"Cup Face" technology

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Is this important to you?
I see that, among others, that Callaway and MacGregor make a big deal of their "cup face" driver technology, while Cobra, for example, actually shows that the middle of their face is welded on.

Is this all marketing or does it really make a difference in feel, sound and performance? Sure, everybody has an opinion, but I'd like to hear yours.

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  • littlepingmanlittlepingman Members Posts: 7,535 ✭✭
    I actually do think there is something to "cupface" technology. I haven't hit the MacGregor yet, but I have played the FT-3, FT-5 and the TE Exotics three wood quite a bit. The FT-3 and TE Exotics three wood were both longer than just about anything when they were released. However, with the advance welding techniques that they have come up with just in the last year or so, it makes the "cupface" not quite as advanced as it once was. The cold welding and laser welding they employ today can produce a surface almost as strong as solid metal. Which in turn makes everything just about the same. So as far as 2007, I don't think it makes alot of difference, two years ago I think it did.
  • duceb415duceb415 Members Posts: 43
    I just bought a set of MacGregor MACTEC NVG2 Mid's and a 20* NVG2 hybrid and definitely think there is something to the cup face technology. I'm not sure about the drivers but in the irons there's something to the whole cup face thing that's for sure. These irons are extemely long. On the simulator at the shop where I work these were longer than anything else that I hit there. They feel a lot like a KZG Gemini driver,-that's the best I can describe how they feel. I'm going to defintely check into the driver.
  • HarboursideTCHarboursideTC Harbourside Members Posts: 1,225
    If you doubt cup face technology, try playing the Macgregor MacTec 3 FW metal. It is definitely longer and straighter than anything else out there IMO. They added that same technology to the NVG2 driver the following year - equally awesome!!!!
  • Big D McGeeBig D McGee GET FLYERED UP!!! Members Posts: 1,194
    I play the NVG2 driver, and when you flush it, it's easily 30+ yards longer than my original MacTec. Off-center hits are about 20+ yards longer than the original MacTec. You have to really make a terrible, terrible swing to get this driver to hook or slice. Must be the cupface, because my swing is still taking shape. image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':rolleyes:' />
  • golfernut78golfernut78 BOOMER SOONER Members Posts: 3,448
    i've got a ft-3, 905S, sasquatch and a few other toys and i haven't found the ft-3 to be any longer than the other drivers.
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  • doublejdoublej Posts: 140
    I was told by a knowledgeable clubmaker in the industry that the biggest advantage of cup face technology is the distance gained on off-center hits. After playing the TE Exotics 3 and 5 woods (reshafted with V2 shafts) for almost 2 years now, I would definitely have to agree. By far, these are the most consistent clubs in my bag and longer than any other fairways that I've hit to date. By the way, I've hit the TE Exotics CB II fairways and they're just as good, although I don't know if they're 20 yards longer as advertised. I also have an Innovex CfD (Cup face Design) driver and it's just as good, if not better, than any of the OEMs out there and is a fraction of the cost. I believe I paid $160 for the head (www.myostrichgolf.com) and was out the door for under $275 with a V2 shaft. No OEM out there can match this setup for performance and price. Best of luck!!!
  • CGBCGB Members Posts: 431
    Working in a shop, it gets frustrating sometimes to try to convince people of Macgregor's quality. They'll just never be able to convert the "You guys got any Nike clubs?" guys...which is a pretty large portion of the market, unfortunately
  • Big D McGeeBig D McGee GET FLYERED UP!!! Members Posts: 1,194
    CGB wrote on Apr 14 2007, 09:08 AM:
    Working in a shop, it gets frustrating sometimes to try to convince people of Macgregor's quality. They'll just never be able to convert the "You guys got any Nike clubs?" guys...which is a pretty large portion of the market, unfortunately

    How are the NVG irons? I've been thinking of changing irons at the end of the season, and I really like the TM r7 draw irons. But I'm so happy with my NVG2 driver, I owe it to myself to give MacGregor a shot. I'm not sure I'll like the hollow irons, but any feedback you can give me is most appreciated. They're for higher handicappers like me, right?
  • duceb415duceb415 Members Posts: 43
    I work at a golf shop and like I posted earlier I have NVG2 Mid's and couldn't be happier. They do have a little different feel to them but when you do hit them pure they have somewhat of a "springy" feel. I hit every iron in our shop on the simulator and this is what I chose over all the other big name brands. I'm really interested in MacGregor's line of woods after buying the irons and a hybrid so maybe you could give me some input about your driver McGee. Hope that helps.
  • yoonieyoonie Members Posts: 2,346
    Just curious, what does everyone think of the Cobra technology then?

    Also, it's possible that it's not hte cup face technology, but other minor design improvements (that don't have as catchy a marketing phrase) are really responsible for the improvements in off center face-hotness.
  • mat562mat562 My ex had an irrational phobia of salad cream. Honestly. Members Posts: 10,947 ✭✭
    I've hit the TEE 3 wood, and have got an Adams Insight BTY that I've been playing. Both are cup-face jobs, and both, for me, hit the ball noticably longer (and feel "hotter") than a comparable club.

    I don't know if it's solely the cup face but the feeling is definitely different. I assume a "conventional" face can be made to have a CoR right at the limit too, so the advantage is perhaps debatable.
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