Nunchuk xi iron shaft review....awesome gear!

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So....after playing project x iron shafts since their inception i've been stuck on them. I thought nothing could shove them out of my bag. Long story short, with horrible driver control, i switched my big stick to a tour edge exotics xcg5 11.5 3++ fairway. It seemed logical. I always played better with smaller head drivers......think lynx black cats, or original big bertha with a steel shaft. Or even further back persimmon woods that i grew/learned/gamed.....

The TEE proved its value, it is longer than any 460cc ive tried and way way more accurate. On passing through my fitter's store, i noticed the Nunchuks on the rack last year. I've normally always pulled my stock driver shafts into an aftermarket and found the aftermarkets to play better. So after a little though i said "what the ****" and tried a nunchuck driver shaft. Well, there has been a ton of debate if the shaft is legit in the claims. I feel it performs amazing. If what inventix says is bunk, doesnt matter. I found my drives longer and straighter. I'm surprised when i miss a fairway at this point. Mishits are still very good, for some reason even if you slash one or chunk it a bit, you still get a decent shot. No shaft or club can make up for a bad swing, but when you arent flush, i certainly believe the nunchuck helps. I ended up with an xcg5 4 wood, also with a nunchuk, then pulled my kb hybrid shaft for a nunchuck hybrid. The nunchuk hybrid shaft also performed beyond expectations. So i started nagging my fitter about iron shafts.....come to find out they were in development and nearing release. Being nervous to leave the px 5.5s when the nunchuck xi's became available was a tough move. My first switch was my 5 iron and 9 iron.....i figured try a long iron and a short iron. Being a stout shaft i was skeptical about the feel and controllability in shorter touchy iron shots. The initial test results blew my mind. We ran rumbers with the px's rested for a day then installed the nunchuk xi's and ran new numbers. I picked up a full club length, in carry and overall distance. My dispersion tightened up. I intentinally tugged my shots left and got consistant distance, roll and carry. The graphite has an amazing feel, much like feedback of steel, but less shock. You can still feel mishits and get feedback but nowhere near the reverberation of dg's or px's. this surprised me. Even the short irons felt great. I found with other graphite shafts i have tried in the past, you loose the feeling of a shaft being "substantial". The nunchuks are smooth and substantial, normally you have to make the trade somewhere. Not with these in the least. There isnt a huge sense of loading and unloading but if you get past that, these things are buttery. My 9 iron picked up spin(10%) and my 5 iron launched lower/same spin, more distance......these shafts are definatly not like anything you have ever swung, but after 10 contacts, its a (wow! :light bulb click on:) i put them in my 4 iron through 9 advice, try these things, forget the claims, forget assumptions. Just go in with an open mind and give these a shot. Im pretty sure these are going to take off. I'll have some pictures up shortly. They are very classy, just a small burgundy graphic on a matte silver finish. The current appereance of these shafts is far away from the protos so forget the first pics you saw. Go.....try....even if you dont like them, you will appreciate what these guys have made.

I have no affiliation with inventix, gerry or any other component company. Im a recreational golfer.......

Just to add on, i'm not a big hitter. I've been told my swing looks like im clubbing a seal....sorry PETA. I swing hard and admit my swing is inefficiant. The good thing is it is repeatable and the scores come in just fine. I think these shafts help club head stability quite a bit. Oddly enough my 62 year old father in law with an 85-87mph driver swing speed stripes my xcg5s just does my wife that qualifies with noodle flex. If she played more, she stated she would switch.

My average drive is 240-250...

I got them from Todd at Prove It Golf in wethersfield. I have spoken to an executive after posting a review on another site. I think it goes a long way when a higher up in a gear company takes time to say thanks to a customer!

I have a feeling you guys will have questions so fire away...



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    No one? Nothing? No questions/comments?!
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    Just got my set of iron shafts in this week (in Singapore). I got 9 shafts to put into my irons and wedges. Going to put them in the clubs tomorrow and hopefully get a chance to give them a hit this weekend.

    Working with Saf at Nunchuck/Inventix was awesome. He was very responsive to my emails and questions and also put me in touch with their tech guy Mike, who also answered all of my additional technical questions in a timely manner. I have to say so far the experience with them has been excellent.

    Hopefully the iron shafts will be a good fit and work out for me. I have heard some great things about their performance and am anxious to see how they stack up to the others that I have hit.
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    Nice review, Nunchuk are very under rated shafts.
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    Thanks for the review.

    Love the Nunchuk in my driver... well 2 drivers now with the Nunchuk.

    Don't imagine i'll be seeing these iron shafts available to try in Thailand though... but if I visit the US again i'll pick up an iron shaft to give it a try.
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    I love the Nunchuk in my driver. Todd at Prove It Golf is awesome. He really knows what he is doing. I would not hang around there too often though. Every time I'm in that store I get closer and close to picking up a set of Miuras. I wouldn't mind a new set of Miuras but my wife might.
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    Nice review, what did you swing weight them at and what length? Constant through the club's or increasing as clubs get shorter? Did you have to add much weight?

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    I am just trying to revive this thread to see if anyone else has any feedback on the nunchuk iron shafts. I am considering changing over the irons I almost always put full swings on: 7,8,9,P, and G. I do not use 3-6 irons and have those gaps covered with hybrids.
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    I'd also be interested to hear some feedback about these shafts as I've been wanting to play graphite irons for year even tho I'm only 24 because I like the feel of a really smooth shaft! Hence playing Pxi 6.5
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    Anyone sporting Nunchuk iron shafts?

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