staff, with the people, and even in the field,

    she was paying attention to spectators comments, cheers, etc. rather than

    acting robotically and justifying that it was due to concentration.

    She just has the charisma and sensitivity that many other PGA and LPGA players lack.

    She makes it fun to follow her.
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    I met NG at Golf Galaxy before a tournament and she signed tons of autographs and posed for pictures with fans. It was nice to hear a professional golfer talk about the game. I had never met a pro golfer.
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    I saw her at the Springfield event this summer. I watched her (obviously) in a few situations and what has previously been posted is very true. I had the chance to be close on the first tee has the caddies and players gathered. She was polite, fun, playful. She spent as much time talking to the other caddies as the players. You could just tell that everyone liked her for real. What is not to like?
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    NG seemes to me like a marketing gold mine. She won't win a ton but is good enough to stay competitive for a long time. Need more class acts like her on the LPGA...
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    This thread was created 14 years ago. Crazy.

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    On -, @Im_A_Savage said:

    This thread was created 14 years ago. Crazy.

    Yup. The injury bug got her and she never had the career she had the potential to have. Just one lone LPGA win.

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    Oh wow that's a name I haven't heard in a while. I was in Iraq when her shoot for FHM came out. Back when Instagram didn't exist with every good looking girl golfing in skimpy outfits or bikinis for likes.

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    I live in Cleveland, OH and I get to see her on a local sports show weekly as she does a show in Jimmy Hanlin at various golf courses around the country.

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    A friend of mine was randomly paired with Gulbis in about 1998. Had no idea who she was. He was about 30 at the time and had been teaching for Dave Pelz for a few years. Anyway, they got to the 18th green and a guy comes walking out. Asks him how she played. He gives sort of a small talk answer, they mentions that he works for Pelz, and gives a more detailed answer. The guy explains that he's her dad, she's a junior in high school or whatever, etc. My friend is dumbfounded. He obviously didn't say this to her dad, but when he was talking to us he was like "man, I was going to ask her if she wanted to get a beer after the round. Good thing he said something, saved me some embarrassment. Then I felt like a total creep."

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    That's funny.

    Yeah, she's from around here. Her dad is some bearded, biker-looking dude. I understand he was heavily involved in her game when she was a kid. Never met either of them. But, she seems like a real gem.

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