Question for TALL golfers 6'2 +.. whats your specs?



  • sblack5sblack5 Long Armed Monster Members Posts: 2,528
    6'4".....33" wrist to floor (long arms).....1/2" over and standard lie
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  • Jon RobertJon Robert Members Posts: 606
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    For me, i'm 6'3 with some pretty lengthy arms.. i've been "fitted" for .5 inch long and 3* upright.. then the pulls and hooks started coming, then went back to a standard set and wow i am striking it wonderfully.... so now my specs are 1/4 over at most, and standard to 1 degree up.. i'm interested in seeing other tall golfer's specs.. especially a tall golfer with a FLAT lie.. and i'd like to see swing videos if possible. thanks!

    "especially a tall golfer with a FLAT lie."

    I think your pulls and hooks could very well be due to the ball being too close to you i.e. upright lie angle

    I am 6' 4" I have used as much as +3 on the course with 2 ounces of lead in the pocket cavity and 6 degrees flat. I was trying to duplicate the Moe Norman swing and the lie board testing resulted in 6 degrees flat. I failed to get the results of Moe Norman (no surprise)

    I have tried + 8" to minus 2" or so. I am convinced that "fitting" clubs to length is way over rated and mostly a matter of comfort. Comfort however in no way translates into playing better. I am most comfortable in the Golf Cart seat.

    I have tried everything The lightest possible total weight to filling the shaft with lead or sand.

    I now play standard length simply because customizing is such a pain in the rear. I might add weight but even then I am trying to live with standard due to pain in rear.

    I check the lies on a lie board and adjust my swing angle via ball position unless I must bend them. I have my own bending machine but I am avoiding customization.

    I can change my swing to result in whatever lie angle I want. Or I can change it to live with what ever I have.
  • WhiZWhiZ Members Posts: 632
    TKD24 wrote:

    I'm a touch under 6'2" and was fitted for +0.5" long and 2* upright. I may flatten out my scoring irons though because I was going left with them for my last few rounds out.

    Almost exactly the same here, but I'm 1* up image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

  • HsteadHstead Members Posts: 6,326 ✭✭
    I am 6'2" ish and have been fitted a bunch of times for +.5" and 2* up. I recently changed my swing a little and hit a few off of the lie board at Scratch and Patrick thinks I need to go to standard lie. I am sticking with plus .5". I just bought my own lie board so as soon as the weather gets better I am going to hit every club in the bag off of it and adjust them as I have a bending machine too. I plan to mark my ball with a vertical line as well and check the 913 too.

    I do not know my wrist to floor but I have long arms and wide shoulders. I wear a 38" sleeve in dress shirts for what that is worth.
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  • Steve-HollowaySteve-Holloway Members Posts: 33 ✭✭
    6'2" tall with 37" arm drop. Was playing ping white dot +1/2, but have settled back into some Callway X22. Play them + 1/2 and 1degree upright, but I have my wedges no shorter than 36" to save the back.
  • ThrillhouseThrillhouse EVERYTHING'S COMING UP THRILLHOUSE! Members Posts: 11,165 ClubWRX

    I'm 6' 4" tall and now play +1/2" length and 1 deg up in lie angle to Titleist standards. In the past I was +1" with some of my older Mizuno sets but the clubs were just getting too heavy for me I am not gettng any younger!

    One question for everyone - does everyone like the resultant D5-D6+ swing-weights of these extended irons or do you try to counter-weight to get back to D2 region?

    I like d4 or d5, I've noticed that over the past few years irons have gotten lighter and mine are covered with lead tape to get them back up where I want them.
  • cinnepacinnepa Members Posts: 2,196 ✭✭
    6'-3ish here, 1/4" long, 1* upright (blue code) on my i3+ ping blades......long arms but long legs too - sort of evens things out, avg torso length.
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  • wldchld22wldchld22 Members Posts: 3,326 ✭✭
    Stewart Cink is 6'3 or 6'4 and I remember seeing that his specs sent something like:

    3-5 = 3* UP

    6-8 = 2* UP

    9-PW = 1* UP

    I thought of this when the one chap mentioned flattening his scoring irons.
  • birdman72birdman72 Members Posts: 444 ✭✭
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    I'm 6'5 and play +1" and standard lie (TM MC's). Before I went to these irons I had been playing +1/2" and 2 flat (Titleist Standards).
  • bcflyguy1bcflyguy1 Enjoying my coffee... Members Posts: 3,012 ✭✭
    6'4", wingspan about the same. +1" and 2* up works best for me.
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  • GoPackMRGoPackMR Members Posts: 27
    6'3" with pretty long arms and have been fitted at golfsmith for +3/4" and 1 degree up, but I don't like the feel so I am back to standard on Rocketbladez which I guess are a touch longer than normal and like it better.
  • Jag80Jag80 Lefty Boomers Posts: 710 ✭✭
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    I'm 6'2" and was fitted from Titleist standard to 1/2 inch longer and 2* upright. When buying without lengthing shafts, I go another degree up.
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  • MimirMimir Members Posts: 68

    +0.5 inch and 4º upright
  • AjlepistoAjlepisto Members Posts: 2,358
    I'm curious to know how many of you guys play off the shelf driver and 3w lengths, or if you cut them down.
  • MyShortGameSucksMyShortGameSucks His doesn't.... Members Posts: 1,346 ✭✭
    I play "standard" - 45" driver, 43" 3 wood and whatever my hybrids come out as. I would say most woods and hybrids are too long anyway without me adding another 0.5 to 0.75"....
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  • JaxBeachNoleJaxBeachNole Juicy Members Posts: 4,031
    6' 3" 190. 34 waist, 12M shoe.

    5 iron 38.25, white dots Ping. Wedges 1 degree up

    Driver, 3 wood 1/2 inch short
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  • joshkellerjoshkeller Members Posts: 43
    6'5" really long arms. my wrist to floor is a little over 34". I play standard length and 2º upright.
  • JaxBeachNoleJaxBeachNole Juicy Members Posts: 4,031
    Ajlepisto wrote:

    I'm curious to know how many of you guys play off the shelf driver and 3w lengths, or if you cut them down.

    I like 1/4 off lately but have always played 45/43 just because that was the way they came.
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  • sblack5sblack5 Long Armed Monster Members Posts: 2,528
    45" driver and 42.5" 3 wood
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  • tocinotocino Members Posts: 2,252 ✭✭
    6'2" with a 6'6" wingspan. i play irons +0.5" and 2 degrees upright.

    lol. l remember the first real set of irons i used were ping eye 2's with the orange dot (2.5 degrees flat) and -0.25" (hand me down set from my cousin). I didn't even realize golf clubs were customizable until a few years later
  • BlackbearbillBlackbearbill Members Posts: 12
    6'2" with a 6'7" wingspan. I play 2° upright and standard length. My driver is 44.5".
  • MyherobobhopeMyherobobhope hey there, blimpy boy. Flying through the sky so fancy free. Members Posts: 1,900 ✭✭
    I'm 6'4 and play 1/2" long and 1 degree up... spent Christmas in the desert playing stock clubs, and did not notice a significant difference.

    My dad (can beat up your dad) is 6'10" and plays something like 2.5" extra, and I'm not sure the lie... those things are massive. He plays a 48 inch driver as well...

    I need to get fit again, but that's a different story.
  • endlesswintercoendlesswinterco Members Posts: 1,787 ✭✭
    Im 6'4", play 1.5 degrees flat, 1"+ i20s. I was "fitted" but didnt like the person helping me. Im prob one of the only ones with my height and a flat swing but it works. My misses are left.
  • the.landsharkthe.landshark "the.landshark... cleverest species of them all" -SNL Lefty Boomers Posts: 573
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    6'2" here...

    Titleist irons are +1/4" over length, and 2 degrees upright from standard.

    Vokey wedges are still +1/4" over length, but 1 degree upright from standard.

    910 woods are: Driver = standard length, and -.75 degrees flat; 3-wood = -1/4" short, and -.75 flat; Hybrid = -1/2" short, and .75 degrees upright.

    Putter is 35" and 71 degrees (standard).
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  • prestiegeprestiege PING a ling Members Posts: 2,353 ✭✭
    6'2, +1/2" 3 degrees up on mizuno irons, they tend to be a little flatter than most, taylor made id probably go 1* up since they seem to be a little more up than others, most others 2* up
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  • gnew23gnew23 Members Posts: 180 ✭✭
    6' 3", and My i20's are +1" and upright 4.5* maroon dot.
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    Putter: Scotty Cameron Futura X5
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  • boston Maine Mikeboston Maine Mike Boston Maine Mike Members Posts: 7
    At 6'6", I play 1" over and 2* up.
  • Beastmode BrokerBeastmode Broker Canadian AF Members Posts: 6,317 ✭✭
    6'2", standard L/L and usually 1-2* upright

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  • maynard170maynard170 Members Posts: 192
    6'1.5" with a 76" wingspan. Was fitted for 0.5" short and 1 degree flat. 37.5" 5 iron at 59 degree lie angle.
  • station2stationstation2station Banned Posts: 6,627 ✭✭
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    About 1* upright from Mizuno standard after length adjustment...or Titleist standard lie.

    1 extra wrap.

    Lighten the heads to play D3-D4 at over length. (as opposed to the naturally occurring D5)

    I've never seen a set of irons that were 1+ inch over where they didn't play weird and wrong. I have a buddy that got his 1.25" over length and the headweight killed the shaft flex at that length. Nothing good ever happens to golf clubs that exceed +1" in a world of golf components designed for roughly standard length. Shafts get sloppy - heads get heavy and Dynamic Gold S300/X100 start playing like super high-launch - and they weigh a TON.

    Besides - hitting a 5 iron that is 1" + over is not an easy task. It's a 3 iron length. That's why I stay at .5" over MAX.
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