Best Facility and Range in Boulder

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Quick Question Fellas -

I am moving to Boulder in early summer from Palo Alto, CA. I have been doing a little research around online and was hoping to find the best place to hit balls off grass and work on my short game close to Boulder. From what I have gathered, the best option is Colorado National.

I usually hit balls at least 5 days a week and play maybe once a week for a twilight type deal. I still play in quite a few Amateur events and play to scratch. I am looking for the longest, toughest, and best facility course close enough to Boulder to drive each day. I am more concerned with the practice facility at this point than hearing back about everyone's favorite course.

thanks for the help fellas!

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    Yes I would say Colorado national is your best bet near boulder . However it will be a 30 minute drive from boulder on weekday evenings due to traffic. Other options are coal creek and Indian peaks they are closer but not as good. Colorado national has some areas that are members only. Boulder is a great place to live. A really extensive practice area is located at Todd creek. I play a few times a month as a nine or so if you want to play sometime

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